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There is so much information out there available on this topic. There are many people walking around in our every day lives that are dealing with this disease. I never really knew how common it was until recently. I know many people have the idea that there is something wrong with going to a therapist and talking about what is going on in your life. I personally feel that this is a better alternative to keeping it all pent up inside of you and lashing out at those you love when it comes to a boil over one little thing. To me it takes a brave person to admit that they might need some help in their life, dealing with things they have to deal with. Everyone's breaking point is different.

December 1997, my ex-husband attempted suicide by taking an overdose of prescribed sleeping pills. Luckily, he did not know how to turn our home's alarm code off and had to call me to avoid the police coming out to our home. I made it home in time to call an ambulance and get him to the hospital. He lived. There are a variety of things that led to my husband taking the actions he took in an attempt to end his life.

I was upset with the hospital that released him after three days without returning my repeated messages to talk to the doctor on staff before his release. His second admission had to be involuntary under the Baker Act since he had attempted suicide. Yet when he was brought to the inpatient center not even an hour after he had regained conciousness they asked him to sign papers making himself a voluntary patient. I was irate. I was also furiuos with the doctor who sent him home after his first admission with sleeping pills. Let's give a depressive person who has had thoughts of suicide a resource for attempting it.

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