***Part Three***

What were the odds that he'd return to LA for the first time in close to two years and see her? He had pulled into the marina earlier in the afternoon. Not one for crowds he had waited until things had quieted down before heading into town to get a few things he needed. He didn't need much, but a few necessities were in order. Like cookie dough fudge mint ice cream. He was such a sap.

He had heard the laughter, the good time going on around him while he slept the day away on his boat's deck. He hadn't given any of the people a glance, though. There were attractive women in every port, but none turned his head or caught his eye. He'd seen the pained look in more than one woman's eyes when she realized that he was not going there with her. He couldn't believe the lengths some women went to. He wasn't used to women aggressive in the ways the modern twenty-first century woman was. In his day, even the promiscuous ones had dreams of marriage or becoming mistress to someone of means.

His skin was the color of worn pennies. He rarely took time to put on a shirt or wear anything beyond shorts. Underwear was way overrated when it was just him. His hair had lightened some. It was still brown but there were natural highlights in it now that he kind of liked. Of course, he liked everything about his existence now. Well, almost. He was happy until now.

What was she doing here? He could pick up anchor and take him and his boat to another marina along the coast. He had decided not to do that. He didn't work for the Powers That Be anymore, but that didn't mean that they were incapable of poking or prodding him in the direction they thought he should go. What else but fate could bring them together like this?

She was aware of him. Someone watching her. He would have to be careful. He had to investigate who she was here with. Was she married? He didn't need the bright light of day to notice how beautiful she looked. She still took his breath away. She was an angel, a very lethal angel but one nonetheless.

He watched from the shadows as she returned to her boat. She hesitated and it was tempting to reveal himself. No, tonight was not the time. There was too much to say, too much ground to cover. That was assuming she would even listen to him. He never thought he'd see the day she'd refuse to help him, but it had happened. That instance more than all others had driven home the point that she had moved on. It was more painful than a stake through the heart.

"Sleep tight," he whispered once he saw her go below, blowing her a kiss. He turned his attention back to the sunrise. He rarely missed one and doubted he'd ever grow tired of being able to see one while standing outdoors. So many things people took for granted. He vowed never to do that.

"I'll talk to her tomorrow," he muttered, rolling his eyes as he looked at the heavens above. Until then, he had a boat to clean up. He wasn't a messy guy, but a bachelor sailing the open seas with no one to be responsible to he had his bad days.

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