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Harry Potter Fan Fiction

These are stories I've written based on the various books and movies for Harry Potter. I do not own these characters, I do not profit from these stories. Feedback is always welcome as I cannot write better without it, but if you plan on being petty or cruel please don't bother. I write for fun, because I enjoy the world created and the characters in it.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


Disappointment Haunted All My Dreams Added 12/05/2023

Soul marks accepted, Hermione is faced with a decision after the final battle when things don't go as expected. Not only has Severus perished, but Harry has, too. She flees to the one place she knows she'll be safe: Severus' home. From there she has to decide what to do. And how to do it.

This is a “what if/divergent” piece based on my A Solitary Man. It diverges from it at Chapter Twenty-Four, with the completion of the war. In that fic, at one point Severus tells Hermione if they fail to defeat Voldemort, she is to take the time turner he created back to the past, find the horcruxes, and destroy them. He also tells her what to say to him so he'll believe that she's someone he would waste his time on getting to know.

Free To Fly Added 04/17/2022

Confused at Lily's unwillingness to forgive him, Severus finds himself in the Room of Requirement and meets someone there he's never seen in Hogwarts before. Little does he know that encounter changes everything. There is time alteration in this fic, not a time turner or travel specifically. This is complete in 25 parts, which I'll post Sunday & Wednesday each week.

Growing Strong Added 10/19/2022

Home post-war by himself other than Ministry-sponsored healers to aid in his healing, Severus finds himself at his wit's end with the state of his life. He never intended to survive the war and has no desire to continue with his life. He combines an overdose of an enhanced sleeping draught with a dose of Felix Felicis, wanting to see his true love one last time and determine once and for all if she's forgiven him before dying. He doesn't exactly get what he was expecting (which shouldn't surprise him after all).

Hermione studied to be a healer and is the last of many in a string of healers assigned to war hero and spy Severus Snape once she finishes her training. She knows she can handle his cutting comments and believes he deserves to be treated with more respect than the healers prior to her gave him. She doesn't count on developing feelings for the man as the first week she is assigned to him turns into months. She is unaware of Severus' plan or that he is merely biding his time until the Felix Felicis is ready to be taken.

As days turn into months with the same healer, Severus finds himself feeling better and stronger, physically and mentally. The Felix Felicis is done for days, but it isn't until an argument with Healer Granger where she unleashes some observations upon him that are difficult to swallow that he finally decides to go through with his plan after all.

Will she be able to get through to him? Will Severus accept the witch his experience with Felix Felicis reveals is his true love?

WARNINGS: Depressed, suicidal intentioned Severus Snape but it will be HEA

A Host Of Holy Horrors Added 06/28/2023

Albus Dumbledore is given one final chance to make things right when Voldemort and Severus Snape both die the night of the final battle.

I'm playing footloose and fancy free with things that have happened, as this is an Albus has been trying to “fix-it” for several timelines, and while he finally succeeds in Voldemort being defeated this time, the Fates are not happy that Severus Snape did not live.

Albus decides to try something that he never thought of before this rewrite of the timeline. Will it make the difference? There is previous use of a time turner implied, by Albus. I would call this time alteration as it's not a turner that resets things.

This is a Hermione/Severus fic, and is a mates fic. Time alteration is in play.

In My Room, I Want You Here Added 02/10/2023

Severus Snape knew he was destined to die. He didn't know how, when, where, or why, but did know who. As a result, he kept one thing hidden on his person at all times from the day Voldemort returned. A time turner of his creation to get the hell out of whatever predicament he was in. Of course, as with everything in his life when he activates it in the Shrieking Shack he doesn't go where he hoped, or even how he hoped. He does discover he has a mate, though. This was supposed to be a PWP piece, but it didn't turn out that way.

