This page last updated June 5, 2006.

Below you will find specific book titles or authors that I am looking to add to my already huge TBR (to be read) pile of books. Basically, for now I'm listing books that I'm missing to complete series or authors' backlists. I'm always open to suggestions, so if you don't see something listed here or on my TBR/read list doesn't mean I won't like it. If it's historical (not necessarily romance) chances are I'll like it.

  1. Anything by Harold Adams except No Badge, No Gun
  2. Anything by Joyce Adams except Stryker's Bride
  3. Anything by Elizabeth Adler except Sooner or Later
  4. Anything by Ginny Aiken except Crystal Memories
  5. With This Wedding Ring: Trisha Alexander
  6. Cheyenne Amber: Catherine Anderson
  7. Comanche Heart: Catherine Anderson
  8. Comanche Magic: Catherine Anderson
  9. Comanche Moon: Catherine Anderson
  10. Coming Up Roses: Catherine Anderson
  11. Indigo Blue: Catherine Anderson
  12. The Cowboy and the Debutante: Stella Bagwell
  13. Midnight Clear: Macomber, McKenna, Bagwell
  14. Millionaire On Her Doorstep: Stella Bagwell
  15. The Rancher's Blessed Event: Stella Bagwell
  16. The Rancher's Bride: Stella Bagwell
  17. The Ranger and the Widow Woman: Stella Bagwell
  18. Her Secret Weapon: Beverly Barton
  19. Special Deliveries: Janice Kaiser/Beverly Barton
  20. Fancy's Baby: Pamela Bauer
  21. Enchantress: Barbara Benedict
  22. Society Bride: Elizabeth Bevarly
  23. Angel With An Attitude: Cary Bishop
  24. The Soulmate: Cary Bishop
  25. Tempted/Hotbed Honey: Denison, Blake
  26. Manhunting in Mississippi: Stephanie Bond
  27. Fortune's Children Christmas, A: Jackson/Boswell/Turner
  28. Gifts Of Fortune: Boswell/Greene/Merritt (11/01)
  29. Stand-In Bride: Barbara Boswell
  30. The Doctor's Daughter: Judith Bowen
  31. A Home Of His Own: Judith Bowen
  32. A Home Of His Own / The Glory Girl: Judith Bowen
  33. The Rancher Takes A Wife: Judith Bowen
  34. The Rancher's Runaway Bride: Judith Bowen
  35. The Promise: Donna Boyd
  36. Hired Husband: Rebecca Brandewyne
  37. Bachelor Father: Annette Broadrick
  38. Hunter's Prey: Annette Broadrick
  39. The Man She Married anthology: Ann Major, Emma Darcy, Annette Broadrick
  40. The Admiral's Bride: Suzanne Brockmann
  41. Everday Average Jones: Suzanne Brockmann
  42. Forever Blue: Suzanne Brockmann
  43. Frisco's Kid: Suzanne Brockmann
  44. Harvard's Education: Suzanne Brockmann
  45. Prince Joe: Suzanne Brockmann
  46. White Lightning: Sharon Brondos
  47. Comanche Embrace: Betty Brooks
  48. Warrior's Embrace: Betty Brooks
  49. Wild Texas Magnolia: Betty Brooks
  50. Texas Millionaire: Dixie Browning
  51. The Broken Wing: Mary Burchell
  52. Child of Music: Mary Burchell
  53. The Curtain Rises: Mary Burchell
  54. Elusive Harmony: Mary Burchell
  55. Music of the Heart: Mary Burchell
  56. Nightingales: Mary Burchell
  57. Remembered Serenade: Mary Burchell
  58. A Song Begins: Mary Burchell
  59. Song Cycle: Mary Burchell
  60. Unbidden Melody: Mary Burchell
  61. When Love Is Blind: Mary Burchell
  62. Deceive Me Not: Eve Byron
  63. Tempt Me Not: Eve Byron
  64. Lady of Skye: Patricia Cabot
  65. Promise Me Tomorrow: Candice Camp
  66. Amarillo By Morning: Bethany Campbell
  67. Gentle On My Mind: Bethany Campbell
  68. Lone Star State of Mind: Bethany Campbell
  69. Rhinestone Cowboy: Bethany Campbell
  70. The Thunder Rolls: Bethany Campbell
  71. Mystery Heiress: Suzanne Carey
  72. Baby 101: Marisa Carroll
  73. Baby 101/Adopt-A-Dad: Carroll, Lennox
  74. Crossroads: Marisa Carroll
  75. Loveknot: Marisa Carroll
  76. Marry Me Tonight: Marisa Carroll
  77. Mission: Children: Marisa Carroll
  78. Refuge From Today: Marisa Carroll
  79. Refuge To Tomorrow: Marisa Carroll
  80. Unexpected Son: Marisa Carroll
  81. Wedding Invitation: Marisa Carroll
  82. Midnight Bride: Susan Carroll
  83. The Night Drifter: Susan Carroll
  84. Her Counterfeit Husband: Carla Cassidy
  85. Hero At Large/Strangers When We Married: Amos, Cassidy
  86. Rodeo Dad: Carla Cassidy
  87. Strangers When We Married: Carla Cassidy
  88. Wife For A Week: Carla Cassidy
  89. Court-Appointed Marriage: Dianne Castell
  90. Amaryllis: Jayne Castle
  91. Zinnia: Jayne Castle
  92. Never Say Good-bye: Maureen Caudill
  93. Bachelor's Puzzle: Ginger Chambers
  94. Courthouse Steps: Ginger Chambers
  95. Daddy Next Door: Ginger Chambers
  96. Puppy Love: Ginger Chambers
  97. The Bachelor Project: Victoria Chancellor
  98. Captives of the Night: Loretta Chase
