**Part Twenty-Nine**

Word Count: 1,726
This is for the LJ community 50_baby_fics Prompt #48-Writer's Choice - Bath

"There you are," he said upon entering his bunk and finding River there.

"Where else would I be?"

"No one seemed to know where you went off to."

"You needed me."

"I did?"

"You're saying you don't?"

"Well, that goes without saying, but why now in particular?"

"You needed to clean up."

"Well, yeah," he frowned, tempted to ask how she knew that. The answer was obvious he supposed. Why couldn't she have just stayed there and prevented him from walking in the line of fire. "I was just going to wash up and change."

"I thought I could do it for you."

"You did, huh?"


There was a time not too long ago she would approach him with such ideas and appear bashful or uncertain. He couldn't find either of those things there now. He supposed it had something to do with realizing he wasn't going anywhere. And he as of yet hadn't been put off by anything she'd suggested.

"Something tells me my way would be a bit faster."

She took his hands, pulling him toward the bed. "But not nearly as fulfilling."

He chuckled at that. "Can't argue that point."

She slid her hands to his chest, pushing him enough so he sat. And then she began to remove his clothes.

"This will need washing," she said more to herself than to him as she slid his shirt over his shoulders and off.

"I already told you that, Riv."

"My baths are good enough for little Mal."

"I ain't a child."

She smiled at that, a challenge visible in her eyes. "I think I know that already."

She worked on his pants then. He was momentarily ashamed that just the slightest brush of her arm over his crotch had him reacting to her. Until he saw that touching him had an effect on her, too. Leaking was no longer a problem, but her breasts were still too sensitive for her to keep confined in a bra all of the time. Since this was one of those times she was without, hardening nipples was easy enough to tell on her. Particularly now that she'd taken to wear dresses that fit her better.

He halted her progress in getting his pants off to whisk off the offending garment standing in his way of seeing her the way he liked looking at her best. The only evidence he could tell that showed she'd had a baby was fuller breasts and a curve to her waist and hips that hadn't been quite so prominent before. And he'd looked over every inch of her the past few months to know if there was any other evidence.

"I'm supposed to be bathing you," she whispered.

"Later. We'll bathe each other then."

She smiled, tucking some hair behind her ear. Seemingly not ashamed to stand in front of him nude. She knelt before him then, pulling his pants off the rest of the way so he matched her nakedness with his own.

He gathered her onto his lap then, arms encircling her waist.

"The water will get cold," she said, still in a whisper. Her body, however, betrayed the fact she wanted him inside of her as much as he wanted to be.


She glanced over her shoulder, his gaze followed. It wasn't a full-fledged tub, but there was a bucket there. He presumed it contained warm water.

"Bao bay, you went through all of that trouble for me?"

"Yes, I thought it would be fun."


She blushed then, nodding and biting her lower lip. "Yes."

His hands slid to her hips where he lifted her up, positioning her so he could enter her. "Well, far be it from me to stand in your way of some fun. What was your plan then before I rudely interrupted with getting you all naked-like? I have to tell you, though," as he slid deeply into her. She was slick, wet already so he knew she really didn't have her mind entirely on the bath anymore. "This is fun."

She rode him, her arms by her head to keep her hair from her face so he could watch her. He loved watching her lift herself off him and then take him deep again. She seemed to crave it as much as he did, being as far inside of her as he could be.

"Grab on," he murmured before standing from the bed and making his way the short distance to the bucket. His plan hadn't taken him through sitting on the floor without dislodging her from being on top of him. The parting was only for a brief second or two and she was back on top of him with him inside of her.

She stilled when she saw him reach for the cloth. He took it in his hand, squeezed out the excess water as best as he could. He let some of the water bead over her breasts, licking the drops off.

"This what you had in mind?"

She groaned softly.

"Cuz I have to say I agree with it being fun."

She took the cloth from him, pushing him so he was laying on the floor. She gave him a bath, though the floor underneath him probably got as wet as he did in the process. She'd even gone so far as to turn so she faced his feet, washing his legs. Neither of which had been in the line of young Mal's fire.

"Just stay like that," he murmured when she made to turn around again.

"Okay," she whispered, clearly not sure why he was asking.

"Sorry, if you could see what I see right now." He shook his head, hands cradling her hips before sliding over to her backside. And then up along her spine as far as he could reach.

"You've been behind me before."

She was right, this wasn't much different than him behind her, except it was.

"Never like this. There's something about this view with you in control." There was something almost regal about the way she sat there, back straight, only thing wasn't too prim and proper to be seated on his very stiff erection.

"Oh," she said, seeming to catch on to what made it so particularly arousing. At least to him.

She gave him what he wanted, but then she always did. Or maybe it was need and not want. He never could tell. A little of both. He sometimes wondered if she tapped into his mind, knew how close he was and worked to heighten it just that much more. Because she rarely failed to leave him feeling boneless when they were through. This time was no different.

She spent the next little while doing what she'd come in here to do all along, washing him up. She even found some spots in his hair young Mal's pudding had found a home in.

"Stuff is lethal."

She giggled softly. "Perhaps we could use it as a weapon."

"Not that, but his diapers probably could be."

She laughed again as he took the cloth from her hand and dropped it back in the bucket. He returned the favor and then stood. He took her into his arms and taking her back to the bed where they'd started.


"Zoe's got him."


"We've got nothing but time, bao bay. I reckon my crew knows where to find me if the need arises. Been gone long enough, both of us, they ain't stupid."

He found a breast then, carefully licking and sucking it not wanting to spur her body into thinking he was needing nourishment from her.

He heard her start to say something, but cut her off.

"Have you not figured out yet that once is never enough? You started it, taking off my clothes and all."

"I just wanted to give you a bath."

"Like that'd ever work without leading to this."

"We could try."

"Bite your tongue. There'll be plenty of time later for that."


"Yeah, you know," he murmured, finding the other breast while he sank first one finger and then another inside of her. "A few years from now when you're tired of me."

"Or when you're tired of me. Or I'm pregnant one too many times."

"But we're trying." He glanced at her sharply, pulling away just a little. "Why would you say that?"

"It was a joke. You read stories of women that have child after child and their figures just aren't quite the same."

"Well, I maintain you could use a little extra on your bones," he said, finding her most sensitive spot with his thumb, causing her to cry out. "Just one more would satisfy me, made the right way. Then one of us can get fixed if you're really worried about it. I assure you I ain't out to have you in the family way every time you blink."

She shook her head and he chuckled, knowing she was too close to getting off to actually say anything. Her orgasms right after they'd had sex were always intense. She took his face in her hands, drawing her to him. Not that he needed much coaxing to kiss her.

"I won't get tired of you," she whispered.

"Me neither. Came this far alone too long to go that route."

He slid next to her then, licking his fingers before drawing her against him.

"What's he doing now?" he asked.

"He's working on crawling, Zoe's not sure what to do. He's fine, though."

He chuckled. "We should go rescue her."

"He's not ready yet."

"You suggesting I leave my first mate thinking little one's going to go mobile on her at any second to lay in bed with you for a while longer?"

"That's exactly what I'm suggesting."

"Well, now, since you were honest about itů" He kissed her shoulder then, a hand sliding protectively to her abdomen. She hadn't mentioned whether their efforts since her escape at getting her pregnant had worked.

"You enjoy trying too much for me to tell you," she whispered.

"I do, huh?"

"Yes. You are rather vigorous about it."

"Well, now, I could have lost you. Just need you to know how much that bothers me."

"I understand," she whispered.

And he knew she did. Probably better than he himself did for that matter.

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