This idea came to me and wouldn't leave me alone. I started writing it, assuming I'd never post it as it's quite off the path of anything I've written before. Then someone on the Hearts & Cauldrons Discord server posted a link to the Knot Another Writing Fest and I decided it was a sign. So, I signed up and am posting this fic as a result. Please heed the warning. Hermione is 17 when it starts and animagus!Snape is aware of who she (and he) is. The AO3 archive is here. This is complete in 7 parts. I will post Sunday and Wednesday until it's completed.

It Always Goes To Shit Added 02/20/2022

What if the events in Die Hard were in part an attempt to get Severus away from wizarding Britain before Voldemort's seemingly imminent return? What if Hans Gruber and Severus Snape were twins?

This is a crossover with Die Hard. It was an idea that came to me and wouldn't leave me alone. While some of this takes place during Hermione's Hogwarts years, I am not going to rehash every detail, I may not even rehash more than a few. I will touch on a few things that I feel are relevant for this story, but overall one can assume little is altered or changed from what we know except Hermione's knowledge of things others aren't aware of. This is ultimately a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic.

Must Be the Season Added 09/12/2021

Having taken her NEWTs independently after Voldemort's death, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to work as an apprentice under Filius Flitwick. A frustrated Ron, unhappy with Hermione being so busy (and often with Severus) as well as his own position as an auror trainee unwittingly casts a spell that sends Hermione right into Severus Snape's arms. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

Must Carry On Added 07/11/2022

Time Room Unspeakables Hermione Granger and Severus Snape are partners. They are approached by a muggleborn wizard for a project that would alter things if they choose to accept it. Go back to 1871 Georgia just after the end of the Civil War and prevent the death of unborn Baby Butler and Eugenia Victoria "Bonnie Blue" Butler to prevent a wizarding line from dying out. Rhett's mother's magical line carried a specialized ability to control, manipulate, and accelerate plant life that no one else has. An ability that died with Bonnie as they had no other living children. After the Second Wizarding War plant life in the magical world is not thriving. This could result in more than just plant life dying as animals in the Forbidden Forest could die or move elsewhere. This could change the magical climate. And if they don't stop the spread, it might not be limited just to Hogwarts' grounds and Scotland. This bloodline could change that. This is complete in 9 parts. This is a crossover with Gone With the Wind and is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

One To Another Extreme

Post-war, Hermione is attending university and in her second year as a graduate student in History there's a new undergraduate professor who looks a lot like her former potions professor who no one could prove was alive or dead after the Final Battle. This is a soul mates story.

Penny Candy Lover Added 10/17/2021

Seven years post-war, Hermione works a second job weekends at a local corner store near where she grew up that also has a small arcade with video games for the neighbor kids to play. The store is on the ground floor of a small residential building. She gets to know a young customer who comes in for various things and to play games the days she's working. Always by himself. Always polite. She's shocked when she discovers who his parents are. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

The Secrets That You Keep Added 02/16/2022

In muggle Liverpool, Hermione and Severus are going about their lives post-war. It just so happens that they're doing it together. Hermione is going to university. Severus owns a bookstore and runs a potions business out of his building. Severus offered to assist Hermione with finances for schooling in exchange for her marrying him and providing him with an heir once her schooling is complete. An unexpected run-in with a couple they knew from Hogwarts brings them back into the wizarding world sooner than they'd thought. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

A Solitary Man Added 05/10/2021

Severus realizes there's something different about Hermione while helping after being hit by Antonin Dolohov's curse. Not one to give into whimsical fancies normally his curiosity gets the better of him in this instance. And, all right, maybe trying to prove to whoever was obviously playing a joke on him that he's done being made a fool of. Except unlike his Dark Mark and scars, no one else knows about this. There is a time-turner in this fic, but not in the usual way and it's not prevalent. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

WARNINGS: There is a pregnancy loss in this story. There is the mention of physical and sexual abuse to an underaged OC. Nothing is depicted or specified, but it is a plot point for the OC. Neither of these topics are dealt with in-depth, but they do exist. This fic is not dark and does have a HEA.