  99. The Last Hellion: Loretta Chase
  100. The Borrowed Groom: Judy Christenberry
  101. Cherish the Boss: Judy Christenberry
  102. Daddy Unknown: Judy Christenberry
  103. The Great Texas Wedding Bargain: Judy Christenberry
  104. Guarding Camille: Judy Christenberry
  105. The Last Stubborn Cowboy: Judy Christenberry
  106. Never Let You Go: Judy Christenberry
  107. One Hot Daddy-To-Be: Judy Christenberry
  108. Patchwork Family: Judy Christenberry
  109. Surprise-You're A Daddy: Judy Christenberry
  110. The $10,000,000 Texas Wedding: Judy Christenberry
  111. The Pendragon: Catherine Christian
  112. Hearts Against the Wind: Kathy Clark
  113. Stand By Your Man: Kathy Clark
  114. The Nanny Proposal: Donna Clayton
  115. Queen of the May: Denée Cody
  116. Husband By Inheritance: Cara Colter
  117. A Royal Marriage: Cara Colter
  118. Wed By A Will: Cara Colter
  119. The Reluctant Daddy: Helen Conrad
  120. Those Baby Blues: Helen Conrad
  121. Avenging Angel: Lori Copeland
  122. Sweet Talkin' Stranger: Lori Copeland
  123. The Edge: Catherine Coulter
  124. Forever Yours anthology: Delinsky, Coulter, Howard
  125. Cowboy Comes Home/A Hard-Hearted Man: Lee, Craft
  126. One Christmas Night: Kathleen Creighton
  127. One Summer's Night: Kathleen Creighton
  128. Edge of Eternity: Jasmine Cresswell
  129. His Brother's Fiancée: Jasmine Cresswell
  130. The Inheritance: Jasmine Cresswell
  131. Dangerous: Millie Criswell
  132. Sweet Laurel: Millie Criswell
  133. Wild Heather: Millie Criswell
  134. Groom's Revenge, The: Susan Crosby
  135. Cinderalla's Tycoon: Caroline Cross
  136. Dash To the Altar: Ruth Jean Dale
  137. The Lyon Legacy anthology: Sutherland, Fox, Dale
  138. Consequences: Margot Dalton
  139. Cowboys and Cabernet: Margot Dalton
  140. Even the Nights Are Better: Margot Dalton
  141. The Heart Won't Lie: Margot Dalton
  142. The Hiding Place: Margot Dalton
  143. In Plain Sight: Margot Dalton
  144. Mustang Heart: Margot Dalton
  145. Never Givin' Up On Love: Margot Dalton
  146. New Way To Fly: Margot Dalton
  147. Southern Nights: Margot Dalton
  148. Way Of The Wolf: Rebecca Daniels
  149. The Man She Married anthology: Ann Major, Emma Darcy, Annette Broadrick
  150. The Playboy King's Wife: Emma Darcy
  151. The Pleasure King's Bride: Emma Darcy
  152. Fortune's Darling: Frances Davies
  153. Fortune's Hunter: Frances Davies
  154. Heart of the Raven: Diane Wicker Davis
  155. The Return of Luke McGuire/The Temptation of Sam MacNeill: Davis/Kantra
  156. Wrangler's Bride, The: Justine Davis
  157. Simmer All Night: Geralyn Dawson
  158. Manhunting in Miami: Alyssa Dean
  159. Forever Yours anthology: Delinsky, Coulter, Howard
  160. Impulse anthology: Delinsky, Gerritsen, Howard
  161. Forbidden!: Janelle Denison
  162. Private Fantasies: Janelle Denison
  163. Private Pleasurees: Janelle Denison
  164. Ready-Made Bride: Janelle Denison
  165. Seduced: Janelle Denison
  166. Simply Sensual/Seduced: Phillips/Denison
  167. Tempted: Janelle Denison
  168. Tempted/Hotbed Honey: Denison, Blake
  169. The Seduction of Sydney: Jamie Ann Denton
  170. Night Moves: Thea Devine
  171. Always Her Hero: Adrienne deWolfe
  172. I Do! I Do!: Jacqueline Diamond
  173. Tyler Brides: Rolofson, Diamond, MacAllister (Meant For Each Other, Behind Closed Doors, The Bride's Support)
  174. Lady In White: Denise Domning
  175. Em's Only Chance: Rosey Dow
  176. Princess of Fire: Shannon Drake
  177. More Than A Miracle: Kathleen Eagle
  178. Paintbox Morning: Kathleen Eagle
  179. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1988: Eagle, Hastings, Broadrick, Matlock
  180. Surrender: Kathleen Eagle
  181. To Each His Own: Kathleen Eagle
  182. Forever and A Baby: Margot Early
  183. Harlequin Escapade: York, Thompson, Early, Graham
  184. Home On the Range: MacAllister, Early
  185. There Is A Season: Margot Early
  186. You Were On My Mind: Margot Early
  187. Betrothed: Elizabeth Elliott
  188. Scoundrel: Elizabeth Elliott
  189. Night Heat: Lyn Ellis
  190. Tall, Dark and Reckless: Lyn Ellis
  191. Arrowpoint: Suzanne Ellison
  192. Blazing Star: Suzanne Ellison
  193. Emma and the Handsome Devil: Marcia Evanick
  194. Georgia On His Mind: Marcia Evanick
  195. Here's Lookin' At You: Marcia Evanick
  196. Daughter of Camelot: Quinn Taylor Evans
  197. Daughter of Fire: Quinn Taylor Evans
  198. Daughter of Light: Quinn Taylor Evans
  199. Daughter of the Mist: Quinn Taylor Evans
  200. Dawn of Camelot: Quinn Taylor Evans
  201. Shadows of Camelot: Quinn Taylor Evans
