This page last updated June 2006.

I enjoy riding my bike, reading, swimming, watching TV, the Green Bay Packers, Sports Illustrated for Kids, theatre, movies, singing, shopping, surfing the web, and hanging out with my friends.

I like watching sports with Mom. We've seen a Timberwolves game and a Lynx game since we've lived in Fargo. We also got to see the FM Redhawks baseball team play. Being as tall as I am (I'm 5'9"), Mom encouraged me to play basketball. I participated in my school's track and field team when I was in fifth grade, I did shot put and was pretty good at it, placing fourth in the all-school meet. I played basketball in middle school and was on the swim team in eighth grade. In ninth grade I was involved with French club, Student Ambassadors, choir, the school musical (Aladdin, Jr.) and a few other things.

Mom & I watched the Miami Heat win the NBA championship this year. I was pulling for Dallas, but Mom likes the Heat so it was okay they won. The Timberwolves game we went to was against the Heat and Mom brought her opera glasses - not to look at the game but to watch their coach! She's such a dork.

Overall, I'm your average busy teenager.