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Below is a list of books I have waiting to be read on my shelves. This page is listed alphabetically by author last name and then alphabetical by title for those authors I have more than one book by. If a book is an anthology, it will be listed by each author's name with the name of their story in alligator tags (»»). If you see a title on my shelves that you're interested in trading for you can query me about it. I may not be prepared to trade it, but at least it's accessible to me unlike the books in the attic. There are a few on this list that I won't trade because they're part of my keepers, books I re-read.

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Books To Read On My Shelves

  1. DISTANT ECHOES: Judie Aitken Rom/TT/I-Frontier
  2. SECRET SHADOWS: Judie Aitken Rom/C/I
  3. SAY YOU LOVE ME: Trisha Alexander Rom/C
  4. EXPOSURE: Susan Andersen Rom/C/S
  5. DRAGON's DAUGHTER: Catherine Archer Rom/H-Medieval
  6. LADY X's COWBOY: Zoe Archer Rom/H-Victorian
  7. BLOOMING ALL OVER: Judith Arnold Rom/C
  8. LOVE IN BLOOM's: Judith Arnold Rom/C
  9. SAFE HARBOR: Judith Arnold Rom/C
  10. TWILIGHT: Judith Arnold Rom/C
  11. A DARKER DREAM: Amanda Ashley Rom/H/V
  12. EMBRACE THE NIGHT: Amanda Ashley Rom/H/V-Victorian
  13. MIDNIGHT EMBRACE: Amanda Ashley Rom/H/V
  14. SHADES OF GRAY: Amanda Ashley Rom/H/V
  15. THE PIRATE NEXT DOOR: Jennifer Ashley Rom/H-Regency
  16. FOUNDATION's EDGE: Isaac Asimov SciFi-Far Future
  17. NEW YEAR's BABY: Stella Bagwell Rom/C-New Year's Day
  18. NIGHT BITES: Nina Bangs Rom/C/V
  19. TEXAS GLORY: Elaine Barbieri Rom/H-Frontier
  20. TEXAS STAR: Elaine Barbieri Rom/H-Frontier
  21. TEXAS TRIUMPH: Elaine Barbieri Rom/H-Frontier
  22. SILKEN THREADS: Monica Barrie Rom/C
  23. BLACKWOOD's WOMAN: Beverly Barton Rom/C/S
  24. CAMERON: Beverly Barton Rom/C
  25. GUARDING JEANNIE: Beverly Barton Rom/C/S
  26. ON HER GUARD: Beverly Barton Rom/C
  27. THE PROTECTORS: THE EARLY YEARS: Beverly Barton An/Rom/C
  28. ROARKE's WIFE: Beverly Barton Rom/C
  29. LIGHTNING STRIKES: Mary Lynn Baxter Rom/C
  30. THE ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS: Jessica Benson Rom/H-Regency
  31. HANNAH's HALF-BREED: Heidi Betts Rom/H/I-Frontier
  32. SKYLARK: Jo Beverley Rom/H-Regency
  33. THE DISOBEDIENT BRIDE: Helen Bianchin Rom/C
  34. GRIFTER's GAME: Lawrence Block Mys/H/Hard-boiled-1960s,70s
  35. OPEN SEASON: C.J. Box Mys/C
  36. SAVAGE RUN: C.J. Box Mys/C
  37. ROSE OF RAPTURE: Rebecca Brandewyne Rom/H-Medieval
  38. RENEGADE LOVER: Barbara Bretton Rom/C
  39. RELUCTANT DREAMER: Dixie Browning Rom/C
  40. KISSES IN THE RAIN: Pamela Browning Rom/C
  41. FAMILIAR OBSESSION: Caroline Burnes Rom/C/S
  42. IF YOU DARE: Adrianne Byrd Rom/C/AA/S
  43. GEORGE AND THE VIRGIN: Lisa Cach Rom/TT-Medieval
  45. INHUMAN BEINGS: Jerry Jay Carroll SciFi
  46. JENNA's CHOICE: Marisa Carroll Rom/C
  47. DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA: Carla Cassidy An/Rom/C/S
  48. FUGITIVE FATHER: Carla Cassidy Rom/C
  49. WANTED: CHRISTMAS MOMMY: Judy Christenberry Rom/C-Christmas
  50. SWEET SIXTEEN: Scott Ciencin Horror/YA/C
  51. RIDE THE FIRE: Pamela Clare Rom/H-Frontier