Somebody's Got Their Eye On Me Added 07/11/2022

Severus has set up a profitable and respectable private investigator business in muggle Chicago after getting out of wizarding Britain, taking Draco with him, upon hearing a rumour of a marriage law going into effect. Hermione has been working for the DMLE. She recently transferred to America when the offer to head a new American DMLE office came open for the Midwest, based out of Chicago, after adopting an orphan of the war because of an adoption request by the Ministry. A chance encounter between the two ends up so much more. There's a brief intersection of Harry Potter & The Breakfast Club if you squint (and are familiar with The Breakfast Club). This fic is complete in 8 parts and I will be posting Sunday & Wednesday. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape pairing fic.

Someone's Underground Added 11/17/2021

In June 1998, Hermione Granger, brains of the Golden Trio and reputed brightest witch of her age, rejected an offered position with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and for all intents and purposes dropped off the face of the earth. She has contact with one person during her absence, initiated due to the area of expertise this person has. She resurfaces in June 2001 having to adjust to life in the magical world again.

This is set in HP world with a couple of visits by Hermione to Sunnydale so you do not have to be overly familiar with Buffy beyond the premise in order to understand this fic, but as this fic starts in 1998 anything from the end of Season 2 of BtVS on is fair game as I do touch on actual episode events (BtVS relationship mentions below are just covering my bases of who Buffy was involved with throughout the series). The Angel spoilers will be very general and brief for Season 2 (Reunion 2x10), Season 4 (Faith's presence) & Season 5 (Smile Time mention).

Nothing in BtVS-verse will be altered beyond perhaps some assistance from Hermione (magical or research), but barring little changes the major events will remain as they were. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic.

Stop the World From Crying Added 11/20/2022

Albus Dumbledore, more than unhappy with the way things are going not just at Hogwarts with Dolores Umbridge's arrival and taking over his position but also the Ministry, decides to take matters into his own hands once the DA gets discovered. He and Minerva secretly meet with Hermione Granger, and Severus Snape and asks the pair to give up quite literally everything for a chance at saving the world. This is a time turner fic and doing the math, Hermione starts off sixteen and will be forced into making a very adult decision as part of Albus' plan. This is a time travel fix-it and is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (x2 technically).

Treat Me Right Added 05/21/2023

Post-war, a badly scarred Severus Snape is secreted away with only a select few knowing that the wizard survived his injuries to do some top secret operations in an effort to capture all escaped death eaters and followers post-war. There he meets a local (magical) barmaid he finds himself intrigued by. She seems to be, too. It turns out there's a reason why.

Everything is fair game. Snape lives. Hermione never goes to Hogwarts so one can assume that many happenings from 1991-98 will be different.

V-Very Extraordinary Added 09/06/2023

In 1999, a procreation law was enacted requiring all couples to have one child within a year. In 2000, Hermione & Severus Snape didn't have one child, they had two. The most logical thing to do? Each take one child and go their own way. The only agreement, neither child would attend Hogwarts when they get to schooling age and if something happened to one parent, that child would go with the other parent.

A The Parent Trap plot idea that wouldn't leave me alone. This is complete in fifteen chapters, about 60,000 words. I will post every Wednesday & Sunday until it's fully posted. The first couple of chapters are in the Granger point of view. I have done this deliberately. I promise the Snape point of view will come into play, too.

Still working at Hogwarts nearly five years post-war, though planning on leaving as soon as he is able, Severus gets an unexpected visit from a Hermione Granger he swears is not the one he knows one night in his lab via a portal who makes a plea and a delivery of two girls that changes his path. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic with two child OCs.

Wrap You In My Colours Added 08/10/2022

Still working at Hogwarts nearly five years post-war, though planning on leaving as soon as he is able, Severus gets an unexpected visit from a Hermione Granger he swears is not the one he knows one night in his lab via a portal who makes a plea and a delivery of two girls that changes his path. This is a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic with two child OCs.

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