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I love to read, it's a passion of mine. I have bookcases overflowing onto my floor with books, over 5,000 of them. There's nothing better to me than to settle into my bed or on the couch with a blanket and read. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, Sue Grafton, Dean Koontz, Willem Diehl, John Grisham, Christine Feehan, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Janet Evanovich. I love mystery, suspense, true crime, horror, westerns, and historical works in general. I'll read anything if it's recommended to me if someone understands my tastes though I don't care for Star Trek type sci-fi stuff. I even suffered through Winslow's Forever Amber which to me was a waste of my money because someone told me if I liked Gone With the Wind I'd like it. How wrong they were. My favorite book would have to be Gone With the Wind followed by Susan Kay's Phantom or Mario Puzo's The Godfather. Leroux's original The Phantom of the Opera was enjoyable, but I liked the romance of Susan Kay's, and the past she created for Erik. I am an Erik lover, no doubt about it.

I have a fondness particularly for historical romances or fiction in general. Romance is a genre I used to snub my nose at, but to me right now there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting down for a couple of hours and reading about two people falling in love. Knowing that despite what happens in the book, they will more than likely end up "happy and together" (unless of course we're talking about Gone With the Wind) has its appeal. I read Kathleen Woodiwiss' The Flame and the Flower, The Wolf and the Dove and A Rose In Winter on a recommendation from a friend whose mother enjoys the same type of heroes I do, and I knew that I had opened up a whole new world. Thanks to a mailing list I'm a part of (Romance_Historical), I know that my love for historical romance is not just me *heh*.

If you would like to read a list of the books Stephen King read while he was recooperating from his accident, click here. I found it very interesting to see what HE reads as an avid fan of his not only as an author but as the human being he seems to be. He's someone that I think is truly grateful for where he is and what he has. Because of this, I will continue to buy his books until he decides it's time for the mighty pen of his to dry up and stop creating those frightening monsters and beings we all love to be terrorized by.

If you're looking to trade books, please see my selection of books for trade as well as my wish list here. For a listing of historical time periods / eras click here. For those of you who think reading romance novels is a waste of time, check out these statistics courtesy of Romance Writers Association.

As this page has grown in size I've decided to break it up. Below you will find a list of book clubs, book stores, book resources, reading resources, etc. To see the list of author Web pages I've found throughout the Web, please click here. To see the list of various newspapers and magazines I've found throughout the Web, please click here. For review sites click here.

