***Part Nine***
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They didn't leave his room other than to eat. He had bread and peanut butter in his room, but he figured she deserved better than that three meals a day. He figured he had a lot of bad reputation to make up for. He wasn't sure what her reason was. It didn't matter really as they were both in agreement as far as not keeping their hands off of each other.

They didn't always end up having sex. He swore he could spend hours just going down on her and making her finish. She evidently felt similarly because she'd enjoyed seeing how fast after finishing she could get him hard again with her mouth. He'd had a hard time convincing her when she was going down on him to slide herself on top of him so he could use his mouth on her at the same time. The first time anyway, and he guessed she enjoyed it because he hadn't had to practically beg her more than that once. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy just lying there letting her lick and suck on him. He enjoyed it very much. He just wanted to please her as much and as often as he could knowing it'd be a few months until he could again.

The TV was on with the volume as low as it could go. He didn't really care, but for some reason she'd wanted to watch the ball drop in Times Square. She was currently sleeping beside him with about thirty minutes to go before midnight. A new year. It was crazy where this one had taken him, landing him here in bed with her. Not just in bed with her, but having sex. She'd gone on the pill for him, which blew his mind. That meant she'd actually gone out of her way to contemplate and decide she wanted to have sex with him. No spur of the moment decision, though there was no saying when it was going to happen. It was a fluke he was able to see her these couple of days.

He slid a hand along her back, tracing her spine as he drifted lower to cup her ass. He knew he had to wake her up or she'd get mad at him for some reason. As if he really put stock into things like starting the New Year off with a kiss. A kiss from her, though, was worth waking her up for.

He pushed the covers back, sliding a little lower on the bed so he could watch as he used his fingers on her. She always got embarrassed when he watched so he didn't do it for as long as he'd ideally like to. He had no idea why it turned him on like crazy to watch his fingers sliding inside of her, parting her lips enough to see how wet she got for him. It reaffirmed for him that she really wanted him because no matter there was a part of him wondering what she was doing with him.

So he took advantage of her being asleep, sliding his fingers along the crevice there leading from her ass to her nub. He grazed it with a fingertip before sliding it inside of her. One finger was joined by a second and he groaned softly as she gripped him. He hadn't expected her to stay asleep for too long when he'd started touching her.

"No, don't," he said, setting his free hand at her ass to stop her from turning over. She gave a soft sigh as if she was going to protest or argue with him, but maybe she realized they hadn't done anything that hadn't felt good to this point.

He did encourage her hips off the bed a bit. She complied, allowing him to use his mouth on her this way. A little different with the positioning this way, but not drastically as the idea was the same either way. Her moving her hips, raising them off the bed a bit more and pressing into his tongue and mouth were proof to him she liked it anyway.

He nipped at her inner thigh once she'd finished, drawing back and kissing one of her ass cheeks before positioning himself behind her. He was already hard so didn't need any help from her to be ready for entering her. He placed his hands at her hips, clutching her maybe a little too tightly as he slid inside of her. He was slow at first, keeping his thrusts pretty shallow to allow her to get used to him being inside of her this way. He'd heard it could feel a little different this way, and well he wasn't entirely sure she wouldn't think it was wrong or bad and tell him to stop.

She apparently didn't think it was wrong or bad, she certainly didn't tell him to stop. Instead she made the most arousing sounds that probably would have made him finish there and then except she was telling him to go deeper inside of her.

Who was he to disappoint her?

He cupped her breast with a hand before finding her hand with his. He took her hand with his, guiding it between her legs. She tried to jerk it away, but he wouldn't let her.

"John," she whispered.

He guided her fingertip along her nub and she groaned then.

"I can't touch it this way as well," he replied.

"But you can," she whispered.

"Oh, I'll touch you, too," he said, letting go of her hand and sliding his to a breast again. He drew away from her a bit, pulling himself out of her further than he meant to before sliding himself back into her. She didn't move her hand away from between her legs, but it took her a minute or two before she actually started touching herself the way he'd hoped she would.

He knew when she'd made up her mind to do it, though. For the last couple of minutes before her decision she hadn't pressed her hips against his thrusts almost as if trying to decide if she should tell him to pull out of her and move on top of her the proper way after all.

She didn't, though. He didn't have to see her to know she was embarrassed even though she was doing it. As if he'd think badly of her somehow. Maybe he wasn't supposed to think she did that to herself. He wasn't sure how chicks thought on things like that. He just knew he wanted her to finish like this because if she did and it was good chances were she'd let him inside of her like this again.

