Special thanks to Barb for letting me use the information she has posted on her Job Listing page for her FairMeadow RPG, which is set in a fictional town in Virginia during the Civil War.


The Draft:

March 6, 1861 - The Confederacy called for 100,000 volunteers for its provisional army. In the beginning, recruiters were not very selective. Many men with disqualifying factors, including physical disabilities, were enlisted according to "Everyday Life During the Civil War."

April 15, 1861 - President Lincoln issues a Proclamation calling for 75,000 militiamen, and summoning a special session of Congress for July 4.

Confederate Conscription Act - April 16, 1862 in the South

Enrollment Act of July 1863 in the North

Conscription Act in 1863 raising the age of the men


Character's Name




Laurence March

Banker Open
Bank Clerk Open
Barber Open
Barber, Master Open
Blacksmith Open
Blacksmith Apprentice Open
Blockade Runner Rhett Butler
Bookkeeper Meredith L'Amour
Boarding House Owner Open
Bricklayer, Master Open
Bricklayer, Apprentice Open
Bridge Keeper Open
Broker Open
Butcher Open
Cabinet Maker, Master Open
Cabinet Maker, Apprentice Open
Captain, Steamer Open
Carpenter, Master Open
Carpenter, Apprentice Open
Clerks (starting as young as 16) Open
Coach or Wagon Maker, Master Open
Coach or Wagon Maker, Apprentice Open
Coach Trimmer Open
Confectioner Open
Constable Open
Cooper ( maker of barrels) Open
Cotton Planter Open
Dentist Open
Deputy Sheriff Open
Drayman (cart driver) Open
Dress Maker Open
Druggist Open
Dry Goods Merchant Open
Editor, News Open
Engineer Open
Farmer Open
Gentleman (elderly unemployed man) Open
Governess or Asst. Governess Alexandria Carrington
Grocer Open
Gunsmith Open
Gunsmith, Apprentice Open
Harnessmaker Open
Housekeeper (as in housewife) Open
Housekeeper (as in housewife) Open
Jailor Open
Journalist Open
Laborer (on farm) Open
Land Agent Open
Landlord Open
Lawyer Open
Livery Stable Keeper Open
Lumber Merchant Open
Machinist Open
Madam - Saloon Owner Belle Watling
Magistrate Open
Mail Carrier Open
Mason Open
Mercantile Clerk Open
Merchants (some worked 14 hr. days during the war) Open
Miller Open
Milliner, Master Open
Milliner, Apprentice Open
Minister Open
Moulder Open
Music Teacher Open
Painter (not artist) Open
Physician Open
Piano Tuner Open
Plaster-Sign Painter Open
Plaster-Joiner Open
Plasterer Open
Police Officer Open
Postmaster Open
Printer Open
Prostitute Marie
Prostitute Open
Restaurant Keeper Open
Saddler, Master
one who made saddles, harnesses, horse collars, bridles
Saddler, Apprentice Open
Sailor Open
Salesman Open
School Teacher Open
Sea Captain Open
Seamstress Open
Sea Captain Open
Servant (White) Open
Servant (Free Negro) Open
Serving Girl Open
Sewing Woman Open
Shoemaker Open
Shopkeepers Meredith L'Amour
Silversmith Open
Singer (Entertainer) Laura Hawks
Slave Cleopatra ("Leo")
Slave Open
Slave Open
Slave Dealer Open
Soldiers (Confederate) Open
Soldiers (Union) Open
Spy Open
Stone Mason Open
Student Open
Student of Law Open
Student of Medicine Open
Student (Theological) Open
Tailor - one who made or repaired clothes Open
Tailoress - female who made or repaired clothes Open
Tavern/Innkeeper Open
Tavern/Bartender Open
Tavern Cook Open
Tavern Peacekeeper Open
Telegraph Office Operator Open
Telegraph Office/Messenger Open
Telegraph Line/Watchman Open
Tinner, Master (tinsmith) Open
Tinner, Apprentice Open
Tobacco Planter Open
Tobacconist Merchant Open
Undertaker Open
Washer Woman Open
Watchmaker Open
Watchman on Railroad Open
Weaver Open
Wheelwright (maker or repairer of wagon wheels) Open

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