TITLE: Positive Affirmations
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
DISTRIBUTION: My site, AO3, FanFiction.net, LiveJournal, Yahoo Groups. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters. They are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made.
RATING: I'm going to rate it Mature just to be on the safe side for later parts.
SPOILERS: This is set post-Ariel for sure and set in some undetermined time in the near future after the episode (and AU after that)
SUMMARY: Simon unwittingly altered things for River when sneaking her into the Alliance hospital for the tests. Now, back on Serenity after a spell of not feeling well, River's just completed a test of a very different kind and for once isn't too sure what the results mean.
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: River Tam & Mal Reynolds
STATUS: Complete
WORD COUNT: 65,957
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: This is for the LJ community 50_baby_fics. It's become a multi-part fic, so I'll list the applicable prompt number with each part. This is my first attempt at a River/Mal fic, but I sort of thought it would be him to step-up in this situation.
NOTES2: You can hover any of the foreign words for their meaning.
NOTES3: Comments in both brackets and italics ([like this]) are a memory, previous conversation. Comments only in italics (like this) are River's reading/getting someone else's thoughts.

Part 1
Added 5/13/2007
2,272 words
Prompt #3-Test
Part 2
Added 5/15/2007
2,790 words
Prompt #5-Shock
Part 3
Added 5/15/2007
2,321 words
Prompt #17-Vitamins
Part 4
Added 5/16/2007
2,630 words
Prompt #16-Stretch Marks
Part 5
Added 5/17/2007
4,380 words
Prompt #22-Shopping
Part 6
Added 5/18/2007
1,479 words
Prompt #14-Maternity
Part 7
Added 5/19/2007
1,588 words
Prompt #23-Food Cravings
Part 8
Added 5/20/2007
4,154 words
Prompt #28-First Time
Part 9
Added 5/21/2007
4,166 words
Prompt #29-Jealousy
Part 10
Added 5/22/2007
1,546 words
Prompt #18-Anticipation
Part 11
Added 5/23/2007
4,988 words
Prompt #19-Sex
Part 12
Added 5/23/2007
1,714 words
Prompt #45-Doctor
Part 13
Added 5/24/2007
2,001 words
Prompt #13-Sonogram
Part 14
Added 5/25/2007
2,540 words
Prompt #27-Acceptance
Part 15
Added 5/26/2007
3,397 words
Prompt #31-Labor
Part 16
Added 5/27/2007
1,467 words
Prompt #37-Tiny
Part 17
Added 5/27/2007
1,730 words
Prompt #10-Milk
Part 18
Added 5/28/2007
1,296 words
Prompt #26-Disbelief
Part 19
Added 5/30/2007
1,205 words
Prompt #15-Lullaby
Part 20
Added 6/01/2007
1,312 words
Prompt #09-Rocker
Part 21
Added 6/03/2007
1,080 words
Prompt #41-Mystified
Part 22
Added 6/03/2007
1,690 words
Prompt #25-Fear
Part 23
Added 6/04/2007
1,639 words
Prompt #35-Smell
Part 24
Added 6/05/2007
2,205 words
Prompt #21-Kidnapping
Part 25
Added 6/05/2007
1,983 words
Prompt #33-Escape
Part 26
Added 6/06/2007
1,394 words
Prompt #46-Loving
Part 27
Added 6/07/2007
1,504 words
Prompt #11-Pain
Part 28
Added 6/17/2007
659 words
Prompt #40-Pudding
Part 29
Added 6/19/2007
1,276 words
Prompt #48-Writer's Choice (Bath)
Part 30
Added 10/14/2007
3,551 words
Prompt #12-Grandparents

You can read the fic in one long file if you prefer.

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