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Welcome to my Christmas page. Christmas has to be my favorite season of the year and holiday. My mother raised us with the Scandinavian traditions that she had been taught. Complete with lutefisk, Swedish meatballs and lefse for dinner. Lutefisk is a type of fish, which to be kind is the most disgusting thing I think I have ever had to taste in my entire life. Sorry, Mom. *g* Our house was ALWAYS decked with tons of decorations. Every room on the first floor had garland and other things, our stairway banister had garland and nissas placed on the stairway spindles. We had a wreath on the front of our house and had two Christmas trees. One was the traditional green, full size tree. The second was Mom's special tree. It was sprayed white and she used it to place of her fragile and petite ornaments on. This tree was on display in our living room window for all to see.

I have many memories of playing Christmas carols on the piano in front of our fireplace as Mom decorated the house. Christmas Eve we had homemade cookies, drank hot tea, and decorated the big tree. I'd be lying if I told you there's been a Christmas for me that has meant much since Mom died. Even with my own children it's just not the same as going home to Mom's house and seeing the house I grew up in decorated. One of the last Christmas presents my brother, step-dad and I gave her was for her to come home from the hospital shortly before Christmas to a decorated tree and house. We, of course, didn't do it like she would have - but it was so nice to do that for her so that she could come home to the Christmas spirit.

Enough depressing stuff. One of my fondest Christmas presents is the year my mom and step-dad became engaged for Christmas (1985). Mom had taken down my basketball backboard while having the roof redone and never put it back on. Wayne gave me a brand new hoop for Christmas that year. It is what made me realize he was a good guy, I had mentioned briefly in passing how much I missed that basketball hoop. And he remembered! (His being a fellow Packers fan of course helped me like him a bit, too. *g*)

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