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This page will no longer be updated. If you find a link is no longer valid let me know but this is one of several pages that while I'm going to keep it up I no longer have the time to maintain it.

Though I was raised in the Scandinavian heritage by my adoptive mother, I am biologically part Irish. One would not be able to tell that by looking at me necessarily, but with my daughter it is quite obvious that Irish blood came out in full force with her. She has strawberry blonde hair, which seems to be getting redder again instead of blonder. I can attest to the fact that she has the stereotypical temper to go with it now that she has reached her teens! *yikes* I have never been one to really celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I was a single parent from the time I was 21 on I didn't have much opportunity to go out drinking green beer *g*. Though it does seem like a holiday filled with fun!

Here are some St. Patrick's Day links I've found. Enjoy!

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