  202. Dad By Choice: Marie Ferrarella
  203. Expecting...In Texas: Marie Ferrarella
  204. Forgotten Honeymoon: Marie Ferrarella
  205. The Thief's Mistress: Gayle Feyrer
  206. Father and Child Reunion: Christine Flynn
  207. Family Fortune: Roz Denny Fox
  208. The Lyon Legacy anthology: Sutherland, Fox, Dale
  209. Who Is Emerald Monday?: Roz Denny Fox
  210. Lady Moonlight: Kate Freiman
  211. Dangerously Irresistible: Kristin Gabriel
  212. Love and Cherish: Dorothy Garlock
  213. The Baron: Juliana Garnett
  214. Castles: Julie Garwood
  215. Guardian Angel: Julie Garwood
  216. The Lion's Lady: Julie Garwood
  217. Ransom: Julie Garwood
  218. The Cornish Heiress: Roberta Gellis
  219. The English Heiress: Roberta Gellis
  220. Fire Song: Roberta Gellis
  221. Fortune's Bride: Roberta Gellis
  222. The Kent Heiress: Roberta Gellis
  223. Winter Song: Roberta Gellis
  224. Lone Star Knight: Cindy Gerard
  225. Lone Star Prince: Cindy Gerard
  226. Impulse anthology: Delinsky, Gerritsen, Howard
  227. Beloved Exile: Parke Godwin
  228. Firelord: Parke Godwin
  229. Sherwood: Parke Godwin
  230. Spencer's Bride: Laura Gordon
  231. Spencer's Shadow: Laura Gordon
  232. Harlequin Escapade: York, Thompson, Early, Graham
  233. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987: Browning, Gray, Howard, Palmer
  234. Baby Chase, The: Jennifer Greene
  235. Big Sky Brides: Rimmer/Greene/St. John
  236. Gifts Of Fortune: Boswell/Greene/Merritt (11/01)
  237. Honor Bound Groom, The: Jennifer Greene
  238. You Belong To Me: Jennifer Greene
  239. Man With A Past: Celeste Hamilton
  240. A Bright Idea: Cindy Harris
  241. Child's Play: Cindy Harris
  242. Fire and Ice: Catherine Hart
  243. Silken Savage: Catherine Hart
  244. Devlin's Promise: Robin Lee Hatcher
  245. Promise Me Spring: Robin Lee Hatcher
  246. Promised Sunrise: Robin Lee Hatcher
  247. Cinderella and the Spy: Sally Tyler Hayes
  248. Spies, Lies and Lovers: Sally Tyler Hayes
  249. Wife, Mother ... Lover?: Sally Tyler Hayes
  250. Secrent Agent Dad: Metsy Hingle
  251. Savannah Purchase: Jane Aiken Hodge
  252. Wide is the Water: Jane Aiken Hodge
  253. Daddy Wanted: Kate Hoffmann
  254. Honey: Stef Ann Holm
  255. Hooked: Stef Ann Holm
  256. Yours 2 Keep anthology: Hooper/Pappano/Martin/Kauffman/Shalvis
  257. Always and Forever anthology: Linda Howard, Miller, Pozzessere
  258. Forever Yours anthology: Delinsky, Coulter, Howard
  259. Impulse anthology: Delinsky, Gerritsen, Howard
  260. Midnight Rainbow: Linda Howard
  261. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987: Browning, Gray, Howard, Palmer
  262. Apache Heartsong: Janis Reams Hudson
  263. Apache Legacy: Janis Reams Hudson
  264. Apache Magic: Janis Reams Hudson
  265. Apache Promise: Janis Reams Hudson
  266. Apache Temptation: Janis Reams Hudson
  267. Formula: Father: Karen Hughes
  268. A Montana Mavericks Christmas: Mallery/Hughes
  269. Fortune's Children Christmas, A: Jackson/Boswell/Turner
  270. Lone Stallion's Lady: Lisa Jackson
  271. Millionaire And The Cowgirl, The: Lisa Jackson
  272. Corporate Daddy: Arlene James
  273. The Detective's Dilemma: Arlene James
  274. Single With Children: Arlene James
  275. Every Wish Fulfilled: Samantha James
  276. Reckless: Anna Jennet
  277. Mail-Order Cinderella: Kathryn Jensen
  278. Billion Dollar Bride: Muriel Jensen
  279. Hot Pursuit: Muriel Jensen
  280. Kids and Co.: Muriel Jensen
  281. Make Way For Mommy: Muriel Jensen
  282. Merry Christmas, Mommy: Muriel Jensen
  283. Milky Way: Muriel Jensen
  284. Mommy and Me: Muriel Jensen
  285. The Third Wise Man: Muriel Jensen
  286. Undercover Mom: Muriel Jensen
  287. The Wedding Gamble: Muriel Jensen
  288. Always: Iris Johansen
  289. And the Desert Blooms: Iris Johansen
  290. Blue Skies and Shining Promises: Iris Johansen
  291. Capture the Rainbow: Iris Johansen
  292. Everlasting: Iris Johansen
  293. The Golden Valkyrie: Iris Johansen
  294. The Golden Valkyrie/The Trustworthy Redhead: Iris Johansen
  295. Magnificent Folly: Iris Johansen
  296. Man From Half Moon Bay: Iris Johansen
  297. Notorious: Iris Johansen
  298. Star Light, Star Bright: Iris Johansen
  299. Strong, Hot Winds: Iris Johansen
  300. A Summer Smile: Iris Johansen
  301. Touch the Horizon: Iris Johansen
  302. A Tough Man To Tame: Iris Johansen
  303. The Trustworthy Redhead: Iris Johansen
  304. Delta Blood: Brenda Ferry Johnson
  305. The Heirs of Love: Brenda Ferry Johnson
  306. The Baby and The Badge: Janice Kay Johnson
