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I went to two different summer camps. The first was through a Chicago area YMCA, which I did not like. The second was a language camp my mother sent me to. I was unwilling to go at first, and therefore did not realize how much I actually enjoyed myself until the summer was over. I went back a second year and was amazed at how much Norwegian I had not just learned but retained over the course of a school year. A school year I had German 1 during. I was able to get high school credit for the program I attended both years. I have forgotten much of my Norwegian since then, but it helped make other languages easier for me to learn (German, Spanish & French). I made many friends at the language camp, two were probably bigger influences over my life than I realize even today. Tim (not my ex-husband) & Herb were two of the best friends I had during high school. I kept in touch with many fellow campers for a few years, but as time progressed I guess you just stop. I think camp can be a positive experience for a child if it's not presented to be a punishment or as an escape for the parents. I felt like I was being sent away for 4 weeks, over my birthday even! But, I survived and had a good time. Nothing like pickled herring and sardines for breakfast in the morning (yuck!).

Stephanie will be attending her third summer at the Concordia Language Villages French camp. She loves it and took French during the school year this past year.

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