***Chapter Eighteen***
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"This wasn't exactly what I pictured when I suggested I could take your hair down for you again," he whispered. He'd gotten a couple of the hairpins out, but she was distracting him by giving him a blow job. Not just any blow job either but a pretty damned enthusiastic one, which he wasn't complaining about. He did wonder how much she'd had to drink tonight, though, but couldn't find it in himself to stop her long enough to ask her how sober she was. He didn't think she'd had too much to drink.

She didn't answer him. He didn't really want her to either. So they were on the same page there, thankfully.

He hissed softly as she licked a particularly sensitive spot on his shaft. She'd managed to find sensitive spots on him he didn't know he had. Either that or he hadn't had them before now, it was just heightened sensitivity because she was the one with his hard on in her mouth. Very possibly that could be. He had no idea. Regardless, she found spots on him that caused him to shudder, hiss, cry out, and more than once come so suddenly he'd been surprised because he hadn't expected to be able to so soon.

He didn't want to do that tonight. He loved when she did this until he came, loved that she was willing to swallow but tonight he really wanted to be inside of her.

He worked the few hairpins left in the hairdo out, dropping them on the floor by her feet. Anywhere else would have required him getting up and her stopping what she was doing. Putting them on the bed seemed the wrong thing to do or they'd get scattered around.

He slid his fingers through her hair and they both groaned as he touched her like that. He wasn't sure he could tell her enough how well he liked her hair long and down. Tonight it wasn't as easy to get his fingers through it as it usually was. Extra hairspray to keep the style in place. Tomorrow night would likely be worse. She'd already warned him it'd be up.

"Princess," he whispered, groaning as she slid her mouth off of him. He wanted her to, but he always missed the warmth and willingness of her mouth when she first pulled away.

"Let's see about getting your gown off…"

She tugged on her skirt then, lifting it up as she kicked her heels off and out of the way before she moved to straddle him.

"Or, I guess we can take it off later. Whatever works," he said with a soft chuckle as she slid her arms around him.

"This," she said, taking him inside of her. He always felt guilty when she did shit like this. He enjoyed it. Immensely, but moments like these when he'd done nothing to her. Well, he felt like a bit of an asshole. She didn't seem to want him to, which oddly made him feel guiltier. He wasn't used to being with a woman who didn't expect tit for tat, in a manner of speaking.

As enthusiastic as she'd been with her blow job until a minute ago she was equally that way riding him. Taking him so deep inside of her he swore he never wanted her to slide him out of her again.

"So good," she said, echoing his feelings very well. She'd mentioned recently how she felt that he completed her. He couldn't deny he felt the same way. He'd never felt … emotionally tied to a person during sex before. He'd had feelings for women, sure, but not as he did with her during the actual act of making love to her. She left him feeling as though he wanted to say all sorts of stupid shit, like marry him here and now. (Somehow he didn't think a priest or whatever would take too kindly to marrying them joined like this, but it sure would be a fun way to go about doing it.)

He touched her through her dress, gently. She hadn't been too keen on him doing that too much lately. He wasn't sure why, but she'd told him more than once that it felt different to her right now. Something about her time of the month, which until her no woman had ever told him about any side effects of so he had no clue things like that could happen. Through her dress didn't let him touch her the way he wanted to anyway.

She reached for his tie, undoing it and drawing it out from his collar before unbuttoning his shirt just enough to kiss his neck.

"You should have left it tied so you don't have to do it again tomorrow night," he whispered. She'd tied it in some fancy knot that went way beyond his knowledge of tying ties. She'd seen him struggling to do a basic knot and had helped him. He wore suits so infrequently. He'd cheated when he'd gone with her to Paris and had his neighbor tie it for him the night he was packing. He'd just left it that way so she wouldn't think he was an imbecile for not knowing how to do something that to most men in her life was probably the same as tying their shoe. It looked pretty sharp, though, he had to admit.

No response. Evidently she didn't care. He didn't really either and he wasn't going to belabor the point and have her stop what she was doing. He loved when she did this, gave him little love bites. They were never very big. He always wondered why because it wasn't as if he had a job in an office to go to. Even if he did, he wouldn't care. She did, though, for some reason. So she made them small and he very rarely left her visible ones. There'd been a couple since the one in Paris, though.

He cried out as she took him deeply inside of her again and kept him there, shifting her hips a bit almost as if trying to take him deeper into her. She chuckled softly.

"Sure laugh at me for enjoying these things you do to me."

"Poor baby," she whispered, nipping at his ear.

"I know. It's pretty rough, letting you have your way with me. I feel so used."

"I bet you do." She grazed the spot under his ear with her tongue before kissing it. "Just to prove that's what I'm doing…"

"Using me?"

"Uh huh," she said softly. God she sounded so fucking sexy when she whispered to him like this.