  52. SURRENDER: Pamela Clare Rom/H-Colonial
  53. LUKE ASHCROFT's WOMAN: Elizabeth Clarke Rom/H-Frontier
  54. FORTUNE's BRIDE: Donna Clayton Rom/C
  55. TWO FOR THE MONEY: Max Allan Collins Collection/Mys/Hard-boiled
  56. THE BLACK ANGEL: John Connolly Mys/C/PI
  57. EVERY DEAD THING: John Connolly Mys/C/PI
  58. L.A. REQUIEM: Robert Crais Mys/C/PI
  59. EVE's WEDDING KNIGHT: Kathleen Creighton Rom/C
  60. BLIND PROMISES: Katy Currie Rom/C/Insp
  61. THE FALL: Claudia Dain Rom/H-Medieval
  62. LIGHT IN THE STORM: Margaret Daley Rom/C/Insp
  63. »» BITING IN PLAIN SIGHT: MaryJanice Davidson ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  64. DERIK's BANE: MaryJanice Davidson Rom/C/WW
  65. PROOF: Justine Davis Rom/C/S
  66. A STUDY IN SCANDAL: Robyn DeHart Rom/H-Victorian
  67. BABY MAKES THREE: Sharon DeVita Rom/C
  68. PLUNDER OF THE SUN: David Dodge Mys/Hard-boiled/PI-First person
  69. BENEATH A BLOOD RED MOON: Shannon Drake Rom/C/V
  70. DEEP MIDNIGHT: Shannon Drake Rom/C/WW
  71. REALM OF SHADOWS: Shannon Drake Rom/C/V
  72. WHEN DARKNESS FALLS: Shannon Drake Rom/C/V-Halloween
  73. PREGNANT PROTECTOR: Anne Marie Duquette Rom/C
  74. DIAMOND WILLOW: Kathleen Eagle Rom/C/I
  75. VIOLETS ARE BLUE: Andrea Edwards Rom/C
  76. SAVAGE ARROW: Cassie Edwards Rom/H/I-Frontier
  77. SAVAGE COURAGE: Cassie Edwards Rom/H/I-Frontier
  78. SAVAGE HOPE: Cassie Edwards Rom/H/I-Frontier
  79. SAVAGE VISION: Cassie Edwards Rom/H/I-Frontier
  80. WHITE VENGEANCE: Susan Edwards Rom/H-Frontier
  81. ELEVEN ON TOP: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  82. FOUR TO SCORE: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  83. FULL BLAST: Evanovich/Hughes Mys/Rom/C
  84. FULL BLOOM: Evanovich/Hughes Mys/Rom/C
  85. FULL SCOOP: Evanovich/Hughes Mys/Rom/C
  86. FULL SPEED: Evanovich/Hughes Rom/C
  87. FULL TILT: Evanovich/Hughes Mys/Rom/C
  88. HARD EIGHT: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  89. HIGH FIVE: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  90. HOT SIX: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  91. LOVE OVERBOARD: Janet Evanovich Rom/C
  92. ONE FOR THE MONEY: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  93. SEVEN UP: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  94. TEN BIG ONES: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  95. THREE TO GET DEADLY: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  96. TO THE NINES: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  97. TWELVE SHARP: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  98. TWO FOR THE DOUGH: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor
  99. VISIONS OF SUGAR PLUMS: Janet Evanovich Mys/C/Humor-Christmas
  100. TOP OF THE HEAP: A.A. Fair Mys/H/Hard-boiled/PI-1940s,50s/First person
  101. »» HIGHLAND BLOOD: Colleen Faulkner ShrtStory/Rom/H/V-Edwardian
  102. DANGEROUS TIDES: Christine Feehan Rom/C/W
  103. OCEANS OF FIRE: Christine Feehan Rom/C/W
  104. FATHER IN THE MAKING: Marie Ferrarella Rom/C
  105. AFTER MIDNIGHT: Finch/Faulkner/Ranney An/Rom/H/V-Regency/Frontier/Edwardian
  106. »» RED MOON RISING: Carol Finch ShrtStory/Rom/H/V-Frontier
  107. GHOST OF A CHANCE: Flo Fitzpatrick Rom/C/Gh
  108. MEN OF COURAGE: Foster/Kauffman/Shalvis An/Rom/C
