This page was last updated April 2018.

Welcome to Writer Susan Falk’s cyber home. Here you will find excerpts from my works, synopsis' of my works in progress, status on my contest entries and publisher/agent queries, and general information about the road toward becoming a published author. I know the road will not be an easy one. There are some who never get there and if I am one of them I will accept that. I can at least say I've followed my dream, taken the path I felt I was directed to take and I tried. I can do no more than that.

At the moment I have one completed manuscript and five works in progress.

This completed manuscript is a historical romance set in 1924 Chicago. Amanda’s Song is about a young woman coming to the city from her farm in Iowa to pursue a career in singing. She must fight an emotional battle with herself to hold onto the happiness that soon follows.

My works in progress are across the board. A contemporary erotic romance set in Orlando, Florida. A historical set in the Dakota Territory inspired by my new home, Fargo. I also have two more books in the works that stem off from my 1924 Chicago historical one of which will be a time travel. Two of the men in that book were just begging for their own story.