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River Tam & Malcolm Reynolds 'ship Fan Fiction

These are fiction I've written about Mutant Enemy's space western Firefly surrounding Malcolm Reynolds & River Tam for the 50_baby_fics fan fiction challenge.

I also have Firefly/Serenity fan fiction links and Firefly/Serenity related links for your surfing pleasure.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


Positive Affirmations
Simon unwittingly altered things for River when sneaking her into the Alliance hospital for the tests. Now, back on Serenity after a spell of not feeling well, River's just completed a test of a very different kind and for once isn't too sure what the results mean. Set post-Ariel, AU after that.

Stand Alone Fics (all complete)

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For 50_baby_fics I've chosen the following:
Firefly: River Tam
01Rattle 02Hospital 03Test 04Diapers 05Shock
06Baby Shower 07Pregnancy 08Stroller 09Rocker 10Milk
11Pain 12Grandparents 13Sonogram 14Maternity 15Lullaby
16Stretch Marks 17Vitamins 18Anticipation 19Sex 20First Steps
21Kidnapping 22Shopping 23Food Cravings 24Congratulations 25Fear
26Disbelief 27Acceptance 28First Time 29Jealousy 30Blanket
31Labor 32Conception 33Escape 34Colic 35Smell
36Gentle 37Tiny 38Laughter 39Story 40Pudding
41Mystified 42Break Up 43New House 44Toddler 45Doctor
46Loving 47Crawling 48Writer’s Choice (Bath) 49 Writer’s Choice 50Writer’s Choice

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