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Here is a listing of books I'm looking to unload. They're all in good or acceptable condition and most I'm selling for $1 plus Media Mail shipping cost. If you have any interest, please drop me an email and I will confirm that the title is available. All sales are subject to my final confirmation as I do list things on as well. Once the sale is confirmed, I will expect payment in money order, cash, or via pay pal before I ship the book. Paypal email address is Cash, pay pal or money order I will ship upon receipt of payment. Please don't email queries of titles located on my TBR list. I only trade from the titles listed below.

I have a wish list of books that I'm looking to obtain. The problem I had in compiling a wish list is that my reading tastes are so varied that I honestly have a hard time being selective. Right now, this wish list is basically geared to the romance genre and is a listing of titles I need to complete series or groups of books. I'm sure I'll add to it.

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  1. Class Act: Laura Abbot
  2. An Unexpected Marriage: Anna Adams
  3. Black Velvet: Carrie Alexander
  4. The Maverick: Carrie Alexander
  5. Playing With Fire: Carrie Alexander
  6. Smooth Moves: Carrie Alexander
  7. What Will the Children Think?: Trisha Alexander
  8. Rachel and the Tough Guy: Jeanne Allan
  9. Contemporary American Short Stories: Douglas Angus
  10. Dragon's Dower: Catherine Archer
  11. Birthright: Judith Arnold
  12. The Best Christmas Ever: Stella Bagwell
  13. Their First Thanksgiving: Stella Bagwell
  14. His Special Delivery: Belinda Barnes
  15. The Hunt for Hawke's Daughter: Jean Barrett
  16. My Lovers Secret: Jean Barrett
  17. Beside a Dreamswept Sea: Victoria Barrett
  18. Her Perfect Man: Mary Lynn Baxter
  19. Rookie Cop: Nikki Benjamin
  20. Devil of a Chance: Cheryln Biggs
  21. Lanigan's Lady: Sonya Birmingham
  22. Irresistible You: Barbara Boswell
  23. Summer's Promise: Irene Brand
  24. Marrying Marcus: Laurey Bright
  25. The Millionaire's Pregnant Bride: Dixie Browning
  26. Leaving Enchantment: C.J. Carmichael
  27. Next Of Kin: C. J. Carmichael
  28. You Sexy Thing: Tori Carrington
  29. Imminent Danger: Carla Cassidy
  30. Silent Screams: Carla Cassidy
  31. To Catch a Flame: Kimberly Cates
  32. My Daddy the Duke: Judy Christenberry
  33. All That Remains: Patricia Cornwell 2 copies
  34. Black Notice: Patricia Cornwell
  35. The Body Farm: Patricia Cornwell
  36. Body of Evidence: Patricia Cornwell
  37. Cause of Death: Patricia Cornwell
  38. From Potter's Field: Patricia Cornwell
  39. Hornet's Nest: Patricia Cornwell 2 copies
  40. Isle of Dogs: Patricia Cornwell
  41. The Last Precinct: Patricia Cornwell
  42. Point of Origin: Patricia Cornwell
  43. Post Mortem: Patricia Cornwell
  44. Southern Cross: Patricia Cornwell
  45. Unnatural Exposure: Patricia Cornwell
  46. Congo: Michael Crichton
  47. Jurassic Park: Michael Crichton 2 copies
  48. The Agent's Secret Child: B.J. Daniels
  49. Crossfire: B.J. Daniels
  50. The Italian's Stolen Bride: Emma Darcy
  51. The Couple Most Likely To: Lilian Darcy
  52. The Listener: Kay David
  53. The Mulberry Tree: Jude Deveraux
  54. The Runaway Bride: Jacqueline Diamond
  55. The Trigger: Jacqueline Diamond
  56. Dangerous: Debra Dier
  57. Diamond Cut Diamond: Jane Donnelly
  58. It's About Time: Charlotte Douglas
  59. Lady & the Scamp/The Doctor Dilemma: Candy Halliday & Dianne Drake
  60. Lilly's Law: Dianne Drake
  61. Nine Months' Notice: Michele Dunaway
  62. Platoon: Dale Dye
  63. Metro Girl: Janet Evanovich
  64. Dark Demon: Christine Feehan
  65. A Guardian's Angel: Jo Ann Ferguson
  66. Twice In A Lifetime: Rebecca Flanders
  67. Reasonable Doubt: Philip Friedman
  68. Rock Solid: Jennifer Greene
  69. The White Wave: Jocelyn Griffin
  70. Blood Knot: David Hayes
  71. Where Truth Lies: Christine Heggan
  72. All Through the Night: Kate Hoffmann
  73. The Dakota Man: Joan Hohl
  74. Daddy's Girl: Clifford Irving
  75. Marrying An Older Man: Arlene James
  76. Can You Forget?: Melissa James
  77. Who Do You Trust?: Melissa James
  78. The Road Unseen: Barbara Jenkins,Peter Jenkins
  79. Blown Away: Muriel Jensen
  80. Daddy By Default: Muriel Jensen
  81. Daddy By Design: Muriel Jensen
  82. Daddy By Destiny: Muriel Jensen
  83. Daddy To Be Determined: Muriel Jensen
  84. Father Fever: Muriel Jensen
  85. Father Formula: Muriel Jensen
  86. Father Found: Muriel Jensen
  87. Home To You: Muriel Jensen
  88. Night Prince: Muriel Jensen
  89. With Child: Janice Kay Johnson (Larger print)