  109. BONECRACK: Dick Francis Mys/C
  110. HIGH STAKES: Dick Francis Mys/C
  111. RAT RACE: Dick Francis Mys/C
  112. SMOKESCREEN: Dick Francis Mys/C
  113. THE SECRET BABY: Amy Frazier Rom/C
  114. THE BARBARIAN: Judith E. French Rom/H-Egypt
  115. THE WARRIOR: Judith E. French Rom/H-Egypt/Greece
  116. PRIDE AND PETTICOATS: Shana Galen Rom/H-Regency
  117. DARK INHERITENCE: Gear/Gear Mys/C
  118. WAITING FOR THE RAINBOW: Dana George Rom/H-Victorian
  119. WISHES ON WATER: Dana George Rom/H/I-Frontier
  120. LOLA CARLYLE REVEALS ALL: Rachel Gibson Rom/C
  121. Adam Steele: Gun Run: George G. Gilman Western
  122. CHILD OF THE HUNT: Golden/Holder Horror/V
  123. DARK TIMES: Christopher Golden Horror/C/TT/AH-Near Future
  124. GHOST ROADS: Golden/Holder
  125. IMMORTAL: Golden/Holder
  126. KING OF THE DEAD: Christopher Golden Horror/C
  127. ORIGINAL SINS: Christopher Golden Horror/C/AH/V
  128. OUT OF THE MADHOUSE: Golden/Holder
  129. OZ: Christopher Golden Horror/YA/C/WW
  130. PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW: Christopher Golden Horror/YA/H/V-1940s,50s
  131. PROPHECIES: Christopher Golden Horror/C/V
  132. SONS of ENTROPY: Golden/Holder
  133. THE WISDOM OF WAR: Christopher Golden
  134. THE BABY CAPER: Emma Goldrick Rom/C
  135. STONE OF TEARS: Terry Goodkind Fantasy
  136. WIZARD's FIRST RULE: Terry Goodkind Fantasy
  137. DEAD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: Heather Graham Mys/Rom/C/S
  138. THE STAR PRINCESS: Susan Grant Rom/AF
  139. »» THE STAR QUEEN: Susan Grant ShrtStory/Rom/AF
  140. BUILDING DREAMS: Ginna Gray Rom/C
  141. ARIZONA EMBRACE: Leigh Greenwood Rom/H-Outlaw/Frontier
  142. THE CAPTAIN's CARESS: Leigh Greenwood Rom/H-Pirate
  143. THE MAVERICKS: Leigh Greenwood Rom/H-Frontier
  144. TEXAS BRIDE: Leigh Greenwood Rom/H-Frontier
  145. LADY's CHOICE: Winnie Griggs Rom/H-Frontier
  146. DESTINY VALLEY: Fred Grove Western
  147. KISS HER GOODBYE: Allan Guthrie Mys/C/Hard-boiled
  148. »» SOMEONE ELSE's SHADOW: Barbara Hambly ShrtStory/Rom/C/S
  149. BITE: Hamilton/Harris/Davidson/Knight/Taylor An/Horror/Rom/C/V
  150. BLOODY BONES: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  151. BLUE MOON: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  152. BURNT OFFERINGS: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  153. CERULEAN SINS: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  154. CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  155. »» THE GIRL WHO WAS INFATUATED WITH DEATH: Laurell K. Hamilton ShrtStory/Horror/C/V
  156. GUILTY PLEASURES: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  157. INCUBUS DREAMS: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  158. THE KILLING DANCE: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  159. THE LAUGHING CORPSE: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  160. THE LUNATIC CAFE: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  161. »» MAGIC LIKE HEAT ACROSS MY SKIN: Laurell K. Hamilton ShrtStory/Horror/Rom/C/V/W
  162. MICAH: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  163. NARCISSUS IN CHAINS: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V/WW-First person