  307. A Message For Abby: Janice Kay Johnson
  308. Blaze: Susan Johnson
  309. Brazen: Susan Johnson
  310. Forbidden: Susan Johnson
  311. To Please A Lady: Susan Johnson
  312. Comanche Woman: Joan Johnston
  313. The Disobedient Bride: Joan Johnston
  314. Hawk's Way Brides: Joan Johnston
  315. The Headstrong Bride: Joan Johnston
  316. Maverick Heart: Joan Johnston
  317. Spouse For Hire: Joan Johnston, Michaels, Magner
  318. The Substitute Groom: Joan Johnston
  319. Taming the Lone Wolf/Single In the Saddle: Johnston, Thompson
  320. Texas Woman: Joan Johnston
  321. The Unforgiving Bride: Joan Johnston
  322. The Virgin Groom: Joan Johnston
  323. In the Shadow of the Oak King: Courtway Jones
  324. The Witch of the North: Courtway Jones
  325. The Outlaw: Nicole Jordan
  326. Lover By Deception: Penny Jordan
  327. The Mistress Assignment: Penny Jordan
  328. A Treacherous Seduction: Penny Jordan
  329. Knight Of A Trillion Stars: Dara Joy
  330. Double Take: Janice Kaiser
  331. Fortune Cookie anthology: Kaiser, Rodgers, St. George
  332. Special Deliveries: Janice Kaiser/Beverly Barton
  333. The Theft: Andrea Kane
  334. The Comeback of Con MacNeill: Virginia Kantra
  335. The Temptation of Sam MacNeill: Virginia Kantra
  336. The Charmer: Leona Karr
  337. Yours To Keep anthology: Hooper/Pappano/Martin/Kauffman/Shalvis
  338. After the Lights Go Out: Barbara Kaye
  339. Deep In the Heart: Barbara Kaye
  340. Everbody's Talkin': Barbara Kaye
  341. The Lullaby Deception: Susan Kearney
  342. The Cat's Fancy: Julie Kenner
  343. Reckless: Carrington, Kenner
  344. Passion's Bargain: Jane Kidder
  345. Passion's Captive: Jane Kidder
  346. Passion's Fever: Jane Kidder
  347. Passion's Kiss: Jane Kidder
  348. Passion's Song: Jane Kidder
  349. Once Upon A Dream: Katherine Kingsley
  350. The Shadow and the Star: Laura Kinsale
  351. Shades of the Past: Kathleen Kirkwood
  352. Only With Your Love: Lisa Kleypas
  353. Prince Of Dreams: Lisa Kleypas
  354. Somewhere I'll Find You: Lisa Kleypas
  355. Then Came You: Lisa Kleypas
  356. Another Chance For Daddy: Patricia Knoll
  357. Bachelor Cowboy: Patricia Knoll
  358. Wedding Bells: Patricia Knoll
  359. Lady Outlaw: Kathryn Kramer
  360. Chieftain: Arnette Lamb
  361. Angry Desire: Charlotte Lamb
  362. Dark Fever: Charlotte Lamb
  363. Deadly Rivals: Charlotte Lamb
  364. Haunted Dreams: Charlotte Lamb
  365. Hot Blood: Charlotte Lamb
  366. Secret Obsession: Charlotte Lamb
  367. Loving Lizbeth: Ruth Ryan Langan
  368. One Christmas Night: Stone, Langan, Navin
  369. Snowbound Cinderella: Ruth Ryan Langan
  370. A Convenient Marriage: Stephanie Laurens
  371. The Promise In A Kiss: Stephanie Laurens
  372. The Cad: Edith Layton
  373. Mail-Order Grooms: Thompson, Leclaire
  374. The Twenty-Four-Hour Bride: Day Leclaire
  375. Midnight Cowboy: Adrianne Lee
  376. Boots and Badges: Rachel Lee
  377. The Catch of Conard County: Rachel Lee
  378. Cherokee Thunder: Rachel Lee
  379. A Conard County Homecoming: Rachel Lee
  380. A Conard County Reckoning: Rachel Lee
  381. Cowboy Comes Home: Rachel Lee
  382. Cowboy Cop: Rachel Lee
  383. Destination: Conard County: Rachel Lee
  384. Exile's End: Rachel Lee
  385. Exile's End/Cherokee Thunder/Miss Emmaline and the Archangel: Rachel Lee
  386. Involuntary Daddy: Rachel Lee
  387. Ironheart: Rachel Lee
  388. Lost Warriors: Rachel Lee
  389. Nighthawk: Rachel Lee
  390. Point of No Return: Rachel Lee
  391. A Question of Justice: Rachel Lee
  392. Thunder Mountain: Rachel Lee
  393. A Million Dollar Man: Vivian Leiber
  394. Millionaire's Instant Baby: Leigh, Pade
  395. Hot and Bothered: Jo Leigh
  396. Quick, Find A Ring: Jo Leigh
  397. Single Sheriff Seeks...: Jo Leigh
  398. Adopt-A-Dad: Marion Lennox
  399. Baby 101/Adopt-A-Dad: Carroll, Lennox
  400. Good Girls Do!: Julie Elizabeth Leto
  401. Private Lessons: Julie Elizabeth Leto
  402. Seducing Sullivan: Julie Elizabeth Leto
  403. Angel: Johanna Lindsey
  404. Brave the Wild Wind: Johanna Lindsey
  405. Heart Of A Warrior: Johanna Lindsey
  406. You Belong To Me: Johanna Lindsey
  407. Baby Wanted: Cathie Linz
  408. Still Hitched, Cowboy: Leandra Logan
  409. Angel vs. MacLean: Cait London
  410. Blaylock's Bride: Cait London
  411. The Cowboy and the Cradle: Cait London
  412. Do You Take This Cowboy?: London, McAllister
  413. The Groom Candidate: Cait London
  414. The Homecoming: Cait London
  415. The Loving Season: Cait London
  416. Midnight Rider: Cait London