  90. A Forbidden Loving: Penny Jordan
  91. Deadly Desire: Brenda Joyce
  92. Promise of the Rose: Brenda Joyce
  93. My Lady's Trust: Julia Justiss
  94. His Private Pleasure: Donna Kauffman
  95. Santera's Sin: Donna Kauffman
  96. War Cloud's Passion: Karen Kay
  97. Cradle Will Rock: Susan Kearney
  98. Stone Kiss: Faye Kellerman
  99. The Future King's Bride: Sharon Kendrick
  100. Passion's Gift: Jane Kidder
  101. The Wedding Affair: Karen L. King
  102. Cujo: Stephen King
  103. The Dark Half: Stephen King
  104. Shooter: Eric Kinopf
  105. Just A Little Fling: Julie Kistler
  106. E.T.: William Kotzwinkle
  107. The Devil To Pay: Jayne Ann Krentz (w/a Stephanie James)
  108. Everlasting Love (anthology): Jayne Ann Krentz
  109. The Sea Witch: Ruth Langan
  110. The Night Manager: John LeCarré
  111. Thunder Mountain: Rachel Lee
  112. Mystic River: Dennis Lehane
  113. A Certain Justice: John T. Lescroart
  114. Line Of Fire: Julie Leto
  115. The Harder They Fall: Merline Lovelace
  116. Amber Beach: Elizabeth Lowell
  117. Bulletproof Heart: Sheryl Lynn 2 copies
  118. The Loneliest Cowboy: Pamela Macaluso
  119. Blind-Date-Bride: Myrna Mackenzie
  120. Country Bride: Debbie Macomber
  121. Ending In Marriage: Debbie Macomber
  122. For All My Tomorrows: Debbie Macomber
  123. Rainy Day Kisses: Debbie Macomber
  124. One Knee Equals Two Feet: John Madden
  125. Dryden's Bride: Margo Maguire
  126. Alone With the Devil: Ronald Markman
  127. Number 1: Billy Martin
  128. Silk & Steel: Kat Martin
  129. The Judge: Steve Martini
  130. Dragon Lord: Connie Mason
  131. A Time to Keep: Curtiss Ann Matlock
  132. Blueprint for a Wedding: Melissa McClone
  133. Man of Passion: Lindsay McKenna
  134. Two Weddings & A Feud: Jenna McKnight
  135. Lost-and-Found Groom: Patricia McLinn
  136. McMahon!: Jim McMahon
  137. Prince of Time: Glenna McReynolds
  138. Tough To Tame: Jackie Merritt
  139. Bachelor on the Prowl: Kasey Michaels
  140. Strange Bedfellows: Kasey Michaels
  141. Molly and the Phantom: Lynn Michaels
  142. Intimate Knowledge: Julie Miller
  143. A Warrior's Honor: Margaret Moore
  144. Loving Linsey: Rachelle Morgan
  145. Cowgirl Be Mine: Elaine Nichols
  146. Criminal Seduction: Darian North
  147. We Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: Brenda Novak
  148. Once In A Lifetime: Constance O'Day-Flannery
  149. Hometown Cinderella: Victoria Pade
  150. Case of the Mesmerizing Boss: Diana Palmer 2 copies
  151. Passion Flower: Diana Palmer
  152. Roomful of Roses: Diana Palmer
  153. Soldiers of Fortune: Diana Palmer
  154. Thin Air: Robert Parker
  155. The Risk of Loving: Jane Peart
  156. Man of Teak: Sue Peters
  157. Home For Christmas: Patricia Potter
  158. Caprice: Fayrene Preston
  159. Fools Die: Mario Puzo
  160. Mother's Day: Tara Taylor Quinn
  161. His Royal Prize: Debbi Rawlins
  162. Break No Bones: Kathy Reichs
  163. The Purchased Wife: Michelle Reid
  164. The Heart and the Rose: Nancy Richards-Akers
  165. Lori's Little Secret: Christine Rimmer
  166. Silken Threads: Connie Rinehold
  167. Once Upon A Kiss (anthology): Nora Roberts
  168. In Hot Pursuit: Joanne Rock
  169. Critical Affair: M.J. Rodgers
  170. Father by Choice: M.J. Rodgers
  171. Blame It On Cowboys: Kristine Rolofson
  172. Perfect Assassin: Wendy Rosnau
  173. Secret Prey: John Sandford
  174. Hearts In Harmony: Gail Sattler
  175. A Suitable Bodyguard: Kathryn Shay
  176. Jenny's Castle: Elizabeth Sinclair
  177. The Night Before Baby: Karen Rose Smith
  178. Sex As A Second Language: Jamie Sobrato
  179. What If We Fall In Love?: Teresa Southwick
  180. The Gamble: LaVyrle Spencer
  181. Joe's Girl: Margaret St. George
  182. Bachelor In Need: Jessica Steele 2 copies
  183. His Case, Her Child: Linda Style
  184. Fever: Katherine Sutcliffe
  185. Miracle: Katherine Sutcliffe
  186. Renegade Love: Katherine Sutcliffe
  187. Sweet Savage Heart: Janelle Taylor
  188. An Unlikely Match: Cynthia Thomason
  189. Notorious: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  190. Pleading Guilty: Scott Turow
  191. Venom In the Blood: Eric van Hoffman
  192. Burning Times: Evelyn Vaughn
  193. Forest of the Night: Evelyn Vaughn
  194. Reasonable Doubt: Steve Vogel
  195. Whisper: Nancy Warren
  196. An Honorable Man: Margaret Watson
  197. Justice For All: Joanna Wayne
  198. The Secret Wife: Carrie Weaver
  199. Tremors: Debra Webb
  200. Baby, Oh Baby!: Robin Wells
  201. The Sheikh's Bride: Sophie Weston
  202. The Paper Marriage: Bronwyn Williams
  203. The Sultan's Bed: Laura Wright

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