  164. OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY: Laurell K. Hamilton Horror/C/V-First person
  165. CLUB DEAD: Charlaine Harris Horror/Mys/C/V
  166. »» DANCERS IN THE DARK: Charlaine Harris ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  167. LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS: Charlaine Harris Horror/Mys/C/V
  168. »» ONE WORD ANSWER: Charlaine Harris ShrtStory/Horror/Mys/C/V
  169. AT TWILIGHT: Beth Henderson Rom/H-Frontier
  170. WALKS IN SHADOW: Joyce Henderson Rom/H/I-Frontier
  171. WRITTEN ON THE WIND: Joyce Henderson Rom/H/I-Frontier
  172. CONFESSION: Lori Herter Rom/C/V
  173. ETERNITY: Lori Herter Rom/C/V
  174. OBSESSION: Lori Herter Rom/C/V
  175. THE PHANTOM OF CHICAGO: Lori Herter An/Rom/C/S
  176. POSSESSION: Lori Herter Rom/C/V
  177. DYLAN: Norah Hess Rom/H-Frontier
  178. THE CAJUN COWBOY: Sandra Hill Rom/C
  179. HOT AND HEAVY: Sandra Hill Rom/C/TT-Viking
  180. THE RED-HOT CAJUN: Sandra Hill Rom/C
  181. A TALE OF TWO VIKINGS: Sandra Hill Rom/H-Viking
  182. TALL, DARK, AND CAJUN: Sandra Hill Rom/C
  183. THE VERY VIRILE VIKING: Sandra Hill Rom/C/TT-Viking
  184. WET AND WILD: Sandra Hill Rom/TT-Viking
  185. BLOOD AND FOG: Nancy Holder Horror/YA/C
  186. THE BURNING: Holder/Mariotte Horror/C/V
  187. DOOR TO ETERNITY: Holder/Mariotte Horror/C/V
  188. LONG WAY HOME: Holder/Mariotte Horror/C/V
  189. CATCHING MIDNIGHT: Emma Holly Rom/H/O/WW-Medieval
  190. COURTING MIDNIGHT: Emma Holly Rom/H/V-Regency
  191. HUNTING MIDNIGHT: Emma Holly Rom/H/WW-Medieval
  192. »» THE NIGHT OWL: Emma Holly ShrtStory/Rom/V
  193. THE PIRATE AND THE PURITAN: Cheryl Howe Rom/H-Renaissance/Pirate
  194. THE PIRATE's JEWEL: Cheryl Howe Rom/H-Colonial
  195. A PATCHWORK FAMILY: Charlotte Hubbard Rom/H-Frontier
  196. BLOOD DEBT: Tanya Huff Horror/Mys/C/V/PI/Writer
  197. BLOOD LINES: Tanya Huff Horror/Mys/C/V/PI/Writer
  198. BLOOD PACT: Tanya Huff Horror/Mys/C/V/PI/Writer
  199. BLOOD PRICE: Tanya Huff Horror/Mys/C/V/PI/Writer
  200. BLOOD TRAIL: Tanya Huff Horror/Mys/C/V/WW/PI/Writer
  201. DEAR PENELOPE: Sharon Ihle Rom/H-Frontier
  202. DOUBLE EXPOSURE: Lisa Jackson Rom/C
  203. WINTER MORNING: BJ James Rom/C
  204. CAN YOU FORGET?: Melissa James Rom/C
  205. DANCE OF SEDUCTION: Sabrina Jeffries Rom/H-Regency
  206. WITH CHILD: Janice Kay Johnson Rom/C
  207. RADIANT: Taylor Jones Rom/H-Regency
  208. THE EYE OF THE WORLD: Robert Jordan Fantasy
  209. THE GREAT HUNT: Robert Jordan Fantasy
  210. DEADLY CARESS: Brenda Joyce Mys/Rom/H-Edwardian
  211. DON'T CRY FOR ME, HOT PASTRAMI: Sharon Kahn Mys/C
  212. CHILDREN OF THE VAMPIRE: Jeanne Kalogridis Horror/V-Victorian
  213. COVENANT WITH THE VAMPIRE: Jeanne Kalogridis Horror/V-Victorian
  214. LORD OF THE VAMPIRES: Jeanne Kalogridis Horror/V-Victorian
  215. PHANTOM: Susan Kay Rom/H/S
  216. A BABY TO LOVE: Susan Kearney Rom/C/S
  217. HOME IS THE SAILOR: Day Keene Mys/Hard-boiled
  218. THE WEDDING RUNAWAY: Karen L. King Rom/H-Regency
  219. THE COLORADO KID: Stephen King Mys/C/Hard-boiled
  220. THE GIRL WHO LOVED TOM GORDON: Stephen King Horror/C
  221. THE LADY DOTH PROTEST: Jennie Klassel Rom/H-Medieval
  222. JANE's WARLORD: Angela Knight Rom/C/TT
  223. MASTER OF THE NIGHT: Angela Knight Rom/C/V