"I'll try not to get mad."

"Good, because I want you to come now."



"Well, you're the one kind of in control of that."

She slid her hands along his arms to his hands, sliding them to her hips. "You can be in control."

"Yeah?" he asked.

He loved being in control with her this way. Absofuckinglutely loved pressing himself into her as she rode him because when he had control she didn't just sit there. She met his thrusts. She slid her mouth to his, kissing him as he did just as she wanted him to do.

She broke the kiss after she'd finished, sliding her mouth to his ear again.

"Love you," she whispered barely loud enough for him to hear.

Ridiculously, that barely heard utterance sent him over the edge probably as much as being inside of her by itself did.

"Love you, too," he said.

They weren't to the point that they said it all of the time or anything, so she'd surprised him saying it. He assumed after the one time she said it he wouldn't hear it again for a while. He knew she was a little unsure about saying it. He was, too, but he was a little more comfortable with his feeling that way than she was. That was the impression he got anyway.

"And thank you," he said, finding her neck.


"Saying that?"

"Well, it's how I feel."

"I know, sweetheart, I'm glad. I just like hearing it once in a while. You know? A guy likes to know his woman's heart is in the same place. That he's making her happy."

"My heart isn't going anywhere."

"Good to know. Mine's not either so we're good there."


"You need to get up, you know that, right?"

"Nuh uh."

"Ya huh," he said. "You could maybe fall asleep in what you're wearing, but I have to wear this suit again tomorrow."

"No fair," she whispered against his neck.

"I know. You could've waited until we were undressed and ready for bed."

"That would've been no fun."

"No fun? Really?"

She laughed softly, kissing his neck.

"Okay, not as fun."

"Well, I always love when you do that. You know that."

"I felt bad you thought you couldn't initiate."

"I'm sorry? That was because of what I said hours ago?"

"No, it wasn't. I just didn't want you to think I wouldn't want to because he's here."

"Well, I would've understood."

"I know. I wouldn't have. I told you, I'm done letting him have that power over me."

"I'm glad."

"I don't want to move."

He chuckled softly. "Well, I can move you to your spot on the bed and take the dress off you."

"Something tells me we'd end up doing that all over again if you did."

"Maybe," he said. He couldn't deny undressing her always did that to him.

"Then go ahead."

"Yeah?" he asked, sliding her off of his lap and onto the bed. "I always like sex with you after I've undressed you."


He shrugged. "It's like Christmas. I get to unwrap you and have what's inside the packaging, too."

"It's not December, though."

"I know, this is even better. It's like Christmas all year round," he said, sliding his hands along her thighs to roll her stockings down and off.

"You say the sweetest things sometimes."

"Only sometimes?" He kissed her inner thigh before doing the same to her panties he'd done to her stockings.

"Well, if I say all of the time you'll stop saying them thinking you do enough."

"Huh," he said, taking a second to stop undressing her long enough to kiss her clit. He didn't pull away right away, chuckling softly as she pressed herself against his mouth. She slid her hands to his hair as he licked her there. He slid a finger inside of her, groaning softly at how wet she was around it. Because of him. Fuck that was more of a turn-on than he thought it'd ever be.

"John, please," she whispered and he slid a second finger inside of her. He started focusing on her clit a little more seriously than he had been initially. He'd just meant to tease her as a response to her saying she thought he thought he'd ever think he did enough. He knew he couldn't possibly do enough. Not as much as she deserved in his mind anyway.

"That sweet enough for you," he asked, grazing her inner thigh with a kiss again.

"It was pretty good, yeah."

"You seemed to like that."

"You've never done that before."

"I have to!"

"No, not that. I know you've done that to me before, but not after…"

"Oh, yeah," he shrugged. "Can't say I ever have before. You seemed to like it, doesn't seem much different than me kissing you after you've gone down on me or I have you. I can't say I'd do it every time or use my tongue anywhere else…"

"I didn't ask you to, your fingers were just fine."

"Fuck were they, I got hard feeling how wet you were."

"You helped."

"Oh, I know, I guess I've never," he shrugged. "You know, never felt the product of our efforts."

She laughed softly, sliding a fingertip along her inner thigh where he'd kissed her. She reached for his hand, bringing it to her mouth. He watched rather entranced as her eyes fell closed as she licked his fingers clean.

"I like the product of our efforts."



"I can certainly deliver more product."

"You haven't finished unwrapping me yet."

"You distracted me!"

"You licked me!"

He chuckled at that. "Let me see the zipper, Princess," he said as she turned onto her side so he could work the zipper on her dress. "I like unzipping much better than zipping."

"Me, too," she whispered.


"How much more product do you think you have?"

"As much as you want, sweetheart, barring some recovery time."

"See, there you go, saying sweet things again."

"I try my best."

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