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Buffy & Giles 'ship centric Fan Fiction

Below you will find my Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe fan fiction based on the characters created by Joss Whedon. The stories below feature Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles paired together. Feedback is always welcome as I cannot write better without it, but if you plan on being petty or cruel please don't bother.

I've chosen this 'ship for 25FluffyFics challenges on LJ. See below for the challenge table and links to the fics fulfilling the prompts.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


In A Pinch
On a holiday trip to New York, Buffy pretends to be Giles' fiancee when they run into a school friend from Giles' past. Only he comes to the conclusion that she may not be pretending. Spoilers for everything.

A Shortage of Sweet Dreams
Set post Buffy Season 7. Buffy discovers that despite five years having gone by after Giles' ordeal in the hands of Angelus he is still not completely over it..

Sombreros and Scotch Take the Edge Off
Set during Buffy Season 4. Buffy and Giles are both left feeling a little raw and alone after the activities in Fear Itself.

Stand Alone Fics (all complete)

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