  224. »» SEDUCTION's GIFT: Angela Knight ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  225. SILHOUETTE SHADOWS '93: Korbel/Cassidy/Herter An/Rom/C/S
  226. TIMELESS: Kathleen Korbel An/Rom/C/S
  227. TAPESTRY: Kurland/Hunter/Moning/Kenyon An/Rom/C/H/TT-Medieval
  228. THE ORCHID HUNTER: Jill Marie Landis Rom/H-Victorian
  229. McNALLY's ALIBI: Vincent Lardo Mys/C/PI
  230. McNALLY's CHANCE: Vincent Lardo Mys/C/PI
  231. SECRETS OF A PERFECT NIGHT: Laurens/Alexander/Gibson An/Rom/C/H-Regency/New Year's Day
  232. SHIP OF DREAMS: Elaine Leclaire Rom/H-Pirate
  233. DESPERATE TIGRESS: Jade Lee Rom/H-Edwardian
  234. MYSTIC RIVER: Dennis Lehane Mys/C/Police
  235. DAVID: Ana Leigh Rom/H-Victorian/Frontier
  236. HOMETOWN HONEY: Kara Lennox Rom/C
  237. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: Gaston Leroux Horror/H-Edwardian
  238. DEAD IRISH: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  239. THE FIRST LAW: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  240. GUILT: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Police
  241. HARD EVIDENCE: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  242. THE HEARING: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  243. THE MERCY RULE: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  244. THE MOTIVE: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  245. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  246. THE OATH: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  247. THE SECOND CHAIR: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  248. THE 13th JUROR: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  249. THE VIG: John T. Lescroart Mys/C/Legal
  250. KEEPING HER SAFE: Sherry Lewis Rom/C
  251. KISSING IN THE DARK: Wendy Lindstrom Rom/H-Victorian
  252. LIPS THAT TOUCH MINE: Wendy Lindstrom Rom/H-Victorian
  253. SHADES OF HONOR: Wendy Lindstrom Rom/H-Victorian
  254. TIGER EYE: Marjorie M. Liu Rom/C/WW
  255. THE HAZARDS OF HUNTING A DUKE: Julia London Rom/H-Regency
  256. SUDDENLY DADDY: Loree A. Lough Rom/C/Insp
  257. THE SOURCE: Brian Lumley Horror/V
  258. VAMPHYRI!: Brian Lumley Horror/V
  259. HOPE's CAPTIVE: Kate Lyon Rom/H-Frontier
  260. SAVING GRACE: Anne McAllister Rom/C
  261. COLE IN MY STOCKING: Jule McBride Rom/C-Christmas
  262. THE SUGARMAN: Mary McBride Rom/H-Civil War/Victorian
  263. A GHOSTLY AFFAIR: Charlotte Maclay Rom/C/Gh
  264. A NEW WORLD: Patricia McLinn Rom/C
  265. DEMON's DARE: Melissa MacNeal Ero/Rom/H-Edwardian
  266. A DAD FOR BILLIE: Susan Mallery Rom/C
  267. A CONNECTICUT FASHIONISTA IN KING ARTHUR's COURT: Marianne Mancusi Rom/TT-Medieval/First person
  268. HAUNTED: Jeff Mariotte Horror/C/V
  269. A STORM OF SWORDS: George R.R. Martin Fantasy
  270. SECRET WAYS: Kat Martin Rom/H-Regency
  271. THE SIMEON CHAMBER: Steve Martini Adventure/Mys/C
  272. GYPSY LOVER: Connie Mason Rom/H
  273. A KNIGHT's HONOR: Connie Mason Rom/H-Medieval
  274. A TASTE OF PARADISE: Connie Mason Rom/H-Pirate/Regency
  275. IMITATION LOVE: Jackie Merritt Rom/C
  276. WRANGLER's LADY: Jackie Merritt Rom/C
  277. MAGGIE's MISCELLANY: Kasey Michaels Rom/C
  278. FAMILY SECRETS: Leigh Michaels Rom/C
  279. GIFTS OF LOVE: Theresa Michaels Rom/H-Frontier
