TITLE: Cold As Ice
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
DISTRIBUTION: My site, AO3, FanFiction.net, LiveJournal, Yahoo Groups. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters. They are owned by H.G. Bissinger, Peter Berg, NBC, etc. No profit is made from this fic.
RATING: FRK / All ages
SPOILERS: All of Season 1
SUMMARY: Tami's not feeling the Texas heat just now.
CHARACTERS/PAIRING: None really, Eric & Tami implied
STATUS: Complete
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: This is for LJ community pretty_stickers community Drabble #1: COLD. I've never tried a drabble before.

Everything was wrong without him. She lay in bed, feeling the empty and very cold spot in the bed where her husband belonged. Tears formed in her eyes as she clutched her midsection. She knew it was the right thing to do, Eric taking this job. She just wished it didn't leave her feeling so cold inside, unable to appreciate the nice days the Texas falls had to offer. One day soon he'd be back, the bed would no longer be cold. And things would be right again. Until then, she and Julie would make it through. They always did.

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Story ©Susan Falk/APCKRFAN/PhantomRoses.com