TITLE: Let the Sun Shine In
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
DISTRIBUTION: My site, AO3, FanFiction.net, LiveJournal, Yahoo Groups. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters. They are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made.
RATING: Mature (language and other things worthy of Angelus)
SPOILERS: Through Salvage (AtS 4x13) and Storyteller (BtVS 7x16)
SUMMARY: After dispensing of The Beast, Angelus unable to let The First get the better of his one true mate decides to pay his favorite Slayer a visit
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Buffy Summers & Angel(us)
DATE STARTED: September 2006 (really August 2003 but only got 3 paragraphs written.)
STATUS: Complete (in 6 parts)
WORD COUNT: 20,263
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: I detest the idea of Angel and Cordelia so that will come through here. Sorry to any of you who liked that ‘ship.

Part 1
Added 9/26/06
Part 2
Added 9/27/06
Part 3
Added 9/28/06
Part 4
Added 9/28/06
Part 5
Added 10/04/06
Part 6
Added 10/05/06

You can read the fic in one long file if you prefer.

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