  417. Rafe Palladin: Man of Secrets: Cait London
  418. Rio: The Man of Destiny: Cait London
  419. The Seduction of Jake Tallman: Cait London
  420. A Tallchief Celebration anthology: Cait London
  421. Tallchief For Keeps: Cait London
  422. Tallchief's Bride: Cait London
  423. Beauty And The Bodyguard: Merline Lovelace
  424. If A Man Answers: Merline Lovelace
  425. The Spy Who Loved Him: Merline Lovelace
  426. Twice In A Lifetime: Merline Lovelace
  427. Undercover Groom: Merline Lovelace
  428. Enchanted: Elizabeth Lowell
  429. Forbidden: Elizabeth Lowell
  430. Heaven On Earth anthology: Lowell, Palmer, Pickart
  431. Jade Island: Elizabeth Lowell
  432. Love Song For Raven: Elizabeth Lowell
  433. Midnight in Ruby Bayou: Elizabeth Lowell
  434. Moving Target: Elizabeth Lowell
  435. Only His: Elizabeth Lowell
  436. Only Love: Elizabeth Lowell
  437. Pearl Cove: Elizabeth Lowell
  438. Colorado's Finest: Sheryl Lynn
  439. Bride of Hearts: Janet Lynnford
  440. Firebrand Bride: Janet Lynnford
  441. Lady Shadowhawk: Janet Lynnford
  442. Lord of Lightning: Janet Lynnford
  443. Blaze: MacAllister, Minger, Ross
  444. Christmas Male: Heather MacAllister
  445. Home On the Range: MacAllister, Early
  446. Manhunting in Memphis: Heather MacAllister
  447. Mr. December: Heather MacAllister
  448. Tyler Brides: Rolofson, Diamond, MacAllister (Meant For Each Other, Behind Closed Doors, The Bride's Support)
  449. A Very Special Delivery: Myrna Mackenzie
  450. Buffalo Valley: Debbie Macomber
  451. Dakota Home: Debbie Macomber
  452. Mail-Order Marriages: Debbie Macomber
  453. Marriage of Inconvenience: Debbie Macomber
  454. The Marriage Risk: Debbie Macomber
  455. Midnight Clear: Macomber, McKenna, Bagwell
  456. Ready For Love: Debbie Macomber
  457. Reflections of Yesterday: Debbie Macomber
  458. Same Time, Next Year: Debbie Macomber
  459. The Sheriff Takes A Wife: Debbie Macomber
  460. Stand-in Wife: Debbie Macomber
  461. Spouse For Hire: Joan Johnston, Michaels, Magner
  462. Destiny's Child: Ann Major
  463. The Goodbye Child: Ann Major
  464. The Man She Married anthology: Ann Major, Emma Darcy, Annette Broadrick
  465. Night Child: Ann Major
  466. Nobody's Child: Ann Major
  467. Scandal's Child: Ann Major
  468. Secret Child: Ann Major
  469. Cinderella For A Night: Susan Mallery
  470. A Montana Mavericks Christmas: Mallery/Hughes
  471. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride: Susan Mallery
  472. Wild West Wife: Susan Mallery
  473. Circles in Time: Tess Mallory
  474. Devil's Prize: Kat Martin
  475. Sweet Vengeance: Kat Martin
  476. Yours 2 Keep anthology: Hooper/Pappano/Martin/Kauffman/Shalvis
  477. Monkey Wrench: Nancy Martin
  478. Whirlwind: Nancy Martin
  479. The Alvares Bride: Sandra Marton
  480. Guardian Groom: Sandra Marton
  481. An Indecent Proposal: Sandra Marton
  482. Romano's Revenge: Sandra Marton
  483. Spring Bride: Sandra Marton
  484. Flame: Connie Mason
  485. Sierra: Connie Mason
  486. To Love A Stranger: Connie Mason
  487. To Tame A Renegade: Connie Mason
  488. The Millionaire's Virgin: Anne Mather
  489. Lord of the Isle: Elizabeth Mayne
  490. The Cowboy and the Kid: Anne McAllister
  491. The Cowboy Crashes A Wedding: Anne McAllister
  492. Cowboy On the Run: Anne McAllister
  493. Cowboy Pride: Anne McAllister
  494. The Cowboy Steals A Lady: Anne McAllister
  495. The Cowboy's Code: Anne McAllister
  496. A Cowboy's Secret: Anne McAllister
  497. A Cowboy's Tears: Anne McAllister
  498. Cowboys Don't Cry: Anne McAllister
  499. Cowboys Don't Quit: Anne McAllister
  500. Cowboys Don't Stay: Anne McAllister
  501. Do You Take This Cowboy?: London, McAllister
  502. The Great Montana Cowboy Auction: Anne McAllister
  503. The Stardust Cowboy: Anne McAllister
  504. Moonstruck Madness: Laurie McBain
  505. Prescription: Baby: Jule McBride
  506. Secret Baby Spencer: Jule McBride
  507. A Way With Women: Jule McBride
  508. Sweet Possession: Candace McCarthy
  509. Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge: Barbara McCauley
  510. Callan's Proposal: Barbara McCauley
  511. Fortune's Secret Daughter: Barbara McCauley
  512. Gabriel's Honor: Barbara McCauley
  513. Killian's Passion: Barbara McCauley
  514. Reese's Wild Wager: Barbara McCauley
  515. A Reluctant Rogue: Pam McCutcheon
  516. Commando: Lindsay McKenna
  517. Dawn of Valor: Lindsay McKenna
  518. Heart of Stone: Lindsay McKenna
  519. Heart of the Hunter: Lindsay McKenna
  520. Heart of the Jaguar: Lindsay McKenna