  280. ANNA's CHILD: Angel Milan Rom/C
  281. DANIELLE's DOLL: Angel Milan Rom/C
  282. CLAIMING HIS OWN: Miller/Paige An/Rom/C
  283. FOR ALL ETERNITY: Linda Lael Miller Rom/TT/V-Civil War
  284. FOREVER AND THE NIGHT: Linda Lael Miller Rom/C/TT/V-Victorian
  285. HIGH COUNTRY BRIDE: Linda Lael Miller Rom/H-Frontier
  286. THE LAST CHANCE CAFE: Linda Lael Miller Rom/C
  287. MIXED MESSAGES: Linda Lael Miller Rom/C
  288. TIME WITHOUT END: Linda Lael Miller Rom/C/R/V
  289. TONIGHT AND ALWAYS: Linda Lael Miller Rom/C/V/W
  290. BRANDED WOMAN: Wade Miller Mys/Hard-boiled
  291. GONE WITH THE WIND: Margaret Mitchell Rom/H-Civil War
  292. LITTLE THINGS: Rebecca Moesta General Fiction/V
  293. BELLADONNA: Karen Moline General Fiction
  294. SKYWARD: Mary Alice Monroe Rom/C
  295. THE BABY DOCTOR: Peggy Moreland Rom/C
  296. BABIES ON THE DOORSTEP: Raye Morgan Rom/C
  297. THE FIFTH PROFESSION: David Morrell General Fiction
  298. TURBULENCE: John J. Nance General Fiction
  299. TEMPTED CHAMPIONS: Yvonne Navarro Horror/C/V
  300. HEART OF TEXAS: Constance O'Banyon Rom/H/I-Frontier
  301. THE MOON AND THE STARS: Constance O'Banyon Rom/H-Frontier
  302. CROSSINGS: Mel Odom General Fiction/V
  303. IMAGE: Mel Odom Horror/C/V
  304. REVENANT: Mel Odom Horror/C/W
  305. MOTION TO SUPPRESS: Perri O'Shaughnessy Mys/C/Legal
  306. SOMETHING TO HIDE: Laurie Paige Rom/C
  307. BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE: Palmer/Worth/Lough An/Rom/C/Insp
  308. DESPERADO: Diana Palmer Rom/C/S
  309. LIONHEARTED: Diana Palmer Rom/C-Christmas
  310. WEDDING BELLS AND DIAPER PINS: Natalie Patrick Rom/C
  311. FOUR BLIND MICE: James Patterson Mys/C/AA/Police
  312. SUZANNE's DIARY FOR NICHOLAS: James Patterson General Fiction/Rom/C
  313. DUTCH UNCLE: Peter Pavia Mys/C/Hard-boiled
  314. FADE TO BLONDE: Max Phillips Mys/H/Hard-boiled-1940s,50s
  315. ROAD TO NOWHERE: Christopher Pike YA
  316. DANGER CALLS: Caridad Piñeiro Rom/C/S/V
  317. STILL LIFE WITH CROWS: Preston/Child Horror/C
  318. DEARLY BELOVED: Mary Jo Putney Rom/H-Regency
  319. SILK AND SECRETS: Mary Jo Putney Rom/H-Victorian
  320. VEILS OF SILK: Mary Jo Putney Rom/H-Victorian
  321. THE GODFATHER: Mario Puzo Mys/Saga
  322. A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT: Terese Ramin Rom/C
  323. EXIT TO EDEN: Anne Rampling Ero/Rom/C
  324. »» A DANCE IN THE DARK: Karen Ranney ShrtStory/Rom/H/V-Regency
  325. THE FEAST OF ALL SAINTS: Anne Rice General Fiction/H/AA-Old South
  327. MERRICK: Anne Rice Horror/C/V/W
  328. THE MUMMY: Anne Rice Horror/H-Edwardian
  329. THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED: Anne Rice Horror/C/V
  330. THE TALE OF THE BODY THIEF: Anne Rice Horror/C/V
  331. THE VAMPIRE ARMAND: Anne Rice Horror/C/H/V
  332. THE VAMPIRE LESTAT: Anne Rice Horror/C/H/V
  333. THE WITCHING HOUR: Anne Rice Horror/W
  334. SUMMER OF ROSES: Luanne Rice Rom/C
  335. SUMMER's CHILD: Luanne Rice Rom/C
  336. LORI's LITTLE SECRET: Christine Rimmer Rom/C
  337. SUPERSTITION: Karen Robards Rom/C/S
  338. BETRAYAL IN DEATH: J.D. Robb Mys/Rom/S/Police-Near Future
  339. MIDNIGHT BAYOU: Nora Roberts Rom/C/Gh
  340. JESSIE's LAWMAN: Kristine Rolofson Rom/C
  341. PERFECT ASSASSIN: Wendy Rosnau Rom/C
