***Chapter Ten***
Word Count: 2,490

She woke before he did, which wasn't surprising since she knew he had to have gotten up real early yesterday morning. She had nothing to wake up for so had slept until after noon sometime. She slid her hand along his chest, wondering what it was about him that led to her being here with him like this. She had no idea why she'd wanted to have sex with him last night. She was in absolutely no hurry to lose her virginity or anything. She wasn't holding out for marriage either, though, she'd used that as an easy explanation to anyone who thought she'd be easy or go to bed with them at the drop of a hat. She'd wondered the same thing about him four years ago, too. Why did he of all the guys at her school get her attention? He hadn't just gotten it slightly either. If it was possible to fall in love with someone in less than a day she'd done it. She'd never loved anyone since either.

He murmured something as she ran a fingertip along his nipple before shifting so she was kneeling over him. She slid her mouth along his chest, kissing him as she worked her way lower. It wasn't nearly as warm as it had been last weekend when she'd been here so they'd had more than just the top sheet covering them tonight.

She found him then, sliding her tongue along his shaft before focusing on his head. He wasn't hard yet. She guessed that would probably change pretty quickly. She wasn't sure how guys worked when they were sleeping. She touched him with her hand, sliding her fingertips along the skin there, circling his head just underneath where she was licking him. It didn't take him very long to react. She'd expected that, though, so adjusted her mouth around him a bit as he started to harden and grow.

She groaned softly as she started to react, too, to the thought of how he felt inside of her when he'd been hard the last time. It had hurt more than she'd let on, but it wasn't terrible or anything. He'd obviously been concerned and tried not to hurt her so she knew it wasn't anything he was doing deliberately.

Fingers ran through her hair as she worked at taking more of him into her mouth.

"Turn around, Princess."

She stopped, letting him fall out of her mouth for a second.

"I didn't say stop," he said with a soft chuckle. "That was a very nice way to wake up. Sorry if I distracted you from your task."

"You want me to…"

"Uh, yeah, you know, so I can return the favor."

"Oh," she said, getting even more excited at that thought. She'd liked very much what he'd done with his mouth and tongue so she had no doubt she would again.

"You don't have to…"

She didn't let him finish the sentence, turning once he'd shifted down a bit on the bed. It took her a couple of minutes to remember she was supposed to be sucking on him, too, because what he was doing with his mouth felt too good. She wasn't sure she'd be able to concentrate on doing things to him this way.

They both groaned as he slid a fingertip inside of her. She pressed against it, wanting more of it inside of her. She worked her mouth over him again, licking his shaft to get it a little wetter so she could slide along him easier.

She should have been embarrassed at how easily she came and the fact that she didn't want him to stop what he was doing once she had. He didn't stop, thankfully, except for a couple of minutes when he was licking and sucking on her inner thigh. Giving her another hickey, she supposed. As long as they didn't show she didn't care where he left them. She kind of liked knowing it would be there, some place only his mouth had been. He still had his finger inside of her, sliding it in and out of her slowly. Too slowly. She must have said something along those lines because she heard him chuckle.

"Shut up," she whispered.

"Sorry," he said once he'd stopped paying attention to her inner thigh.

"I was going to tell you that you could replace your finger with something else…"


"Now I'm not so sure."

"I can arrange it so you have neither in you."

She closed her eyes, clenching around his finger instinctively at the thought of him stopping. He chuckled again.

"You're welcome to reach into my nightstand and hand me some protection."

She had absolutely no desire to do that. She preferred not knowing that he had dozens in there, so she slid her mouth back over him instead. Of course he would, he was a single guy who had a home and a bed to bring women to. She just didn't want to know, didn't want to think about it or see the actual evidence.

"Is that a no?" he asked, sounding confused.

"You can do it," she whispered. She leaned back a bit, pressing his finger into her a bit more as she kissed his stomach. She slid off of him then, moving beside him.

"If you don't want to."

"No, I do," she said.

"You're sure?"

"Yes, I just," she shook her head. "You can get it."

"All right," he said, leaning up to do just that. She watched as he tore the packet open, dropping it onto the floor where the other one likely still was. She didn't think he'd stopped to pick it up. He slid it over his length before moving on top of her.

He found her mouth, kissing her. She opened her mouth, finding his tongue with hers as he slid inside of her. He was slow, careful, almost too careful. She appreciated it, but God she wanted him inside of her. She slid her hands over his arms to his shoulders, settling against his back as he slid deeper and deeper into her.

She arched into him, moving her hips to take more of him, and he seemed to get the hint that she wanted more. She cried out a bit when he gave it to her.


"Yes," she hissed, laughing softly at the ridiculousness of his question. Of course she was okay. He was there on top of her, inside of her, and she couldn't help but think he was supposed to be. Maybe he was supposed to have been four years ago and that was why no one she ever went out with interested or excited her. She wasn't sure. She just knew there was no one else she ever wanted to do this with.

She came too fast, hard, crying out as he hit a spot in her that made her feel fantastic.

"That was good?"

"Yes," she cried out so he did it again, replicating the thrust and the spot he'd found. She cried out again. And again as he moved against her and that spot over and over.

His murmured 'fuck' as he seemed to fight for control turned her on like crazy. She wanted him to lose control, not to think so hard, to be in her the way he wanted to be. She needed to give him that. She found his shoulder, kissing and sucking on it for a while before he lowered his mouth to a breast. His thrusts inside of her grew deeper, faster, and less controlled as he licked and sucked her there. Her hands slid to his head, encouraging him to keep sucking. God, his mouth felt wonderful there. She felt it down to the spot between her legs when he sucked on her like this.

