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Belle Watling

Personal Information

Character Information

  • Character Name: Belle Watling
  • Age: 30
  • Hair/Eye Color: fiery red, long, curly / icy blue
  • Height/Weight: 5'4", 101#
  • Brief Description: Feisty, independent, intriguing and beautiful to men, disgusting, evil and low, even frightening to women, Belle Watling walks with her head held high. Though her hair is as painted as her face and the expensive silk gowns she saunters through town in is cut lower and tighter than respectable society allows, Belle holds herself as a lady. She listens to men of all ages gripe about their problems and offers them relief in ways their wives and intended couldn’t even begin to dream of! Belle knows what the womenfolk say and she really couldn’t care. Never having girlfriends growing up, the only value she could find from “respectable women” was what she observed from the Belles of Tennessee and needs no one‘s approval. She doesn’t believe in rules, having been held down by them for so long, and instead wishes to live her life to the fullest, tasting and experiencing new and fine things as often as she can. She has made one fatal flaw however, though she has never told him, along with her body Belle has given her heart to a client… Rhett Butler!
  • Brief History: Belle Watling was a minister’s daughter, her mother dying in childbirth, she was under strict rule of her father. Her childhood in Tennessee was pious, peaceful, honorable…and BORING as hell! Like any normal girl Belle discovered boys and when she began developing as a woman, much to her father’s dismay, they discovered her. Though she admired the way the Southern belles teased and taunted their gentleman callers, Belle was forbidden to do so. “Yo’ mama, God rest her soul, may have named ya Belle,” he once told her at 14, “but you are NOT to act like one! They are schemin’ and catty and rest assured they WILL go to hell for their sins!” The older Belle got the more she felt the walls close in and she knew she would have to get out of there. Tired of the binding bandages, the gray woolen dresses and the keeping of handsome young callers at arms length, the final straw came when she’d been caught kissing in the hayloft with the pigboy newly arrived from Ireland and severely beaten. Her father gave her an ultimatum, the convent or marriage to the wealthiest and oldest man in the county. Belle chose a third option and armed with money from the collection plate after services, the 15 year old girl hopped a train hoping to go West and make a life for herself. However, the money was only enough to get her to Atlanta and after three days, hungry, tired and cold, Belle met the woman who would change her life.
  • Occupation: Lady of the night
  • Residence: Brothel in Atlanta

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