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Rhett Butler

Personal Information

Character Information

  • Character Name: Rhett Butler
  • Age: 37 (1865/17 years older than Scarlett)
  • Hair/Eye Color: black/brown
  • Height/Weight: 6'2", 175#
  • Brief History: Born & raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He has two younger siblings, Ross and sister Rosemary. He is a world traveler, has never married, does not support the South's "Cause", fascinated by Scarlett O'Hara since the day they met at the Twelve Oaks barbeque before the war. He's unreceived and has a bad reputation. He's sarcastic yet underneath his sarcastic remarks might lay the truth. He's generous when he wants to be or when he feels he'll get something in return from the generosity. He no longer speaks with his father, was kicked out of the house when he was eighteen due to lack of conformity to the Charlestonian ways which were escalated by a now infamous buggy riding incident. He rarely speaks to his mother because of it, but does send her money on the sly. He has been "around" as far as women go. He's an entrepeneur and is involved privately, unnamed, in several businesses. He is always impeccably dressed and groomed. Despite his claims not to be a gentleman, underneath his rough and sarcastic exterior lies a true southern gentleman. He is now returning to Atlanta after leaving Scarlett on Rough 'n Ready Pass to enlist in the Confederate army. He comes back a much wealthier man than he left and is not hesitant to flaunt that fact.
  • Residence: hails from Charleston but really has no permanent residence that anyone knows about.

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