  521. Heart of the Warrior: Lindsay McKenna
  522. Heart of the Wolf: Lindsay McKenna
  523. In the Beginning: Lindsay McKenna
  524. King of Swords: Lindsay McKenna
  525. Lord of Shadowhawk: Lindsay McKenna
  526. Love and Glory: Lindsay McKenna
  527. A Man Alone: Lindsay McKenna
  528. Man With A Mission: Lindsay McKenna
  529. Midnight Clear: Macomber, McKenna, Bagwell
  530. Morgan's Marriage: Lindsay McKenna
  531. Morgan's Rescue: Lindsay McKenna
  532. Morgan's Son: Lindsay McKenna
  533. Morgan's Wife: Lindsay McKenna
  534. No Surrender: Lindsay McKenna
  535. A Question of Honor: Lindsay McKenna
  536. A Question of Honor, No Surrender, Return of A Hero: Lindsay McKenna
  537. Red Tail: Lindsay McKenna
  538. Return of A Hero: Lindsay McKenna
  539. The Rogue: Lindsay McKenna
  540. Solitaire: Lindsay McKenna
  541. Stallion Tamer: Linsay McKenna
  542. The Untamed Hunter: Lindsay McKenna
  543. White Wolf: Lindsay McKenna
  544. Wild Mustang Woman: Lindsay McKenna
  545. Dream Stone: Glenna McReynolds
  546. Lord of Fire: Emma Merritt
  547. Lord of Thunder: Emma Merritt
  548. Gifts Of Fortune: Boswell/Greene/Merritt (11/01)
  549. Hired Bride: Jackie Merritt
  550. The Kincaid Bride: Jackie Merritt
  551. Letter To A Lonesome Cowboy: Jackie Merritt
  552. The Rancher Takes A Wife: Jackie Merritt
  553. The Widow And The Rodeo Man: Jackie Merritt
  554. Willing Wife, A: Jackie Merritt
  555. Sheikh's Secret Son, The: Kasey Michaels
  556. Spouse For Hire: Joan Johnston, Michaels, Magner
  557. Strange Bedfellows: Kasey Michaels
  558. Bride on Loan: Leigh Michaels
  559. Fire and Sword: Theresa Michaels
  560. Rich, Rugged...Ruthless: Jennifer Mikels
  561. A Real Angel: Cassie Miles
  562. Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country: Rosalind Miles
  563. Always and Forever anthology: Linda Howard, Miller, Pozzessere
  564. Blaze: MacAllister, Minger, Ross
  565. Night Rhythms: Elda Minger
  566. Bachelor-Auction Bridegroom: Mollie Molay
  567. Billionaire Bridegroom: Peggy Moreland
  568. Ride A Wild Heart: Peggy Moreland
  569. To Be A Bridegroom: Carole Mortimer
  570. Trust in Summer Madness: Carole Mortimer
  571. The Law Is No Lady: Helen R. Myers
  572. One Christmas Night: Stone, Langan, Navin
  573. Wisconsin Wedding: Carla Neggers
  574. Accidental Father: Lauren Nichols
  575. Accidental Hero: Lauren Nichols
  576. The Agreement: Constance O'Banyon
  577. Desert Song: Constance O'Banyon
  578. Highland Love Song: Constance O'Banyon
  579. Key West Heat: Alice Orr
  580. World's Most Eligible Texan: Sara Orwig
  581. Midnight Mistress: Ruth Owen
  582. Baby Be Mine: Victoria Pade
  583. Baby Love: Victoria Pade
  584. Baby My Baby: Victoria Pade
  585. The Case of the Accidental Heiress: Victoria Pade
  586. The Case of the Maybe Babies: Victoria Pade
  587. Cowboy's Baby: Victoria Pade
  588. Cowboy's Caress: Victoria Pade
  589. The Cowboy's Gift-Wrapped Bride: Victoria Pade
  590. The Cowboy's Ideal Wife: Victoria Pade
  591. Cowboy's Kin: Victoria Pade
  592. Cowboy's Lady: Victoria Pade
  593. Cowboy's Love: Victoria Pade
  594. The Marriage Bargain: Victoria Pade
  595. Wyoming Wrangler: Victoria Pade
  596. Baby Pursuit, The: Laurie Paige
  597. Cheyenne Bride: Laurie Paige
  598. A Family Homecoming: Laurie Paige
  599. Father Found: Laurie Paige
  600. A Hero's Homecoming: Laurie Paige
  601. The Once And Future Wife: Laurie Paige
  602. Outlaw Marriage: Laurie Paige
  603. Heaven On Earth anthology: Lowell, Palmer, Pickart
  604. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987: Browning, Gray, Howard, Palmer
  605. Big Sky Lawman: Marilyn Pappano
  606. Father To Be: Marilyn Pappano
  607. Getting Lucky: Marilyn Pappano
  608. Season For Miracles: Marilyn Pappano
  609. Some Enchanted Season: Marilyn Pappano
  610. You Must Remember This: Marilyn Pappano
  611. Yours 2 Keep anthology: Hooper/Pappano/Martin/Kauffman/Shalvis
  612. Brazen: Carly Phillips
  613. Simply Scandalous: Carly Phillips
  614. Simply Sensual: Carly Phillips
  615. Simply Sinful: Carly Phillips
  616. The Road To Camelot: Marti Phillips
  617. Midsummer's Knight: Tori Phillips
  618. Silent Knight: Tori Phillips
  619. Three Dog Knight: Tori Phillips
  620. Heaven On Earth anthology: Lowell, Palmer, Pickart
  621. Wife Most Wanted: Joan Elliott Pickart
  622. Always and Forever anthology: Linda Howard, Miller, Pozzessere
  623. The Perfect Bride: Eileen Putnam
  624. With This Ring: Amanda Quick
  625. Cassidy's Kids: Tara Taylor Quinn
