TITLE: Lady In Waiting
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
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RATING: FRM (PWP with foul language - this is Angelus we're talking about here!)
SPOILERS: Through Surprise & Innocence (2x13, 2x14)
SUMMARY: Angelus doesn't bait and insult Buffy when he returns to the apartment. He wants something from her before he leaves her behind. This picks up just after Angel bites the smoking woman in the alleyway.
DATE STARTED: April 2004
STATUS: Complete
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NOTES: This is a part of my fic for each episode endeavor. You can find a listing of all of the fics I've written for this project at: www.phantomroses.com/apckrfan/fanfic/BtVSfic/EpisodeFics/
NOTES 2: This fic is purely PWP (aka smut) so don't look for much of a plot.

The blood was good, exhilarating really, but Angelus was not sated with that bit of nourishment. Not after almost a century of going without. He wanted more, the holy grail of blood, and he knew just where to find it. But could he stomach seeing her after what she and Soul Boy had shared together? She would cling to him like all of the other chits had done over the years when he had given them a good fuck.

He refused to dwell on the fact that what he and the Slayer had done was not merely a good fuck. For the first time in over two hundred forty years he had made love to someone. Nothing he and Darla had done came close to it. Granted, he had not been in control but he still felt the affects of their time together. He could still feel the love clinging to his skin despite a fresh kill. He spit on the ground, hoping to rid himself of the vile taste knowing she loved him so completely left him with.

He let his demon visage give way to his human disguise as he entered the apartment he had inhabited since coming to Sunnydale. He made a fist, clutched his palm hard to stop from lashing out at her. He did not want her to realize anything was different until he was ready for her to notice. "And then look out, lover," he whispered.


"Hey," he said in a husky whisper. He embraced her when she rushed into his arms, clearly relieved to see him. He wanted to yell at her, tell her that she was behaving like a child but he bit his tongue. There would be plenty of time for insults and bringing her down later. Right now, he craved the intoxicating affect her blood would have on him.

"You scared me. I woke up and you were gone. I thought something had happened to you, that Spike and Drusilla had managed to take you away from me."

He scoffed at the very idea of Spike and Dru getting the better of him. "No, Buff, I just needed some air is all." Think of a reasonable excuse as to why quickly. "It's been so long since I've shared a bed with someone I just felt overwhelmed." That sounded pathetic enough to come from his mouth before he lost his soul.

"Should I have gone," she asked. Stupid question. He wanted to scream a resounding yes.

"No, you were fine," he said reassuringly, running his hands along the length of her arms. The thought that now that he had bedded her he could as often as he liked if he just kept up the charade of being her boyfriend complete with soul intact entered his mind but he quickly pushed it away. He would take her once more and be done with it.

A hand slid from her arm to the front of the shirt she wore, his shirt, cupping a breast. He kneaded it and stroked her peak to attention with the pad of his thumb. "In fact, since you're still here."

"Again?" she asked, though she did not sound at all put off by the idea. So she was a slut like any other girl once a guy got into her pants and gave her what she needed.

"As if once could ever be enough."

He tore the front of the shirt open, distantly aware of the tiny clinking sounds the buttons made against the floor. He could care less about the shirt; he had no need for the clothes he had worn with the soul. Oh yeah, he thought, as her breath hitched and quickened in excitement. Her mouth found his and she kissed him aggressively, her hands fumbling to work the buttons on his shirt.

Their night together had been slow and gentle, love making in the truest sense. There was not going to be the semblance of love this time, but that did not mean she could not enjoy it. Angelus could make even the raunchiest of fucks enjoyable when he wanted to. Since he wanted her blood he thought he had better ensure she enjoy herself. He was not about to risk getting a stake driven through his heart when he was finally free to be himself again.

He broke the kiss and guided her to the bed, disrobing along the way.

"Angel," she said, a hint of protest in her voice when he covered her nude body with his.

"There's so much I have to show you, Lover." God she was fantastic, gripping him like she was the sheath made for specifically him. He could not think about that or he would be tempted to come back for more. It had been years since he had been with anyone, longer since he had been with a human. He would find plenty of women willing to be bed, but his first true feeding had to come from her. She was the one who set him free after all. The girl in the alley had just been an appetizer, now was the time for the rest.

The demon in him growled as he grew more excited the more he thrust wildly into her warm wetness. She responded to him no matter how rough he was. Of course she could take rough sex better than most. She came loudly as he morphed into his game face and imbedded his fangs into the swell of her breast. He had waited too long and was afraid now that she had come she would push him away from drinking her blood.

Instead, she arched into him, pushing her breast further into his mouth, and clutched his head to her bosom as he drank her potent blood. He could feel her muscles clutch around him as she came again, her legs gripping his like vice grips as his thrusts into her became more brutal and intense. His demon was enjoying this little tête-à-tête. It was not often a slayer gave her blood to a vampire and he was losing control fast. Not that Angelus minded losing control; it was something about the hunt, the kill, he always loved.

He sensed when he had taken too much. Her body only a minute ago actively giving as well as she was receiving was now no longer responsive. Her life was draining from her but Angelus knew just how much he could take without killing her. It had been a while but it was something he had perfected that he did not think he would ever forget it.

Her gasps of pleasure mixed with a pleasurable pain stopped but still he drank until he came, spilling his cold, undead seed in her now stilled body. He held her briefly, taking in her appearance. She could pass for sleeping if her skin were not alabaster in color as drastic blood loss was prone to cause. She would heal, not as quickly as she did from a battle but quick enough.

Angelus left the bed, placing the now buttonless shirt over her body before he dressed and left the apartment. He would not see her again, not posing as her beloved Angel anyway. The next time they met there would be no question in her mind that her boyfriend was gone and the feared Angelus was back in control. As good as her blood tasted and as good as she was in bed, he did not have it in him to pretend to be good for very long. It was time to put a plan into action on how to destroy her. Leaving her as he had their first time together was a good way to start, she would wake up weak and not knowing where he was.

~The End~

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