  343. SILKEN THREADS: Patricia Ryan Rom/H-Medieval
  344. THE SUN AND THE MOON: Patricia Ryan Rom/H-Medieval
  345. LAND OF DREAMS: Cheryl St. John Rom/H-Frontier
  346. CHOSEN PREY: John Sandford Mys/C/Police
  347. MIND PREY: John Sandford Mys/C/Police
  348. THE PERFECT WIFE: Lynsay Sands Rom/H-Medieval
  349. HEARTS IN HARMONY: Gail Sattler Rom/C/Insp
  350. THE LILY BRAND: Sandra Schwab Rom/H-Regency
  351. GABRIEL's LADY: Ana Seymour Rom/H-Frontier
  352. AT TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne An/Rom/C/V
  353. »» AWAITING MOONRISE: Maggie Shayne ShrtStory/Rom/C/WW
  354. »» BEYOND TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  355. BORN IN TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  356. EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  357. »» HER BEST ENEMY: Maggie Shayne ShrtStory/Rom/C/S
  358. NIGHT's EDGE: Shayne/Hambly/Harris An/Rom/C/S/V
  359. »» RUN FROM TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  360. TWILIGHT HUNGER: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  361. TWILIGHT ILLUSIONS: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  362. TWILIGHT MEMORIES: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  363. TWILIGHT PHANTASIES: Maggie Shayne Rom/C/V
  364. »» TWILIGHT VOWS: Maggie Shayne ShrtStory/Rom/C/V
  365. TWO BY TWILIGHT: Maggie Shayne An/Rom/C/V
  366. WINGS IN THE NIGHT: Maggie Shayne An/Rom/C/V
  367. RAGE OF ANGELS: Sidney Sheldon General Fiction/C
  368. COMPANIONS: Susan Sizemore Horror/C/V
  369. THE HUNT: Susan Sizemore Horror/C/V
  370. PARTNERS: Susan Sizemore Horror/C/V
  371. BRAZEN: Bobbi Smith Rom/H-Frontier
  372. HALFBREED WARRIOR: Bobbi Smith Rom/H/I-Frontier
  373. A SIMPLE PLAN: Scott Smith Mys/C
  374. YEARS: LaVyrle Spencer Rom/H-Frontier/Edwardian/WW1
  375. »» SACRILEGE: Susan Squires ShrtStory/Rom/H/V
  376. THE CONFESSION: Domenic Stansberry Mys/C/Hard-boiled
  377. VODKA: Boris Starling Mys/C
  378. A BABY's CRY: Amanda Stevens Rom/C/S
  379. BIG LUKE, LITTLE LUKE: Dawn Stewardson Rom/C
  380. MULLIGAN MAGIC: Deb Stover Rom/C
  381. »» DARK JOURNEY: Anne Stuart ShrtStory/Rom/C/O
  382. STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT: Stuart/Yarbro/Shayne An/Rom/C/O/V-Halloween
  383. SPARKS: Vicki Lewis Thompson Rom/C
  384. HIS KIND OF WOMAN: Pat Tracy Rom/C
  385. THE COBRA AND THE CONCUBINE: Bonnie Vanak Rom/H-Victorian
  386. OUTLAWS WELCOME: The Wolf Slayer: William Vance Western
  387. SEVEN CROWS: John Vornholt Horror/C/V
  388. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: Carrie Weaver Rom/C-Christmas
  389. THE SECOND SISTER: Carrie Weaver Rom/C
  390. 361: Donald E. Westlake Mys/Hard-boiled-First person
  391. SUMMER CHARADE: Karen Toller Whittenburg Rom/C
  392. HOME BEFORE DARK: Susan Wiggs Rom/C
  393. EXTINCT: Charles Wilson Horror/C
  394. ISLAND BABY: Anne Marie Winston Rom/C
  395. NO ROOM AT THE INN: Linda Randall Wisdom Rom/C/O-Christmas
  396. THE UNCLAIMED BABY: Sherryl Woods Rom/C
  397. LOGAN's CHILD: Lenora Worth Rom/C/Insp
  398. »» CATCHING DREAMS: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro ShrtStory/Rom/C/O
  399. TAKING ON TWINS: Carolyn Zane Rom/C

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