***Part Five***
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He came home, trying to be quiet. It wasn't necessary as it turned out, she was up watching TV. And looked like she might have just been waiting up for him. He liked that thought. He hadn't had anyone waiting up for him after a night like tonight in a very long time.

"Hi," she said.

"Hey," he said, tossing his keys on the counter. He slid his tie out from around his neck not at all sorry to see it go.

He took a spot next on the floor in front of the couch. She was watching something he recognized but couldn't name it, no big surprise there. She seemed to get he wasn't in the mood to talk, he liked that about her. And just the fact he had someone to come home to so he wasn't alone with his thoughts and the taint of the day was nice.

She slid over on the couch, her legs framing his body on either side. He wasn't much surprised or put out when she brought her hands to either shoulder. And when she started to rub his shoulders, he thought for a moment he'd died and gone to heaven.

They were quiet for a while. What she was doing was relaxing him to the point he probably could fall asleep right there on the floor if he shut his eyes and set about doing it.

She reached around, working a few of his buttons. Enough that she was able to slide it down so his shoulders and upper back were bare. Her hands were a little cool to the touch, but it felt nice after being out in the heat all evening.

"Don't you have class in the morning?" he asked, mindful of the time.

"I was waiting for you."

He wasn't sure what to say to that. He wasn't even sure why she'd waited up for him. Her kiss before he left entered his mind, especially as her hands at his shoulders took on a less massage-type touch. She was touching him now as if curious, learning the lay of the land in a manner of speaking.

He closed his eyes, relaxing under her touch. She seemed a little uncertain, as if she didn't know exactly what she was doing. She was doing just fine as far as he was concerned, though.

She skimmed his shoulders with the backs of her nails, sliding her fingers over his shoulders, along his collarbone, and down. The tips of them brushed along his pecs and he breathed in a little, not sure if she meant to do that or if it was an accident.

And then she kissed the back of his neck. It was a light kiss. So brief if he hadn't felt her hair brush along his skin he might have thought he imagined it.

She kissed his shoulder, lingering this time. He groaned softly when he felt her teeth and tongue graze the spot she'd just kissed. She moved her mouth an inch along his shoulder, maybe less, and did it again. And again. Her hands slid lower along his chest, fingertips coming awfully, achingly close to finding his nipples.

She moved to his neck then, as attentive to that as she had been his shoulder. And then his ear, which was when he came undone. Up to that point he had retained some semblance of control, but her tongue circling his ear and doing enticing things with his neck there was arousing as hell.

He turned then, just enough to wrap his arms around her and somewhat awkwardly bring her from where she'd been hovering just above him on the couch to his lap. He had no qualms about whether she noticed the effect she had on him. He had to imagine that was her intent.

His mouth found hers at the same time his hands settled against her hips. His eyes shot open coupled with a soft groan into the kiss when he realized she wasn't wearing anything under the shirt she had on. A hand slid to the small of her back and lower, which accompanied another groan. This one was of the slight disappointment variety. She was wearing panties.

"Something wrong?" she murmured before nipping his lower lip.

"No, nothing at all."

She shifted in his lap a bit, pressing herself into his erection even more.

"Good," she whispered.

She unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, skimming her fingers along his chest and stomach before finding the waist of his pants. And lower. He knew he should stop her. His argument about their age difference reared its ugly head again.

Until she opened his pants and found what she'd been looking for. Her fondling him caused all thoughts of arguing with her to leave his mind.

He lifted her shirt up and off, leaving her far more naked and exposed than he was. She didn't seem to mind, though. She let him look his fill before leaning into kiss him again.

He broke it this time, wanting to taste other parts of her. His hands and mouth got busy, touching and kissing every part of her he could reach. She shifted again and it wasn't until he felt her hand leading him very much where he wanted to go that he realized she'd managed to shed the panties.

Slowly, almost horrifically so, she worked his length into her. It seemed like every inch she took, she pulled off of him that much and more. Her breasts were well tended to, her nipples responsive to his touch, whether it be mouth or hands.

He shifted them once more so he could be on top of her. After a brief detour to shed his pants and underwear he slid onto her. He met her eyes, watching carefully for any sign she wanted him to stop. When he saw nothing but want and desire there he thrust into her quickly, deeply, needing the completion of being inside of her. Her soft cry wasn't the only thing that told him she hadn't done this before.

