***Chapter Three***
Word Count: 2,276

John looked at Amanda and Catherine before going to answer his phone. They were pretty close to falling asleep he knew, but they'd wanted to watch one more episode of Tom & Jerry. How could he say no to Tom & Jerry?

"Hello," he said.

'Hi,' Claire said.

"Back at you. You have the night off or something?" He surmised she must have considering she was calling and it was ten o'clock.

'Actually, I'm on a break,' she said.

"Really?" He didn't hear any music in the background that would suggest she was at the club. He knew strip clubs well enough to know there weren't any quiet corners to make phone calls from.

'Yeah. Brenda has a cell phone and I asked her if I could borrow it.'

Ah, a cell phone. That explained the quiet.

"Brenda has one and you don't?"

'I don't bring it here with me.'

That made much more sense, though, not really. Wasn't the point of having a cell phone to have it in case of an emergency or something? Then what did he know.

"Okay. What's up?"

'Well, I hadn't heard from you in a few days.'

"I told you I …"

'I know, your daughters are there. I didn't think that would mean I wouldn't hear from you.'

"Well, I'm kind of busy. I mean, it's Friday. I've had Catherine since Wednesday after work and Amanda just got here today, you know. There's a bit of an adjustment period from Stacy's house to mine for Catherine and especially with Amanda here, too."

'I suppose,' she said. 'I was going to see if I could see you after I'm done tonight.'

"I don't know how that's possible. I can't leave."

'I could go there.'


'You don't want me to?'

Did he ever want her to, yes. His dick thought it'd died and gone to heaven getting used so much the past ten days or so before getting Catherine and Amanda.

"I just don't know that's such a good idea."

'Oh, okay,' she said, sounding a bit disappointed. He was disappointed, too, truthfully.

"Now," he said, glancing at the girls to be sure they were both still watching TV and okay before he walked further into the kitchen. "If you wanted to come here after you're done and understand you have to leave before they wakes up. I can't say I wouldn't argue with you to not do that."

'What time is that?'

"Around eight."

'And if it's before eight?'

"We'll work it out. I'll distract them, give them their bath, or something."

'Oh,' she said.

"I just don't think, especially since Amanda's here, you being here …" Stacy probably wouldn't care, but Patty would. Stacy would probably care if Catherine told her he'd had a woman here and Stacy found out she wasn't a serious girlfriend or something.

'I get it. Yeah. I'll see you about four thirty then.'

"All right. I'll be here. You have the key I gave you last weekend on you?" He'd given it to her because she'd come here after work both nights so she could just let herself in. He'd forgotten to get it back from her, but hadn't been too shook up about her having it. He knew she wouldn't just show up here randomly.

'Yeah,' she said. She must have been thinking of coming here after work before even leaving to get there then if she'd brought the key with her. They hadn't talked since Wednesday morning and certainly hadn't made plans for tonight.

"Okay. I'll be here and probably pretty ready." That went without saying as he couldn't recall a time ever not being ready for her, before or recently.

'Me, too,' she whispered. 'I have to go. I'll see you when I'm done,' she said, disconnecting quickly.

"All right, Amanda and Cat, time to get ready for bed. Let's brush our teeth and stuff. Okay?" They already had their pajamas on so it shouldn't take too long.

"Do I get to pick a story, Daddy?" Catherine asked.

"Yup, whichever one you want." Sometimes she picked chapter books and then he had to put a limit to how long he read instead of reading the whole book. Last summer her mom had sent her over with some pretty decent books John had to admit.

"Okay," she said, turning the TV off and going to the bathroom. Amanda followed her. She liked being read to, too, so it usually worked out pretty well.

He got them all tucked in and read to before heading to his room. He sure hoped she knew to be fucking as quiet as a mouse when she got here. She'd have to because he hoped she wouldn't want the girls to wake up and bother them anymore than he did.

He woke up to her sliding his boxers down. He glanced at the clock briefly before sliding his hands to her hair when she moved to lick his now exposed cock.

"You made very good time," he whispered.

Her hair was damp, which meant she'd removed her makeup and everything before coming here. So for her to be here before this much before five o'clock meant she really hustled. Not that he was complaining. In the least. Their first night together, though, he didn't care about her makeup being on or anything so he hoped she knew that.

She moved to straddle him once he was good and hard. She was already naked and had a rubber packet in her hands. How soundly had he been asleep for him to miss her going into his nightstand? Unless she'd brought one with her, but he didn't think she'd do that. Then what he knew about her these days was next to nothing. They'd seen one another but hadn't done a whole lot of talking that went below surface stuff.

He took the packet from her and tore it open, dropping the wrapper on the bed before he slid it over his length.

"Productive night?" he asked, watching her watching him do that.

She shrugged a bit. "It was all right. I can't wait for the next six months to be over, though."

He knew that was true, and he couldn't deny there was a part of him that couldn't wait for them to be over either. He hated every night she worked knowing there were other guys who knew what she looked like and felt like. Not his place or right to get jealous, and it wasn't jealousy exactly either. He didn't know what it was. Either way, he didn't like it.

