This page last updated November 20, 2004.

Angel Season Two Post-Episodic Fan Fiction

I have begun writing a fic for each Buffy episode starting with Season One (actually there's one pre-Season One fic based on the flashback we saw in Becoming of Angel seeing Buffy as she was called). These fics will be shorter in length, say 6-12kb, and will all be stand alone fics. The reader can assume the episode has gone as written by Mutant Enemy until the part where I pick up. Sometimes I'll pick up where the episode left off. Some will contain 'ships and some won't. I will list each fic that falls into a relationship category on that 'ships index page. An episode set during Buffy/Riley's relationship will mean the fic gets placed on my B/R fic page even if there is no B/R hinted at in the fic. Obviously, there were times when Buffy was not in a relationship (and no I will not be counting Parker). This page will index these fics in order by episode beginning with Season One.

Angel Season Two fics coming soon
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