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I'm a classic movie buff. Perhaps it's my way of escaping real life for a couple of hours, I don't know but in my opinion they just don't make them like they used to. Gone are the days of Gone With the Wind, The King & I, Casablanca, someone being called "The King of Hollywood". I wish there was more information out there on the likes of Yul Bryner, Clark Gable, Carey Grant, Laurence Olivier, etc. There's something about the way they were portrayed that makes me want to watch their movies. Though I didn't live with my father his tv viewing habits obviously had an impact on me. My mother didn't watch these types of films. Weekends at my dad's were spent watching WWII films and documentaries, Fred Astaire and other classics. My step-dad thought I was nuts I'm sure when at 17 I asked for Fred Astaire videotapes for Christmas so I could watch them in my college dorm. I have raised my children exposing them to the classics. They may grow up and hate them, or me, but at least they'll know what these movies were and how they influenced many people's lives. Nothing pleases me more than when my daughter comes in from outside to see I'm watching Brigadoon, The King & I, or Gone With the Wind and not only sits down to watch them with me but sings along! What a wonderful feeling that is, and hopefully like me when she's older she'll carry with her memories of watching these films with me.

Below are links I've found on various actresses throughout the internet. Enjoy! Be sure and check out my Movies Page, Actors, Gone With the Wind Tribute, Godfather Tribute and Hannibal pages. Check out my RPG involving Gone With the Wind, as well as my fan fiction inspired by Gone With the Wind and the Silence of the Lamb movies.

Jennifer Aniston (2/11/69)

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Sandra Bullock (7/26/64)

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Jodie Foster (11/19/62)

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Diane Keaton (1/5/46

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Juliet Landau
Michelle Pfeiffer (4/29/57)

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Julia Roberts (10/28/67)

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Meg Ryan (11/19/61)

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