He stilled inside of her, kissing her breasts, collarbone, a shoulder, and her neck before finding her mouth.

"Tell me when I can move again," he murmured, hoping one day she'd appreciate how much he held back just then. It was tempting given his emotional state from the last couple of days to take what she was offering without thought for her. He couldn't do that. He wasn't that distraught to act like an ass.

She touched him from his hips to his stomach to his chest to his face. Slowly, her fingers traced over every inch of him she could reach. Then she found his back, slowly reaching lower for his ass. Her mouth found his as she pushed, giving him wordless confirmation that she was ready for more.

He tried to be careful, but it seemed she wasn't as intent on ensuring he was. Every time he slowed his pace or stopped for a second or two, she'd use her hips to push into him.

She'd even whispered an almost begging-like "please" when he drew out of her almost completely. He'd chuckled at that, as if he could stop now.

Finished, he moved beside her on the floor, gathering her to him. She did him one better and nestled herself on top of him. She was an agile thing he was learning as he slid his arms around her, keeping her flush against him.

He wasn't sure what all he'd said to her in the heat of the moment. He wasn't a huge talker, but he knew he'd uttered a few things that while complimentary in his mind might not have seemed so to her. He had the sense to be a little wary about looking at her.

"I was expecting you to fight me a little more."

"What?" he asked, surprised at that.

"I don't know. I didn't think all of this would happen tonight."

"Oh," he said, not sure what to say to that. "Are you…"

"I'm fine. I just was expecting you to argue with me or push me away or something."

"I think if you hadn't started kissing my ear as you did I may have."

She gave a soft giggle, kissing his collarbone before looking into his eyes. "That's all it took?"

"What can I say? I'm not that complicated."

"So…" she said and he could guess what was on her mind.

"I wasn't planning on this happening, obviously. So, we'll just have to figure it out as we go." He shifted so they were side-by-side on the carpet. "But you seemed to have thought about this."

"Yes," she said, having the courtesy to look a little embarrassed. Not that he minded she had seducing him on her mind.

"Are you on birth control?"

"Sort of," she said, sounding evasive.

"Sort of? I'm not sure there's a sort of answer to that."

"It's hard to explain. I'm safe, though. Safer than safe."

"Yeah, well, you may be, but did it ever occur to you I may not be?"

"I, well, I wasn't planning on it happening tonight! I was just trying to," she shrugged. "You know, tempt you a little. I figured you'd go to bed or something without doing anything. But again, I'm safe."

"So, you do understand if you do this," he said, gesturing to them laying there naked. "You need to think about that, right? Protect yourself against more than just getting pregnant."

"Are you trying to tell me something?"

"No," he said with a light laugh. "I'm fine. All clear, but I just needed to say that in the event…"

"I what? Decide to sleep with someone else tomorrow?"

"No, I mean, I guess I couldn't stop you from doing that if that's what you wanted."

"You think I'd want to do that?"

"No!" He shook his head, sliding a fingertip along her arm. "You're distorting what I'm saying. It's been a long time since I've been with someone who was a virgin. In treatment. In NA. Well, I've seen people think with parts other than their brain and that gets them into trouble. Potentially deadly trouble."

"Yeah, yeah, I get the point. Ensure any guy wears a hat." She rolled onto her back, her arms around his neck drawing him with her. "But you've already said you don't need to."

"Right," he said.

"That's good, because unless you happened to have one in your pocket I'd be about to make you break your rule."

His eyes widened a little, not at what she'd just said but more what she was suggesting. "You want to again?"

She gave a soft giggle, reaching up to kiss him as she reached between his legs with a hand. "Does this answer your question?"

"Only one thing," he said.


He stood, not too surprised she moved with him. And her legs around his waist, knowing he was just a mere inches away from being inside of her again as he carried her to his room were tempting him something crazy.

He laid her on the bed, reminded again of how he'd admired how she looked on his sheets earlier. She still did, only better now because she was naked on them.

"Better?" she asked.

"Much," he said, sliding next to her on the bed. He drew her on top of him. "I didn't understand earlier why you wanted to drive."

"Well, it wasn't like I announced you're my first."

"Yeah, well," he said, hands making a fist in her hair as he drew her to him for a kiss. "This time, you drive, no interruptions from me."

"What if I ask you to?"

"We might be able to come up with some sort of agreement then."

They didn't talk for a good while after that.

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