This page last updated May 31, 2006.

At Claire's two week appointment on June 22 (really closer to three weeks) she weighed in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces. I never did get her weight leaving the hospital so I have no idea how much weight she actually gained during that time. She goes back again August 2 and will get some shots on that visit.

Lee is adjusting well to being a father for the first time. He was a little afraid to hold her at first, but I had no problem doing the brunt of the baby duties since Lee does the cooking and the dishes. It seems like a pretty fair trade off to me. Stephanie loves having a little sister to dote on and my father-in-law thanked me for his granddaughter when he left for home this past weekend. Little Claire is his first grandchild and I'm sure with Lee being 49 and my sister-in-law 46 Leonard assumed he would never have any grandchildren.

Claire was baptized at St. Anthony's on Thursday, July 1, 2004. My 98-year-old grandmother, my father and his wife, Stephanie, Lee's father, his wife and Lee's sister and brother-in-law were in attendance. Lee's sister and brother-in-law are Claire's godparents. She wore the christening gown my brother, me and Stephanie wore. The dress is over 39 years old now and when I brought it into the cleaners to be pressed the lady commented on how old it looked and then went and got someone else to look at it to make sure they wouldn't ruin it. Having worked in a dry cleaners for 4 years, I totally understood where she was coming from.

Claire had her two month appointment August 3, 2004. She weighed in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces and 24 inches. She got some shots and was a real trooper about them. Lee took her to her appointment while I had my two month post-partum with Dr. Burrell. Both Mother and Claire are doing fine. Claire is eating between 4-5 ounces about every 4 hours currently and is on Similac formula. She's been sleeping through the night since end-July, going down about 8 or 9 and waking up about 5 or 6.

Claire had her four month appointment October 5, 2004, weighing in at 13 pounds, 13-½ ounces and 24-½ inches tall. She got three shots and was a trooper. The doctor indicated she was on track. Claire had pictures taken on October 4.

Claire's six month appointment was December 8, 2004. She weighed in at 15 pounds, 8 ounces and 25 inches tall. She has not doubled her weight, but the doctor did not seem concerned. She's on track as far as her development goes. He has encouraged us to start working on her with the cup. She got three immunizations and a flu shot. She was not very happy about getting stuck so many times. She will not go back to see Dr. Clutter before her first birthday in June.

Claire's first holiday was Halloween. It was a gloomy night so we did not do anything for Halloween. Big sister, Stephanie, did not go out either, staying home to hand out candy to the brave souls who braved going out.

Thanksgiving was spent at home. We had my grandmother, Florence, and a co-worker who's wife went out of town for the holiday, Mike, over for dinner. Lee grilled the turkey, everything was fabulous as is typical when Lee cooks.

Christmas Eve we went to Lee's sister and brother-in-law's house, Anna and Billy, for prime rib dinner. The meal was wonderful and Claire was a doll. Christmas Day we spent the morning opening presents and had Cornish game hens for supper. Claire was not overly interested in the presents, finding the wrapping and tissue paper more intriguing. We went to my dad's house in Walker, Minnesota in January to celebrate Christmas with them.

We spent Easter at home, having Lee's sister and brother-in-law over for dinner. The day was a quiet one.

And then came Claire's first birthday! We had cake at home on Memorial Day, May 30, 2005 due to Lee and I having alternating work schedules. We visited Claire's great grandmother, Florence, on the big day and brought her a piece of birthday cake. Great Grandma was thrilled to be able to spend part of Claire's first birthday with her. Claire had her one year pictures taken June 6.

I haven't updated this front page in almost a year! My how time has flown. Claire had a busy summer last summer, spending a lot of time in the kiddie pool we bought for her with Stephanie or Mommy standing guard. In November, 2005, we had Great Grandma Florence for Thanksgiving dinner. We had Christmas Eve at Uncle Bill and Aunt Anna's house. Claire has grown leaps and bounds since I've last updated. She's been walking on her own since July. She's babbling alot now, too. Her favorite words are GO, NO, Daddy. We're looking forward to a fun summer with Claire now that she's old enough to have some fun.

Early May 2006 we went to visit my dad in Walker, Minnesota for his birthday. Claire was taken for my very first boat ride. There's a picture of her in the life preserver in the photos page.

Claire's birthday is this week. We'll be having my dad and step-mom and Lee's sister and brother-in-law over for grilling. A couple of Stephanie's friends may come over, too. Be sure to check the photos pages for new photos next week! It's hard to believe Claire is two! On June 15, we're going down to Wisconsin (near Spooner about a five hour drive) to visit my friend from Florida, Margaret, and her family. She came to visit Lee and I in Key West when we were there for our honeymoon but Stephanie hasn't seen her or her son since we moved five years ago. Claire does so well in the car, so we're planning on going for the day.

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