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I love movies. When I lived in Florida I took my daughter and step-son weekly to see one. We normally go to the AMC theatres || near us. I don't get to them as often as I'd like to anymore. The last movie Stephanie and I saw in the theatres was The Phantom of the Opera. Before that, I can't remember what the last movie I saw was. I have recently discovered the joys of a Netflix membership, however. It is fabulous to get movies mailed directly to me, I can keep them for as long as I want to. It's enabling me to catch up on my movie viewing in the comfort of my own home and my jammies. is a great web site to find out what's playing locally near you online. I have provided some sites regarding movies, actors and actresses. Please excuse any bias I may show, but this is my page after all. My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind. It is my favorite book, and I felt it was adapted very well to the silver screen. Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia deHavilland and Leslie Howard were all fabulous. A close second is The Godfather. I enjoy many classics: Casablanca, A Streetcar Named Desire, An Affair To Remember, Citizen Kane, any Fred Astaire movie, West Side Story, etc. I also enjoy new movies. While my classic interests leans toward the romance, my modern movie interests vary from adventure to romance to thriller. I can't narrow down any current favorites, my interests are just to broad. Please check out my actors and actresses pages for links pertaining to some of my favorites.

To view a list of movies I've watched recently on HBO or through Netflix, click here. For a list of the DVDs I own, visit here.

General Movie Links

Academy Awards Site || ABC Academy Awards Site || American Film Institute || AFI Top 100 Films || Box Office Guru || Classification And Rating Administration, The (CARA) || Digital Film Festival || || Entertainment Tonight || Fansites || Film Four || Go2Flix || Greatest Films || Hollywood || Internet Movie Database || Motion Picture Association || Movie Box Office Reports || MoviePeople || Movies Unlimited || MovieThing || Movieweb || MrShowbiz || Reel Classic Movies || Starbuzz || Top 10 Movie/Video Links || United Artists Theatres || || Yahoo Entertainment Summary || Yahoo Links

Film Company Sites

Disney Studio || Fox Home || Fox Movies || MGM Studios || Miramax Studios || Paramount Pictures || Sony Pictures || Universal Studios || United International || Warner Bros.

Celebrity Links

Classic Actors & Actresses of Film Ring || Francis Ford Coppola || Greatest Entertainers Webring || Alfred Hitchcock || Meredy's Place - Classic Movies/TV/Celebrities || Steven Spielberg || Oliver Stone || Oliver Stone

Movie Links

50s Grease Page || A Bug's Life || About Last Night || Amadeus || Amadeus || The American President || An Affair To Remember || As Good As It Gets || The Bodyguard || Camelot || Casablanca || City Of Angels || City Of Angels || Dangerous Liaisons Webring || Dr. Zhivago || Godfather Trilogy || Hope Floats Page || It's A Wonderful Life || One Fine Day || One Fine Day || Picture Perfect || Picture Perfect || Platoon || Saving Private Ryan || Saving Private Ryan || Saving Private Ryan || The Sting || Terminator Webring || There's Something About Mary || There's Something About Mary || There's Something About Mary || There's Something About Mary || There's Something About Mary || The Untouchables || West Side Story

John Grisham Movie Links

John Grisham || A Time To Kill || A Time To Kill || The Chamber || The Client || The Firm || The Pelican Brief || The Rainmaker
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