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It seems today that parenting is more difficult than it was when my parents had to parent. Perhaps they felt the same way then, I don't know. Parenting is not an easy job, and it's normally a pretty thankless job. I have yet to hear my kids say to me, "Thanks for being a good mom." Maybe someday I'll hear that from them, we'll see. My kids are 15 years and 2 years. Both are girls. I had a son who was born March 10, 1999 and died June 4, 2000.

I owe my parents a big thank you for raising me and my brother as well as they did. They instilled in us good moral, social and work ethics. I can't recall ever looking back at either of my parents and thinking they did not work hard. My parents divorced when I was a toddler, and my brother and I lived with our mom. Mom raised us in her heritage (Norwegian and Swedish) and exposed us to the many traditions the Scandinavian people had. Unfortunately, one of those things included Lutefisk (yuck!). I am very proud of my heritage. Being adopted I'm not truly Scandinavian, but I consider myself just as much so as those that really are. I speak Norwegian and love the art, culture and history that the country's offer.

I will be providing links to various topics relating to parenting and families I've found around the web. Please feel free to puruse these links and come back again.

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