And again would be very good because he really, really liked it this way. He hit a spot inside of her from this position that made her gasp. The first time or two he'd wondered if he was hurting her since he felt as though he was inside of her a little deeper this way although her on top of him was about the same he supposed. He was in control this way, though.

He leaned into her, kissing her shoulder as he moved inside of her. His fingers were stroking her breast, taking her hardened peak in between two fingertips and grazing it with his thumb. He whispered in her ear, wanting her to finish, encouraging her to bring herself off.

He didn't last as long as he wanted to, but she did pretty quickly after he did. He stilled inside of her, rubbing his cheek against her shoulder before kissing her back. He slid a fingertip along her spine again.

"I think we missed your ball dropping, Princess."

She giggled softly.

"What's so funny?"

"I think you're wrong."

"I don't know how else to tell you it's after midnight."

"Oh, I believe you, but I don't think I missed my ball dropping."

He chuckled softly. "Now you make with the dirty jokes." He reached for her hand, bringing it to his mouth so he could kiss each fingertip. He groaned softly at the taste of her. He'd never get tired of it either.

Eventually he moved from behind her. She slid her leg along his calf, arm going around his waist as if trying to bring him closer. There wasn't even an inch separating them so he wasn't sure how much closer he could get, but maybe she wanted some assurance that now that they were done he wasn't rethinking sex like that.

"Happy New Year, Princess," he whispered.

"Happy New Year, John."

"What would you have been doing if you were at home?"

"I was going to go to a party, probably would have seen Andy and Allison."

"Was this better?"

"I should say no."

"Why should you?"

"Because you'll feel entirely too good about yourself."

"You make me feel good about myself, Princess. It's all you."

"Thank you," she whispered, leaning in to kiss him.

"Thank you."

"The Marines must help in that, too."

"The Marines are not in my bed with me."

"Not tonight they're not anyway."

"You know, I get now why some of the guys I know got married."

"Huh?" she asked.

"Well, when I was at boot camp there were a couple of guys who'd gotten married before going in. I didn't get it, especially the guys who while we were at school weren't exactly adhering to the forsaking all others part of their vows."

"I get it," she murmured.

"I didn't do anything!"

"I know you didn't, but it bothers me anyway. Those poor women, worrying about their guys who are cheating on them. It's just wrong."

"I agree, but having you here in bed with me the past two nights I get it."

"It would be silly for us anyway. I'm in school."

"I know, I'm not asking you to. Not today anyway. I just meant, I get it. Spending the night with you in October was different, you know. We weren't," he shrugged.


"Yeah, that," he said and she laughed. "So, this is the first time I've woken up to someone knowing they weren't going anywhere. They'd be here."

"I'm not going anywhere, John. I wasn't in October either."

"I know that now."


"You would have summer breaks."

"I'm not going to have a husband I only live with three months out of the year."

"They'd be a fun three months, though."

She kissed his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against it. "Not fun enough."

"I don't know, Princess, what we just did was pretty damned fun."

"It was."

"She admits it?"

"She admits it."

"No regrets?"

"Right now, no. Tomorrow? I'm not sure."

"We didn't do anything wrong."

"I know that, logically."

"Well, you're nothing if not logical, Princess, so don't let your morality and upbringing dictate what you want to let yourself do with me."

"I didn't! It was just strange."

"That means you'd do it again?"

"You behind me?"

"Well, that, yes, but you know, bring yourself off."

"Maybe. Would you?"


She shrugged. "I don't know it'd be kind of fun to see."

"You want to watch me?"

"Sure. You know, that way I could have an image in my mind of what you look like when we're apart and that's all we have."

"Christ," he murmured.

"Is that a no?"

He shook his head. "It's not a no. It just makes me wish I'd rethought the off-base housing at least I'd have my own phone line."

"Hmm, you'd do that?"

"Do what?"

"Have that type of phone conversation with me?"

"When it's all we'd have for months? Sure. If you'd want to, if you wouldn't then I wouldn't force it or anything."

"I'm not sure, but I think I'd like it."

"But only if you have that image to think about?"

"Not only, but it'd be nice."

"Next time you use your mouth on me I will help."


"You sound surprised."

"A little, maybe."

"Princess if it does it for you it does it for me and I have nothing to hide. You've seen it all by now anyway."

"Not all of it."

"I finish the same whether it's you doing it or me. Do I get to choose where I finish?"


"Well, yeah," he said, sliding a fingertip along her stomach. "Like there." He slid his finger lower along her thigh. "Or here."

"I think that could be arranged."

"Yeah? Then I could think of what it looks like on you during a conversation like that."

"You like that idea?"

He grabbed her hand, sliding it over his length.

"I guess so."

"I guess I need to find some place to make private phone calls from once in a while."

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