Book Clubs, Stores, Resources & Reading Resources

  1. 1st Choice Used Books
  2. A Mystical Unicorn
  4. AddAll book search & price comparison
  6. Affaire de Coeur
  7. AJR NewsLink
  8. All About Romance
  11. Books
  12. American Western Magazine(Western Books, Authors, Reviews, Poetry)
  13. Armchair Interviews
  14. At Home With Christian Fiction
  15. Audiobooks
  16. Augustine Funnell Books
  17. Authors On the Web
  18. Authors' Red Room
  19. AuthorsDen
  20. Avalon Books
  21. Avon
  22. Avon Fanlit
  23. Awe-Struck E-Books
  24. Barnes & Noble
  25. The Best Reviews
  26. Between Your Sheets
  27. Beverly's Book Sanctuary
  28. Bibliomysteries
  29. Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature
  30. Book Moods
  31. Book Of the Month Club
  32. Book Vaues - Free Book Price Guide
  33. Bookbug
  34. The Bookcellar
  35. BookCrossing
  36. Bookends
  38. BookLoons
  39. BookraK
  41. Books We Love
  43. BooksOnScreen
  44. BookSpot
  45. Booktalk
  46. BookWeb
  47. Romance: Buy The Book
  48. BYRON
  49. BYRON Romance Port
  50. Cassie's Books
  51. CataRomance
  52. Central Booksource
  53. Contemporary Romance Reading Group's Virtual Home
  54. Crescent Blues
  55. CyberRead
  56. D's Book Service
  57. Daria's Toy box (books to trade)
  58. Dark Tales Book Store
  59. Deanna Ramsay, Bookseller
  60. DiskUs Publishing
  61. Divas of Romance
  62. Domhan Books
  63. Dorchester Publishing
  64. Doubleday Book Club
  65. Earthly Charms
  69. Echelon Press
  70. EPIC: The Electronically Published Internet Connection
  71. Elizabeth's Book Collections and More
  72. Ellora's Cave(Erotic romance e-books)
  73. - Book Reviews
  74. EPPRO (Electronically Published Professionals)
  75. Erotica Readers & Writers Association(mature content)
  76. Escapte To Romance
  77. Everything Romantic(Mrs. Giggles)
  78. FaithChick
  79. Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors Recommended Reading
  80. Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Lovers' Resource Site
  81. Fargo Public Library
  82. Fiction Works
  83. Fictional Pursuits
  85. FictionPress.Com
  86. Fresh Fiction
  87. Futures MYSTERY Anthology Magazine
  88. Futuristic Romance Mailing List
  89. Geocities Readers Webring
  90. Grandest Game in the World
  92. Happily Ever After
  93. Hard Shell Word Factory
  94. Hard to Find Books
  95. Harper Collins
  96. Harry Potter Lexicon(lots of great info on the HP world)
  97. Heather's Reading Journal
  98. Hig's Stuff
  99. Historical Mysteries
  100. Historical Mystery
  101. Historical Romance Club
  102. Historical Romance Writers
  103. Horror Lit
  104. Huntress' Book Reviews
  105. I Love A Mystery
  106. Hurzeler, Alyssa: By the Book blog
  107. If You Like ...
  108. Internet Classics Archive
  109. Internet Public Library
  110. Ivy Quill Reviews
  111. Jewels of the Quill
  112. Keep Me In Suspense
  113. Leisure Books - Dorchester Publishing
  114. LibraryThing (catalog your books online)
  115. The Literary Times
  116. Litrix Reading Room
  117. London Circle Publishing
  118. Love Romances & More
  119. LTD Books
  120. The Magical Romance Reading Website
  121. Malice Books
  122. Mardel Books
  123. Marilyn's Books for Sale
  124. McGraw-Hill Book Club
  126. MountainView Publishing
  127. Potter Info.)
  128. Murder By the Book
  130. Mystery Guild Book Club
  131. Mystery Ink
  132. Mystery Reader
  133. Mystery Writers of America
  135. MysteryNet's Crime Meets Love: Mysteries with a Touch of Romance
  137. Mystique Books
  138. Necronomicon Press
  139. Neetu's Book Trading Page
  140. New and Used Books
  141. New Concepts Publishing
  142. New Leaf Books
  143. Novel Idea Paperbacks & Books
  144. NovelTalk
  145. Occupational Themed Romance Books
  146. Of Ages Past (historical fiction)
  147. Once Upon A Romance
  148. The Online Books Page
  149. Overbooked
  150. Page Free Publishing
  152. Paranormal Romance
  153. Partners in Crime
  154. The Passionate Pen
  155. Peggy's Pages
  156. Pemberley Press
  157. Penguin Putnam Inc. Books
  158. Pocket Books Authors
  159. Poe's Cousin
  160. Poets & Writers
  161. Powell's Books
  162. Project Gutenberg
  164. (Quality Paperback Books)
  165. Rakehell
  166. Readers' Advisory Reading Lists
  167. Readersplace
  168. Reading Cove
  169. The Reading Garden
  170. Reading Group Guides
  171. Reading/Writing Links
  172. Renaissance E Books
  173. Reviewers' International Organization
  174. RFI West Publishing(Dark Star Publications/Pulsar Books/Starlight Writers/Spotlight Media)
  175. Ridiculous Book Store
  176. Ring of Books
  177. Rising Stars of Romance
  178. Road To Romance
  179. Roman Noir
  180. Romance & Friends
  181. Romance at BellaOnline
  182. Romance Addictions Used Books
  183. Romance and Friends
  184. Romance Authors Page
  185. Romance Book Covers
  186. Romance Central
  187. The Romance Club
  188. Romance Designs
  189. Romance Fiction from
  190. Romance Historical Reading Group
  191. Romance Junkies
  192. Romance Novels ePublishing
  193. Romance Reader
  194. Romance Reader at Heart
  195. Romance Readers Connection
  196. A Romance Review News
  197. Romance Reviews Today
  198. The Romance Studio
  199. Romance Web Gateway
  200. Romance Writers of America
  201. RomanceEverAfter
  202. Romancing Medieval
  203. Romantic SF & Fantasy Novels
  204. Romantic Times
  205. Roscoe Page
  206. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
  207. Science Fiction Book Club
  208. Science Fiction Romance Online
  209. SciFan
  210. SCI FI Weekly
  211. Scribes World
  212. Sequels Book Lists
  213. SFF Net
  214. Shamrock Hill
  215. Silver Dagger Mysteries
  216. Sime Gen
  217. Siren Books
  218. Sister Fidelma Mysteries
  219. Sisters In Crime
  220. Slake
  221. Sleeping Sarah
  222. So Many Books Online
  223. Special Listings(romance categories)
  224. Spilled Candy Books
  225. Stephen King Library
  226. Stop You're Killing Me
  228. Tangled Web
  229. Tartan Books
  230. Teresa's Historical and Romantic Fiction Page
  231. The Best Reviews
  232. The Book Shelf
  233. The Book Worm, Etc.
  234. TheBookSpot
  235. Time Warner Bookmark
  236. Tina's Booklist
  238. Treble Heart Books
  239. Troll Book Clubs
  240. True Crime Books
  242. Turn the Page Books
  243. Useful Links for Romance Writers and Readers
  244. Vampire Library: Books
  245. What I'm Reading
  246. Wildside Press
  247. Wings ePress
  248. Women Who Wonder Whodunit
  249. Womens Books
  250. Word Museum
  251. Wordbeams
  252. World Romance Writers
  253. Writer Online
  254. Writers Unlimited

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