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There are some blogs that I visit frequently even if I don't contribute to them. Some are by readers, authors, agents, and publishers but not all! Some are blogs I've visited from other blogs. I've compiled a list here on the main part of my site for the blogs I visit. Take a peek!

If you're interested in blogging yourself there are many venues around the web for it. AIM Pages (this is similar to MySpace), AOL Blogs, Blogspot, Bravenet, LiveJournal, MySpace, TypePad, Xanga, and Yahoo 360 are some ideas to get started. For help in searching for blogs visit Blog Search, Blog Search Engine, Google Blog Search, and Technorati.

You can find me on AIM Pages, AOL Journals, Blogspot, LiveJournal, MySpace, Xanga and Yahoo 360 under apckrfan. The LiveJournal I use for fan fiction updates, nothing personal or informative there. The rest of the blogs will say the same thing as I tend to update them all at once. So if you've seen one you've seen it all! I plan to keeping the BlogSpot one more current, though. I also have a Blogspot for my writing journey under SusanEFalk.

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