She didn't waste any fucking time taking him into her once he got the rubber on. He cried out at the urgency of her thrusts as she rode him. He leaned up a bit, taking a nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking her there until it was as hard as it would get before moving to the other one. He could do this all night, and she knew it, too. Years ago, he'd loved doing this and toying with just where on her breasts he could leave a hickey without her mother seeing it. Once he'd failed miserably, but Claire had managed to cover it by wearing sweaters for a few days.

Now, though, he couldn't do that so he had to settle for licking and sucking, no hardship for sure.

"Best tits ever," he murmured and she gasped a bit. Whether it was from his words or the depth she took him into her with that thrust he had no idea. She drew his head away from her breasts, which he didn't like at all until she practically fused her mouth to his. Her lips parted as she slid her hands through his hair.

His hands slid along her stomach to her hips, finally making contact with her ass and cupping her there as she rode him. His fingers skimmed lower, skimming the crevice there between her cheeks and she groaned into his mouth as he pressed a fingertip against her opening there. She broke the kiss about the time he slipped inside of her, moving her mouth to his neck. She clenched her ass around his fingertip as he slid it gently inside of her. Her clenching almost made him wonder how gently she wanted it just then, but he didn't want to hurt her. He sure as hell wanted her to let him do this again, too. So, less seemed the better option just now.

It didn't take long for him to finish with her not too far behind him. She didn't stop kissing his neck either until she let him up so he could go to the bathroom.

"I'm glad you have your own bathroom."

"Me, too," he said as he joined her back on the bed. "And thank you for that wake-up call. Can I order it again for tomorrow morning?"

"Sure," she said.


"Uh huh," she said.

"All right. Keep the key then."

He slid a hand along her hip, urging her to lay on her back instead of her side as he touched her. The years between seeing her he hadn't dwelled on it. Well, the years after Patty left him anyway. He'd dwelled plenty for a while there. He loved the way she felt to the touch and how she responded to him. Even today she responded as if she was his, made for him because everything he did felt good to her. He'd never had that with anyone but her. He'd tried, thought he had, but he hadn't really. He'd never wanted the little stuff, the touching and playing, with anyone else.

Patty had been too drunk or stoned most of the time to notice. Stacy, he shrugged, not knowing why she'd put up with it for as long as she had. Not that he was an inconsiderate prick or anything, but he knew he wasn't as thorough with them ever as he could have been. Should have been.

"I never thought I'd do this again," he whispered. He shouldn't have said that.

"Me neither," she said back.

He scoffed at that. He bet she didn't.

"I'm surprised you're letting me, honestly."


He shrugged, settling himself between her legs.

"You only have my word for what happened."

"Why would you lie about it ten years later," she said with a shrug. "And I know my mom is capable of a lot of things."

He scoffed at that before deciding they'd talked enough. He planned on spending every minute he could pleasing her – and himself – until she had to leave. She didn't seem to mind him using his mouth on things other than talking either so they were on the same page it seemed.

"Best fucking way to spend two hours ever," he whispered. His hands were behind his head at his pillow as he watched her dress to leave. He'd said she could stay a little longer, but she'd been smarter than him and said she didn't want to push their luck.

He found his boxers again, sliding them on so he could walk her to the door. He kissed her and she ran a fingertip over the spot on his neck where the hickey was she'd left him.

"Are you going to get in trouble for that?"

"From who?"

"Amanda's mom."

"Probably," he said.

"Why?" Claire asked with a frown.

"Because it wasn't there when she dropped Amanda off, so that means I was in a position to get one in Amanda's presence."

"Oh," she said, biting her lower lip a bit.

"Don't worry about it. I could have stopped you. I'll deal with Patty. She has no place to be casting stones at my house anyway. She's never remarried and I can assure you she's not up for any awards to get her virginity reinstated or anything since we got divorced.

"I see."

"Then why?"

"Because I don't want to be that kind of guy," he said. "I don't want my girls to think badly of me. Ever. Through my actions. I'm sure Patty fills Amanda's head with all sorts of things, but I like to think I do my part to prove her mother wrong."

"I get it."

In truth, if he knew what they fuck they were doing he'd have no problem having Claire around Amanda or Catherine. As far as he knew they were just basically fucking right now and, contrary to him inviting her over here tonight, he didn't introduce random women to his daughters. Amanda hadn't even met Stacy until he'd actually asked her to marry him.

"I'll see you later then. Get some rest."

"Okay. And you can leave the boxers off, you know," she said.

"Uh, yeah, I realize that. Until you got here, though, the door to my bedroom was unlocked…"

"You mean I was supposed to lock the door?"


"I'm kidding. I'm not that clueless. I had parents who," she shrugged.

"Yeah, let's not think about Mr. and Mrs. Standish or Mr. and Mrs. Bender needing to lock their bedroom doors, okay?"

She laughed softly. "Bye," she said.

He closed the door behind her, throwing the deadbolt before going back to his room. He slipped back into bed, glancing at the clock. If they let him get an hour in he'd be ecstatic. Amanda was pretty self-sufficient, able to get her own bowl of cereal and glass of milk. She, however, wasn't always real good about helping Catherine. She knew Catherine was here for the next few weeks and Amanda wasn't. That never went over well with his older daughter.

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