Begun Writing: c. 2000
Fandoms Written: 44 (as of 4/2018)
Stories Written: 358 (as of 4/2018)
Words Written: 2,700,000 +/- (as of 7/2014)

Primary Fandoms:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series-verse (99,907 words, 104 stories)
Heroes (405,820 words, 54 stories)
The Breakfast Club (1,191,535 words, 26 stories)
Gone With the Wind (370,600 words, 20 stories)
Adventures in Babysitting (194,533 words, 15 stories)
Firefly (84,321 words, 12 stories)
Silence of the Lambs (42,646 words, 14 stories)
Fringe (26,961 words, 12 stories)

August 2014

For reference, the only pen name I use anywhere is apckrfan. I do not post under any other name at any sites.

The only sites I post my works to are as follows:
Website AO3 FanFiction LiveJournal Yahoo Groups

There are a couple of ficathon sites (I Will Remember You is the only one that comes to mind anymore) that post on my behalf, but still my pen name will always be apckrfan.

If you see a work of mine posted elsewhere using a different name, please let me know. (Fourteen plus years of writing fan fiction I never had to come up with a statement like this until recently when someone posted one of my stories word for word (not even changing the title!)).

This page last updated April 2018. All links have been checked.

About The Fan Fiction Area

From this page you will be taken to fan fiction apckrfan has written. As my stories have grown in number, I've given each fandom its own page (I've even given the various Buffy and Veronica Mars 'ships their own page). Click the various fandom or the stand alones links to take you to my fan fiction. As I've changed things around to frames it's a little new. When you click on a fandom above, the main index page will open in this window. Anything you click on from the index page will open in a new window.

April 2018

I apologize for my dry spell. I'm not going to go into details, but I am back and do plan on working on and completing the various works in progress I have open. I, however, don't plan on tackling more fics at this time. Once I've caught up on the WIPs I plan on finally pursuing my original works. That's not to say that I won't write fan fiction, but the 100,000 word stories I've been writing lately won't happen. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions please feel free to drop me a note.

April 2015 Update / Changes

All fandom index pages have been updated to reflect completed and works in progress as well as stand alones grouped together for ease in finding fics that are complete versus incomplete.

January 2014 Update / Changes

On the multi-chapter fics, I've moved the links to the previous and next chapters on each page above the rest of the "footer" information at the bottom. It's still at the end of the body of the chapter, but above the rest of the navigational links to other areas of my site. Hopefully, this will make it easier to navigate from one chapter to the next on the longer fics. I've added direct e-mail links to each story. All feedback links lead to the story at my LiveJournal. If for some reason you don't have access to a story, it's because I have it locked to members due to content.

April 2013 Update / Changes

All of my fics have been imported to AO3 as of April 8, 2013. Each fic is current with a link to the other sites that fic is posted at (Yahoo Groups, LiveJournal, AO3, If a link in a fic goes to my profile page rather than the fic's page, it means that fic is not posted on (most likely due to content).

September 2011 Update / Changes

I'm going through my fics and correcting typos and such I've found in re-reading them. I'll be going in alphabetical order by fandom and will be correcting on LJ as well as my site here. Nothing else will be changing at this time. I will also be going through and editing some formatting errors I've spotted on with my stories. I'm currently trying to figure out if I'll be spamming the inboxes of people who've favorite'd a story if I upload a new file and replace the old fine with it. However, if you find a typo while reading anything, drop me an email. I will also be linking each story elsewhere to the actual story instead of just the general page at, LJ, and Yahoo Groups.

January 2011 Update / Changes

As I went through to make changes to account for my larger monitor I decided to make some other changes. I've done away with actual fanfics having backgrounds. The main fandom page will still have the background, but the link to the fic itself will lead to a graphic free page. I have, therefore, done away with my graphic-free option as it's no longer necessary to have. I've also moved the fics I have written for a few fandoms to my standalones page instead of giving them their own directory as it becomes apparent I won't be writing more than the one fic for that fandom. The ones I've moved there: Days Of Our Lives, Dead Zone, Dexter, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Psych, Smallville, and Ugly Betty.

August 2007 Update / Changes

I've changed the names of some of the fandom subdirectories and files throughout the fan fiction area. If you've bookmarked a story or fandom area and suddenly get a cannot be found message, that would be why. Return to the main page here and you'll be directed to the appropriate pages or stories. Basically, I've completed the task of making all fandom and file names consistent. It wasn't anything that would detract from reading enjoyment, just apckrfan being obsessive compulsive about things.

Contact apckrfan

Contacting apckrfan is pretty simple. There are forms for Email and Feedback on every page throughout the site. I've gone this route rather than an email link to try and eliminate spam. Feel free to drop me a comment, a plot bunny, or just a note to say hello.

Fan Fiction Updates

If you'd like to be updated when this page, or any of my fan fiction pages, are updated, please subscribe to my Yahoo Announcement Only Groups. I send out announcements on Sundays only when I've added new fics to my site. My member list is hidden so no one but me has access to your name or email address. If I'm in a creative spurt and you must know the moment I've updated a fic you can check my LiveJournal where I post updates as I do them. The LiveJournal in no way replaces my Yahoo Group, I just don't want to bombard email boxes during those weeks I'm particularly busy. You can also go to my Fic Updates Page right here on my site and get all my updates in one place regardless of fandom.

Where apckrfan's Fan Fiction Can Be Found Around the Web

Yahoo Groups
( does not accept FRAO/NC17 material, fics with that rating won't be found here.)
There are links with the header of each fic to all of the above.

'Ships covered (and read by) by apckrfan and Fandoms To Be Added

For a list of 'ships I write (or plan to write) and prefer, go here. For a list of fandoms I plan to add go here.

I'm pretty open to reading any type of fan fic story that's well done. The only ship I will not read is Angel/Cordelia under any circumstances. I don't care how well done it is or if the 'ship is only hinted at. I just won't read it.

What Will You Find Here?

The stories I write would be classified as het fan fiction, or hetfic (het fic). You'll find some general fan fiction, or genfic (gen fic), non-relationship fic as well as some tri fan fiction, or trific (tri fic). But, overall, I write stories that deal with couples and romance. You won't find much slash fan fiction here, unless it's canon, ie., Willow Rosenberg/Tara Maclay from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's just not my thing. (See my 'ships page for the few slashy, tri fic 'ships I dig.)

While I try not to be too sexually explicit in my stories there will be sex in some of these stories. I, however, do try and keep it tasteful - certainly no worse than something you'd read in a $6 book you buy at B. Dalton or other bookstores. I would say for safety sake, my stories would be rated Fan Rated Mature Teen to Fan Rated Mature. For more information on this rating, please visit The Fan Rated Rating System.

Not Enough Fic Here To Feed Your Craving?

For a list of links to various fan fiction sites, please see my fan fiction links page or links by fandom.

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