TITLE: Who's That Girl?
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
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RATING: FRT/M (This is Faith we're dealing with here)
SPOILERS: Through Faith, Hope & Trick (3x03)
SUMMARY: Faith's thoughts back in her motel room after meeting Buffy and the Scoobies
DATE STARTED: September 2004
STATUS: Complete
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: This is a part of my fic for each episode endeavor. You can find a listing of all of the fics I've written for this project at: www.phantomroses.com/apckrfan/fanfic/BtVSfic/EpisodeFics/
NOTES 2: This is my first attempt at writing anything from Faith's perspective. It's very rough, I know this, but it is what it is.

Faith cracked her knuckles and then dug into her dinner, which consisted of a thin crust with sausage, mushrooms and extra cheese pizza with a 6-pack of Coke. "That's what I'm talking about," she said as she pulled a slice. The pizza was greasy, the cheese piled on and stringy as hell. It was made just the way she liked it. She had not been sure how pizza in California would be. They put weird shit like alfalfa sprouts and tofu on things out here.

"Now if only this lame ass motel would get HBO I'd be set," she said as she kicked back on the bed. She kicked off her left boot and then her right, smiling as she got comfortable. There was nothing on TV so a repeat of X-Files was what Faith had settled on.

She was not as quick to discount Mulder's search for the truth anymore. She had not believed in monsters until she saw her first vamp up close and way too personal. Before then she had thought it was some sort of a joke. "A slayer, right," had been her response. It had been an excuse to get away from her father so she had jumped at it. She had missed her mother terribly, but her mother was gone and her father was just a shell of a man after that had happened. Now that her watcher was dead she knew first hand it was no joke at all.

She sighed heavily, not wanting to think about Boston or why she had fled to Sunnydale. Her thoughts turned to the infamous Buffy Summers. She was the only slayer anyone knew of to defy a prophecy that called for her death yet had still died. Coupled with the fact she got it on with the big bad Angelus well, B was pretty famous.

Her watcher would probably have a fit if she knew Faith had come to Sunnydale hoping to meet Buffy. She was the slayer no one wanted to talk about, the black sheep. Faith was just glad someone else could not toe the line for once. She was a little uptight but Faith thought she was all right. Obviously, she still had a thing for Angelus even though the vamp was long gone. If Faith had anything to say about it, her mind would be clear of that blip on the radar screen in no time.

Faith loved 'em and left 'em. It was the only way to be. She was not sure she would have ever thought about fucking a vampire, though. That was just wicked kinky. And in a way, Faith admired B for going after what she wanted. She sure hoped the time in the sack was worth it.

Faith found most men were lacking in making anything worth it to her, in or out of bed. She finished her third slice of pizza while Mulder questioned Scully about the reasons for getting a tattoo. Scully got herself laid in this episode. Bully for Scully for going after what she wanted and basically saying screw you to Mulder. Too bad the guy went a little nuts on her.

"Just like my life," Faith muttered as she stood from the bed. She was wired now. She and Buffy had a good patrol and she had given into the hungry part of post-slayage. Now it was time to do something about the horny part. Faith could never appease both hungers by only fulfilling one.

She turned the TV off, put the pizza box on the window ledge and slipped on her leather jacket before thrusting her feet into her boots. She grabbed her room key as she left the room, having decided to do something about the horny part. There had to be a guy primed and ready to go this time of night at The Bronze. There had been a whole bunch there earlier.

She grabbed a stake, just in case. As she ran the pad of her thumb over the pointed end she wondered briefly what it would be like to fuck a vampire. She bet they put in a stellar performance, one that might just truly satisfy her hunger. And then when she was done, pow, she would slide the stake home to the target. Instead of afterglow she could bathe in his ashes. The idea had merit, but some other night. Tonight, she just wanted an old fashioned fuck from a warm body who would not try to take her blood she decided as she closed the door to her room behind her.

~The End~

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