He stilled on top of her except for his mouth still sucking and licking her. He drew away then and she knew he had to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. She hated it, though, him having to leave her even for that little while.

He got back into bed, sliding back on top of her where he kissed her.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

"I guess that answers my question."

"I didn't want to make you wait."

"You are worth the wait, Princess."

"I bet other girls don't make you wait four years."

"They're not you and aren't worth the wait."

"Hmm," she said, sliding a fingertip along his lower lip. She was stupid to mention other girls. She shouldn't do that and should know better. At least he gave a good answer. "I like the goatee."

"You do? Really? I was wondering. You hadn't said anything about it before now," he said, sliding next to her on the bed.

"What would you have done if I'd said I didn't?"

He hadn't had the goatee when she saw him in the winter. She'd never been big on moustaches or beards, but she had to admit it looked very nice on him. He seemed to take care of it, keeping it trimmed and stuff so it wasn't a big shaggy mess. Her friend had a boyfriend who had a full beard, but he didn't take nearly as good of care of it and it looked awful in Claire's opinion. Not her boyfriend, though, so wasn't her place to judge. Then, John wasn't her boyfriend either. She wasn't sure what that said about her that she had sex for the first time with someone who, in reality, she meant next to nothing to.

"Oh, I don't know. I'd probably shave it. I just get lazy sometimes."

"Too lazy to shave all of it but still shave part of it?"

He chuckled.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, I like it."

"Enough that it's cool if I kept it for a while?"

"Sure," she said, rubbing her cheek against him there.

"Do you have somewhere to be?"

"Uh, no, why?"

He shrugged, drawing her against him.

"Did you want me to go?"

"What?" he asked. "Why would you think that?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure how this is supposed to work."



"Hmm, well, I was going to go back to sleep and maybe see if when I wake up again you'd be interested in a shower and then something."

"Really?" She hadn't expected that at all. She figured he'd be nice about it, make her breakfast again as he had last weekend and then take her home. Why she had sex with him thinking he'd behave like that she wasn't sure.

He drew back a bit, glancing at her. "This surprises you? Truly?"

"Well, yes."


"I don't know. We had sex."

"Yes, we did."

"You don't…"

"Nuh uh, don't say it. I want you here. I don't want you to move from my bed for a very long time."

"Is that the only reason you want me to stay?"

"Claire, really. No. I just told you I was thinking we could do something. We could go downtown, go to a forest preserve, or go for a drive. I think it's going to be a nice day. I could put my top down and drive until we decide to stop somewhere for lunch or just to stop."

"That sounds nice."

"Does it?"


"Well, then we can do that then. You really thought I'd do that to you?"

"I don't know how this is supposed to work."

"Well, I'm not really sure either. Okay? I know I don't want you to leave, though. You could stay tonight if you wanted."

"You have to work tomorrow."

"Yeah. There's nothing saying I can't take you to your house today so you can get your car and come back."

"You could stay at my house tonight."

"Your parents?"

"They'll be home tomorrow, but after you'd leave."

"If you want me to I'd love to see your bed, Princess."

"It's just a bed."

He chuckled softly. "The dreams I had about your bed."

"Good dreams?"

"Define good."

She laughed softly.

"You liked them?"

"I loved them."

"Yeah? Have any lately?"

"I should probably not answer that on the grounds it may incriminate me."

"I'm not a court of law."

"No, you're not, but I'm not sure you're ready to hear my dreams, sweets."

"Did any of them come true last night or this morning?"

"A few."

"Only a few?"

"Oh, you know, uh, finishing because of you going down on me would be the ultimate."

"I was going to do that this morning! You stopped me."

"Yeah, sue me, I wanted to be inside of you again."

"I can understand that."


"Yes, I wanted you inside of me, but I knew I had to do something to get you able to do that."

He chuckled. "Yeah, sorry, goes with the territory."

"I know."

"Did you ever dream about me?"

"I did, but probably nowhere near the type of dreams you had about me."

"I like that you did, whatever they were."

"I liked you."

"Do you still?"


"Me, too."

"Thank you."

"Next Saturday?"


"No going downtown."

"Why not? You have something scheduled you said."

"I do. I want you right here when I get home."

"Hmm. Here?"

"Yes," he said.

She slid her hand between his legs, cupping him. "You sure you don't want me here?"

"I'd love you there, but I can't do that and work. I think the kid's mom who hired me to take pictures at her bat mitzvah wouldn't be too happy with me."

She laughed softly. "Probably not."

"I can certainly look forward to coming home to that, though."

"You wouldn't stop for a beer first?"

"Now you're teasing me."

"Maybe a little."

"Is that a yes or a no?"

"I think I could do that."



"I'd like that," he said.

"I just want to sit on your porch for hours."

"I knew it. You're using me for my screened-in porch."

"It is a pretty nice porch."

"You have one twice as big I bet."

"Well, it's still nice."

He chuckled, kissing her.

"And I'll let you get some more sleep."

"Just don't go too far."

"I won't."

"One day you'll have to tell me what your aversion is to grabbing a rubber packet. They're not going to hurt you, you know."

"I know," she said softly. The packets themselves couldn't, no, but the fact he had them could.

"Okay. I'll show you how to put one on and everything."

"Maybe," she said. She'd do it and probably like doing it, but she wasn't going to think about that now.

"Get some more sleep, Claire."

"Okay," she said, smiling a little that he said her name again. He always sounded so serious when he said it, which was funny because he hadn't really been serious either time he'd said it last night or this morning.

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