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Claire Bennet & The Haitian centric Fan Fiction

These are fiction I've written about the NBC show Heroes. The stories below feature Claire Bennet and The Haitian. Some may be 'shippy, some may just be gen fic. There may be some under age sexual content in these stories. I will warn for it in the story, but if this offends you move on! Feedback is always welcome as I cannot write better without it, but if you plan on being petty or cruel please don't bother.

Most of these stories will be written for the Heroes50 LJ community challenge. The table is located at the bottom of this page as well as on my LiveJournal and here on my site with my other challenge tables. I'll link each story in the table.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


Outside Is the Storm
Knowing her grandmother won't be much help, Claire turns to the only other person in the Petrelli mansion that could comfort her not knowing what's become of Peter & Nathan.

Yearning, Burning Arms
Claire's in New York for two weeks on her own after graduating from the boarding school the Petrelli's sent her to, unwatched and without a chaperon (or so she thinks) and plans to live it up. There she meets up with the Haitian after two years of not seeing him and the two finally face the inevitable.

Works In Progress

Can't Afford To Be Innocent
Claire was abducted from the Bennet's years ago and not found until recently, despite Noah's best efforts at locating her.

Mexico Series (a series of stand alones)

  1. Drowning In It Added 3/12/2007
  2. Take Back the Night Added 03/24/2007
  3. Swim With the Fishes Added 03/31/2007
  4. That Sparkle In Her Eyes Added 04/07/2007
  5. Just A Minute Longer Added 04/14/2007
  6. The World On You Depends Added 04/24/2007
  7. Can't Get Close Enough Added 09/25/2007
  8. Looks Like We Made It Added 09/27/2007
  9. Steps Back and Forward Added 12/06/2007

Pleasure is Mine Series (a series of stand alones of a more mature tone with a minimum rating of FRM/R for each)

  1. The Midnight Hour Added 09/05/2008

Stand Alone Fic (all complete)

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