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Angel the Series Fan Fiction

These are stories I've written based on the TV series Angel created by Joss Whedon. The stories below may not feature any ship at all as I really don't ship anyone on the show. If it is a 'ship it will NOT feature Angel & Cordelia as a pairing (though they may both appear in the fic). Some fics might be a crossover with another verse (primarily Buffy the Vampire Slayer for now). I do not own these characters, I do not profit from these stories. Feedback is always welcome as I cannot write better without it, but if you plan on being petty or cruel please don't bother. I write for fun, because I enjoy the world created and the characters in it.

Many of the crossovers featured here at the moment are more Buffy-centric, but they fall within the timeframe when Buffy and Angel were on their own shows, so the stories are listed here as well as at my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fic area.

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Multi-Chapter Fics


Buffy never goes back to Sunnydale after Anne and ends up married, knee deep in the evil she hoped to escape. This begins during Season 3 of Buffy, but moves in Season 4 of Buffy/Season 1 of Angel. The above link takes you to my Miscellaneous fics page, as the fic is not straight B/A. It starts out being Buffy/Lindsey, but it is a Buffy/Angel fic.

As the Fates Allow
This story is set post-Season 3 of Angel. Connor is prevented from placing Angel into the ocean by a mysterious blonde who's stronger than any human he's ever fought. Turns out the blonde is his father's ex and is supposed to be dead.

This is set during Seasons 4/1 after Spike's quest to get the ring back from Angel. Angel has learned of Buffy's attempt at moving on with Parker and is not too happy to hear about it.

The Girl Gets Around
Set after both series have ended. The LA crew now consists of Angel, Spike and Illyria. Angel, investigating what he believes is a rogue demon hunter, runs across Buffy at a most unlikely place. She's working as a stripper and doing quite well at it, too.

Just the Way You Are
Seeley Booth is in Columbus investigating a case when he runs into a woman who claims she knows him. If she's right, if he believes her, everything he knows is a lie. This is a Bones/Buffy crossover with a little bit of X-Files thrown in for fun.

Let the Sun Shine In
Set during Season 7/Season 4, Angelus pays his slayer a little visit once the Beast has been defeated by Faith. Knowing he's on borrowed time without the soul he wants to make the best of it.

A Little Less of a Fruitcake
Set post Buffy Season 7 and Angel Season 4. What does Buffy do now that she's no longer the only one and Spike's gone? Giles and Willow have begun a computer search in an attempt to find as many of the slayers as they can while Buffy realizes she's become more of a cookie than she thought. This fic will touch on some Buffy and Spike as well as focus on some Buffy and Xander friendship, but it is a Buffy/Angel fic.

Living On the Edge
Buffy meets a freelance vampire hunter while at her dad's on summer break after defeating Adam and The Initiative. She doesn't realize befriending him is going to bring her right back into Angel's world when they've been so careful about avoiding one another.

Memories That Weren't There
Set post-Tabula Rasa (6x08). Buffy has memories of a day spent making love to Angel she's suspect of and decides to pay him a visit in LA to find out if they're making appearances in one another's dreams again. Confirmed as real, Angel and Buffy decide to investigate the restoration spell Willow did and whether or not Angel's soul can be made permanent. This is a Buffy/Angel fic and will probably be my only post-Season 5 B/A fic. I got the idea for this fic and had to write it. There is no Connor in this fic, Angel did sleep with Darla back in AtS Season 2 but no Connor resulted or at least that Angel is aware of.

To Live And Die In LA
Set after the end of both series, Buffy and Dawn are in the LA area for Dawn's first spring break from college. Buffy encounters the last person she ever expected to see on a sun-filled beach.

Who Are You?
This is an AU fic set in the universe presented to us in Normal Again. Buffy has been institutionalized for her claiming vampires and other monsters exist. A year has gone by since Angel first saw Buffy. He has been sent to Los Angeles a second time by Whistler to get Buffy in Sunnydale where she belongs. He will have to convince her that the monsters do exist and that she must accept her calling.

Stand Alones

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