  626. Marry Me, Baby: Debbi Rawlins
  627. Breathless: Kimberly Raye
  628. Restless: Kimberly Raye
  629. Shameless: Kimberly Raye
  630. The Tycoon's Bride: Michelle Reid
  631. The Heart and the Holly: Nancy Richards-Akers
  632. Passionate Kisses: Penny Richards
  633. Unanswered Prayers: Penny Richards
  634. Baby By Design: Paula Detmer Riggs
  635. Daddy By Accident: Paula Detmer Riggs
  636. Daddy By Choice: Paula Detmer Riggs
  637. Her Secret, His Child: Paula Detmer Riggs
  638. Mommy By Surprise: Paula Detmer Riggs
  639. Once Upon A Wedding: Paula Detmer Riggs
  640. The Parent Plan: Paula Detmer Riggs
  641. Paroled!: Paula Detmer Riggs
  642. Big Sky Brides: Rimmer/Greene/St. John
  643. Cinderella's Big Sky Groom: Christine Rimmer
  644. Wife Wanted: Christine Rimmer
  645. Lady of the Forest: Jennifer Roberson
  646. Lady of Sherwood: Jennifer Roberson
  647. The Best Man In Texas: Kelsey Roberts
  648. Secret Vows: York, Roberts
  649. The Calhoun Women anthology: Nora Roberts
  650. Courting Catherine: Nora Roberts
  651. A Man For Amanda: Nora Roberts
  652. Megan's Mate: Nora Roberts
  653. Just Before Midnight: Suzanne Robinson
  654. Lady Defiant: Suzanne Robinson
  655. Baby vs. the Bar: M.J. Rodgers
  656. Beauty vs. the Beast: M.J. Rodgers
  657. Fortune Cookie anthology: Kaiser, Rodgers, St. George
  658. Heart vs. Humbug: M.J. Rodgers
  659. Love vs. Illusion: M.J. Rodgers
  660. Baby of Fortune: Shirley Rogers
  661. Conveniently His: Banks/Rogers
  662. The Texan Takes A Wife: Kristine Rolofson
  663. A Touch Of Texas: Kristine Rolofson
  664. Tyler Brides: Rolofson, Diamond, MacAllister (Meant For Each Other, Behind Closed Doors, The Bride's Support)
  665. Heart of a Lawman: Patricia Rosemoor
  666. A Rancher's Vow: Patricia Rosemoor
  667. Blaze: MacAllister, Minger, Ross
  668. Magic In the Night: JoAnn Ross
  669. Playing For Keeps: JoAnn Ross
  670. A Montana Family: Roxanne Rustand
  671. The Million-Dollar Marriage: Eva Rutland
  672. Belladonna: Jenna Ryan
  673. Familiar Stranger: Sharon Sala
  674. For Her Eyes Only: Sharon Sala
  675. The Black Angel: Barbara Samuel
  676. Silver and Sapphire: Coral Smith Saxe
  677. Prescription for Seduction: Darlene Scalera
  678. Luck of the Draw: Candace Schuler
  679. Out of Control: Candace Schuler
  680. Angel In Your Eyes: Dallas Schulze
  681. The Baby Bargain: Dallas Schulze
  682. Donovan's Promise: Dallas Schulze
  683. Everything But Marriage: Dallas Schulze
  684. Dangerous Angels: Amanda Scott
  685. Dangerous Games: Amanda Scott
  686. Dangerous Illusions: Amanda Scott
  687. Savage Revenge: Theresa Scott
  688. Occupation: Millionaire: Alexandra Sellers
  689. The Bachelor's Bed: Jill Shalvis
  690. Yours 2 Keep anthology: Hooper/Pappano/Martin/Kauffman/Shalvis
  691. Angel Meets the Badman: Maggie Shayne
  692. The Baddest Virgin in Texas: Maggie Shayne
  693. Badlands Bad Boy: Maggie Shayne
  694. Husband In Time, A: Maggie Shayne
  695. The Husband She Couldn't Remember: Maggie Shayne
  696. The Littlest Cowboy: Maggie Shayne
  697. Million Dollar Marriage: Maggie Shayne
  698. The Outlaw Bride: Maggie Shayne
  699. That Mysterious Texas Brand Man: Maggie Shayne
  700. The deBurgh Bride: Deborah Simmons
  701. Taming the Wolf: Deborah Simmons
  702. For His Daughter: Dani Sinclair
  703. My Baby, My Love: Dani Sinclair
  704. The Silent Witness: Dani Sinclair
  705. Someone's Baby: Dani Sinclair
  706. The Price of Innocence: Susan Sizemore
  707. Defiant Captive: Christina Skye
  708. East of Forever: Christina Skye
  709. The Hard-To-Tame Texas: Lass Small
  710. The Half Breed: Bobbi Smith
  711. Fire and Water: Mary Spencer
  712. Fortune Cookie anthology: Kaiser, Rodgers, St. George
  713. Big Sky Brides: Rimmer/Greene/St. John
  714. The Magnificent Seven: Cheryl St. John
  715. Rain Shadow: Cheryl St. John
  716. The Feisty Fiancée: Jessica Steele
  717. Marriage In Mind: Jessica Steele
  718. Married In A Moment: Jessica Steele
  719. Shameless: Sandy Steen
  720. Somewhere Other Than the Night: Sandy Steen
  721. Lone Star Wedding: Sandra Steffen
  722. Marriage By Contract: Sandra Steffen
  723. Intimate Stranger: Donna Sterling
  724. The Forgiven: Amanda Stevens
  725. The Innocent: Amanda Stevens
  726. The Crystal Cave: Mary Stewart
  727. The Hollow Hills: Mary Stewart
  728. The Last Enchantment: Mary Stewart
  729. The Wicked Day: Mary Stewart
  730. Bride of Trouville: Lyn Stone
  731. The Knight's Bride: Lyn Stone
  732. My Lady's Choice: Lyn Stone
