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Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice

Like Smallville & Gilmore Girls, I've come into Grey's Anatomy late. Thanks to Netflix and iTunes, I'm officially current through Season 3 and ready to watch Season 4 and Private Practice (its spinoff) live. I really, really enjoy this show. While my daughter says many she knows who watch it oh and ah over Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd I'm really not that in to him. I like him and all, but I wish he got less attention than he does sometimes. I really enjoy all of the characters, the mix of humor and drama, and the fact that nobody's perfect.

Private Practice is an interesting show. I wasn't sure I'd like it at first, despite being fond of Tim Daly, Ty Diggs, and Chris Lowell. It's growing on me, though. It's certainly a different, more laid-back beast than Grey's is. I admit, I sometimes wonder what Addison is doing at the practice, but she wanted a change so it sort of fits. I just can't help but wonder if she'll get bored eventually without the surgery and high-risk patients.

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