This page last updated January 2007.

Below you will find updates made to my site. If I've added information or links to any page I'll post it here with a date. I've received emails periodically regarding the content I removed a while ago. I've put it back up, checked all the links to ensure they're current and working to date, and posted a cavaet on those pages I will no longer be updating. That does not mean I won't run across something that might strike my fancy on one of the topics and add a link here and there. It just means that I will no longer be going through once every other month or so and verifying all of the links are still valid.

So, please check this updates page for new stuff on my site.

November 2007

I'm in the process of organizing my entertainment related pages better, the TV page in particular. It's so large these days that it's difficult to read and looks cluttered.

January 2007

I've changed the fan fiction portion of my site around a bit. It's in frames as the books portion of my site is. The individual stories open up in new windows, but otherwise you can surf from fandom to fandom. I've added a slew of fan fiction links to both the general fan fiction links page and the specific fandom links pages. I've added some links to my TV page. I received comments from a few people that people with smaller monitors or who had their monitors set to smaller settings than mine had difficulty reading the stories, so I've created a graphic free fics page. Only completed fics will be listed here. And those fics that are multi-part fics, only the full story will be listed there.

September 2006

I've changed the format on my site a bit. I've added a blogs page, linking to blogs I read with any regularity or have found to be interesting. I've moved my authors, reading and periodicals pages to the books section of my site so that everything reading related is there. I have also added a lot of authors and their blog pages. I've updated my portion of the site devoted to my writing and pursuit of getting published here. There is some information on review sites, agents/publishers and writing tips under this section of the site. There are a lot of pages I'm still not maintaining, but I do add links if I run across any. If you find broken links or an incorrect link, please let me know though and I'll delete or change it.

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