  733. One Christmas Night: Stone, Langan, Navin
  734. Urgent Vows: Joyce Sullivan
  735. Addy's Angels: Peg Sutherland
  736. Baby Boom: Peg Sutherland
  737. Double Wedding Ring: Peg Sutherland
  738. Family Reunion: Peg Sutherland
  739. A Father's Vow: Peg Sutherland
  740. Love And War: Peg Sutherland
  741. The Lyon Legacy anthology: Sutherland, Fox, Dale
  742. Queen of the Dixie Drive-in: Peg Sutherland
  743. Heartbreaker: Laura Taylor
  744. Tender Mercy: Laura Taylor
  745. The World's Best Dad: Valerie Taylor
  746. Runaway Bridesmaid- Karen Templeton
  747. A Father's Vow: Myrna Temte
  748. Sleeping With The Enemy: Myrna Temte
  749. One Hot Cowboy: Cathy Gillen Thacker
  750. Every Woman's Fantasy: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  751. Harlequin Escapade: York, Thompson, Early, Graham
  752. Her Best Friend's Baby: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  753. Hero In Disguise: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  754. Holding Out For A Hero: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  755. Mail-Order Grooms: Thompson, Leclaire
  756. Pure Temptation: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  757. Single In the Saddle: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  758. Wedding Song: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  759. The Birth Mother: Pamela Toth
  760. Wedlocked?!: Pamela Toth
  761. An Angel For Dry Creek: Janet Tronstad
  762. A Bride For Dry Creek: Janet Tronstad
  763. Cooper: Linda Turner
  764. The Enemy's Daughter: Linda Turner
  765. Flynn: Linda Turner
  766. Fortune's Children Christmas, A: Jackson/Boswell/Turner
  767. Gable's Lady: Linda Turner
  768. Kat: Linda Turner
  769. Never Been Kissed: Linda Turner
  770. Nighthawk's Child: Linda Turner
  771. Who's the Boss: Linda Turner
  772. Wolf And The Dove, The: Linda Turner
  773. Straight From the Heart: Linda Warren
  774. The Baby Quest: Pat Warren
  775. Bright Hopes: Pat Warren
  776. Sunshine: Pat Warren
  777. For the Children: Margaret Watson
  778. The Fugitive Bride: Margaret Watson
  779. The Marriage Protection Program: Margaret Watson
  780. Rodeo Man: Margaret Watson
  781. Someone To Watch Over Her: Margaret Watson
  782. Expectations: Shannon Waverly
  783. Julia: Shannon Waverly
  784. Lauren: Shannon Waverly
  785. Memories At Midnight: Joanna Wayne
  786. Unconditional Surrender: Joanna Wayne
  787. Grey Wolf's Woman: Peggy Webb
  788. Night of the Dragon: Peggy Webb
  789. Calum: Sally Wentworth
  790. Chris: Sally Wentworth
  791. Guitars, Cadillacs: Cara West
  792. Restless Nights: Tiffany White
  793. Tycoon Warrior: Sheri WhiteFeather
  794. Ooh Baby, Baby: Diana Whitney
  795. Million-Dollar Bride: Karen Toller Whittenburg
  796. The Two-Penny Wedding: Karen Toller Whittenburg
  797. Midnight Promises: Eileen Wilks
  798. The Pregnant Heiress: Eileen Wilks
  799. The Cowboy's Secret Son: Gayle Wilson
  800. Each Precious Hour: Gayle Wilson
  801. Born Brave: Ruth Wind
  802. Seduction, Cowboy Style: Anne Marie Winston
  803. Bride-By-Day: Rebecca Winters
  804. The Toddler's Tale: Rebecca Winters
  805. Bride of Dreams: Linda Randall Wisdom
  806. Born of the Son: Joan Wolf
  807. The Edge of Light: Joan Wolf
  808. The Road to Avalon: Joan Wolf
  809. Amber's Wedding: Sara Wood
  810. The Kyriakis Baby: Sara Wood
  811. Tangled Destinies: Sara Wood
  812. Unchained Destinies: Sara Wood
  813. The Vengeful Groom: Sara Wood
  814. White Lies: Sara Wood
  815. A Love Beyond Words: Sherryl Woods
  816. Child of the Northern Spring: Persia Woolley
  817. Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn: Persia Woolley
  818. Queen of the Summer Stars: Persia Woolley
  819. Amanda's Child: Rebecca York
  820. Cradle and All: Rebecca York
  821. Face To Face: Rebecca York
  822. Father and Child: Rebecca York
  823. For Your Eyes Only: Rebecca York
  824. Harlequin Escapade: York, Thompson, Early, Graham
  825. Hopscotch: Rebecca York
  826. Never Alone: Rebecca York
  827. Never Too Late: Rebecca York
  828. Nowhere Man: Rebecca York
  829. Prince of Time: Rebecca York
  830. Secret Vows: York, Roberts
  831. Shattered Lullaby: Rebecca York
  832. Shattered Vows: Rebecca York
  833. Tangled Vows: Rebecca York
  834. Till Death Us Do Part: Rebecca York
  835. Trial By Fire: Rebecca York
  836. What Child Is This?: Rebecca York
  837. Whispers In the Night: Rebecca York
  838. The Sheik's Mistress: Brittany Young

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