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Buffy & Spike 'ship centric Fan Fiction

Below you will find my Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe fan fiction based on the characters created by Joss Whedon. This portion of my site is focused on Buffy Summers and Spike pairings. Feedback is always welcome as I cannot write better without it, but if you plan on being petty or cruel please don't bother.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


His Savior?
Set post-Season 6. The only thing from Season 7 I have incorporated into this fic is the dream that Buffy had in 7x02 of the punkish girl dying. I have given Buffy more than just the one dream. Spike has returned to Sunnydale with a soul, Buffy knows he's back but has not seen him yet as he avoids her. Having difficulties sleeping, Buffy has taken to sleeping on the couch. One night she falls asleep and finds when she wakes up that she's not only left Sunnydale but has left her time as well. She has the opportunity to save William from being turned by Drusilla, but will she do it? This is a Buffy/Spike fic with some overlapping Buffy/Angel (though there's no romantic B/A pairing in this fic, more friendship, memories, etc.)

Make the World Go Away
Set post-Angel Season 5. It's July 2005 and Buffy is currently living in Chicago after her time spent in Europe, including time spent with The Immortal. Spike, having taken a year away from things after dealing with the wrath of Wolfram & Hart's Senior Partners has finally decided to seek his Slayer out.

Set post-Something Blue (4x09) and post-Where the Wild Things Are (4x18) (the events between these two episodes would have occurred, just slightly different. But these two episodes are referenced specifically). Willow did not undo her spell before Buffy and Spike eloped. Where the Wild Things Are would be the first time Buffy and Riley had sex. Buffy vs. Dracula (Episode 5x01) is also referenced as is Angel the Series 1x08 I Will Remember You. This is a Buffy/Spike fic.

Spike's Return
Set post-Lovers Walk (3x08) and is based on the premise that Spike does not leave Sunnydale to get Drusilla back, but rather decides to focus his attentions instead on the Slayer since she and Angel are just friends. This is a Buffy/Spike fic.

The Woods
Set in Season 6, Riley returns to Sunnydale fourteen months after he left to find Buffy with a baby and Spike living with her. This is a Buffy/Spike fic.

Stand Alone Fics (all complete)

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