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Below is a list of books I have read or that I have waiting to be read. This list is for those of you who have perused my Books For Sale or Trade page for you to know what I already have/have read if you're looking to trade. I do not trade from this list, only my trade list. This page is listed alphabetically by author last name and then alphabetical by title for those authors I have more than one book by. If a book is an anthology, it will be listed by each author's name in the anthology with the name of their story in the antholoy in parantheses. If a book is a part of a series, the series name(s) will be in brackets. After I moved in with my husband in July 2003 many of my books have remained in boxes in our attic. Despite the fact I know those books are up there and I've curbed my book buying drastically I never seem to find a shortage of books to read on my shelves at any given time. If you see a title on my shelves that you're interested in trading for you can query me about it. I may not be prepared to trade it, but at least it's accessible to me unlike the books in the attic.

For information on the database software I (and many others I know) use to obtain such information as genre, plot points, series information, etc. please visit Byron. Up until October, 2001, there was only a romance database, but now there is a horror/sci-fi/fantasy database with more forthcoming (mystery/suspense/psycho thrillers and adventure/western/techno-thrillers). I would recommend this program highly. Not only for the convenience of being able to inventory your books in one place, but because the people who do it are very helpful.

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