**Part Six**

As far as they knew, their plan had worked. Buffy's stomach was in knots. The plan for the day was that Giles would send Willow, Dawn, and Faith up to see her under the guise of showing them where their potential rooms were. The house was so huge that Buffy and Giles had their own private wing. They could feasibly go without seeing the others if they wanted to. Not that they ever would but she imagined some people were like that.

She had put on her makeup, had fixed her hair, and had made sure she had Giles' ring. That was the most important thing. She had the ring, she had her dress, and her groom. Anything else was just a bonus.

She couldn't believe she was getting married. Today. It was something she had come to believe wouldn't happen. She heard voices in the hall and walked to the window, overlooking the huge yard. She wasn't even sure where in the yard she was looking in relation to the things she knew. Like the driveway.

"Yo, B, nice digs. You're definitely moving up in the world."

"Thanks, Faith."

"Buffy, this is so cool. Giles said you wanted to show us something."

"Well, yes, I do. Willow," she said with a glance at her best friend. "Could you help me with something?"

"Sure, Buffy. This is some place. I thought I might get lost coming up here."

"It is pretty huge, isn't it," Buffy said as she opened the door that led to the dressing area. "I have a favor to ask of you."


"Good. I was kind of hoping you'd be my maid of honor."

"Sure. You know I will. Just tell me when." Buffy saw it on Willow's face when she noticed the gown. Giles had promised her she could have a true wedding gown and that is what she got.

"Well, we have about thirty minutes. Do you think with Dawn and Faith's help you can have me ready?"

"You know we can."

"Dawnie, Faith, come in here. This is so exciting. Did you plan this?"

"Yes. We didn't want to make a huge deal out of it."

"But, Buffy, you're getting married."

"I know, Wil, and I can't tell you how happy I am. We just wanted to do it this way."

"You're getting married, Buffy?"


"Oh my God! When?"

"In about thirty minutes."

"No way, B. I never knew you were this impulsive."

"We've been planning it for weeks. It was tough keeping it a surprise from you guys."

"Is that what all those mysterious calls to your cell phone were?"


"And here I thought it was Giles calling to talk dirty to you."

"Well, there were a few of those, too."

"That dirty dog." Faith smiled widely and held up her hand for Buffy to give her a high five. "Phone sex can be smoking hot if done right."

Buffy felt the heat of a blush and turned away. "Okay, guys, enough talk about that. Let's get me ready."

They worked quickly. It seemed too quickly and yet not quickly enough at the same time. Buffy stood in front of the floor length mirror and admired her reflection. She felt like a princess. And she felt as thought she might throw up.



"Would you and Dawn go get Xander for me?"

"You want us both?"


"Sure you bet. Come on, Munchkin, let's go find Xan the man."

"Are you getting nervous?"

"Getting? That would mean I wasn't before."

"This is so exciting."

"It is, I can't believe it's really happening."

"Well, it is." Willow gave Buffy a hug, and Buffy was glad that she'd gotten this time alone with Willow.

"We really do want you, all of you who want to, to live here. There's plenty of room. No pressure and no decisions need to be made today or tomorrow, even. But it would be nice to have our family here."

"I'm in, I'm sure Dawn and Xander will be, too. I can't speak for Robin and Faith. They seem happy doing their thing."

"Yes, they do."

"He's good for her."

"He is. Who would have guessed anyone could be?"

"I've been summoned," Xander said from the bedroom.

"In here," Buffy and Willow called out together. Buffy took a couple of steps back so he wouldn't see her right away. She wanted the shock factor. If Giles had kept his end of the bargain, no one downstairs would know what they were doing here today.

"Wow, some place. Do you need something fixed up in here?"

"Not exactly," Willow said as Buffy stepped into view.

"Buffy. Wow. I. Wow."

"You said that already."


"I get that. I was hoping you'd give me away."

"I, wow. Okay." He glanced from her to Willow. "Did you know about this?"

"Not until we got here."

"Wow. A more beautiful bride I don't think I've ever seen, Buffy. And in case I didn't say it earlier. Wow."

Buffy smiled and kissed his cheek. "Thank you. I think you're also serving as best man."

"Cool. So, does that mean if I object to the wedding as the one giving you away, that I as the best man can step in and marry you?"


"Just checking."

The ceremony was quick and to the point. Buffy felt a little foolish when all was said and done to be wearing a wedding gown when everyone else was dressed casually, but she felt that she owed at least that much to her mother. Giles had arranged for a lunch to be catered afterward.

At one time, Buffy had envisioned a huge wedding with all the trimmings. She had sat to Giles' left at the dining room table and couldn't imagine a more perfect wedding. Their friends, their family, had been there. What more did they need?

Giles had surprised her by donning a tuxedo. She wasn't even aware that he owned one. And if she could say so without sounding biased or conceited, she thought they made a very attractive couple. They were in their bedroom now. It was their first night together in this house. It seemed appropriate to start their life together here, where they would live their life together. Raise their family together.

Buffy worked the bowtie from around his neck and tossed it aside.

"I think our surprise worked."

"Yes, Missus Giles, I would say everyone was quite surprised."

"Missus Giles. It's going to take me a while to get used to that."

"Did you plan on keeping Summers?"

"No, it's just that I've been Buffy Summers for twenty-four years."

"Indeed. Perhaps if we have a daughter we can give her the first or middle name of Summer."

"I like that."

She worked the buttons on his shirt, opening it and removing it before working on his undershirt.


"Just slightly. I've never made love to my husband before."

"Oh quite right. Very good. That does have a nice ring to it."

"I thought so." She turned her back to him then, and he took the hint. Her dress was off in no time. She did take the time to hang it up. She'd spent enough money on it she couldn't just toss it in a heap. When she returned to the room he was already in bed. She spotted his trousers tossed over the same chair the rest of his things were.

She crawled into bed, spooning up behind him. Her hand found his and she lifted their joined hands up to look at them in the light. Their wedding rings, his plain gold and hers a bridal set, sparkled in the light. She sighed contentedly.

"So, Mister Giles."

"Yes, Missus Giles?"

"Care to make love to your wife? Or has it been too exhausting a day?"

He turned onto his back, squeezing her hand before tossing the covers aside. She saw how exhausted he wasn't and smiled.

"Does that answer your question?"

"Mm, I'm not sure. You may need to be more direct in your approach."

"I'm nothing if I'm not direct. So I've been told."

"Prove it, big man," she quipped as he moved on top of her. Her legs parted for him expectantly. God, she loved him.

"Those are fighting words."

He slid inside of her, hard, fast, deep. He seemed to understand the urgency she felt to have him inside of her. Her eyes fell closed and she groaned softly, the day's tension disappearing as their bodies began moving together.

"I'm afraid you married the wrong woman. I'm a lover not a fighter."

"I suppose that will have to do. As long as it's me you love we're good."

"No one but you, Giles. Only you."

~The End~

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