This page last updated April 2007.

April 2007 update

Tenth grade is almost done. I'm still in choir this year, but it will be my last year. There are other classes I want to take and just can't spare the credit anymore. I'll miss it, I've been doing it since sixth grade, but I'm ready to move on to other things. I'm still doing some drawing and I'm getting more into reading than I have been (much to Mom's pleasure!). I'm doing all right in school, keeping the B average I'm supposed to have.

I got my first job in September. I started Labor Day weekend. It's at a pizza place and it's not too bad. I just closed this past week for the first time. Up until I turned 16, I couldn't work past 7 P.M. It's pretty close to the house so I can walk, which is important since the city bus doesn't run Sunday.

I was in the school's production of Macbeth. I was a messenger. It was a blast! My grandma came to see a show, which was very cool.

I turned 16 in February. My grandpa Wayne died March 5 of a stroke. I wasn't able to go to Chicago for the funeral with my mom and Claire because I couldn't miss so much school. I miss him and was so sad that he died!

March 20 I had jaw surgery, both upper and lower. It was to fix my underbite. The oral surgeon moved the upper jaw forward, the lower jaw back. I can't eat solid foods for 6 weeks (half way done!) so I'm stuck eating mashed potatoes, soup, and stuff like that. One good thing, I can eat ice cream!

April 21 I went to prom with my friend Andrew. We met during MacBeth and have been hanging out at school ever since. He's a senior. We had a great time. Mom gave me permission to go to the post-prom party, so I didn't get home until 4 A.M. after leaving the house at about 4:30 P.M. My legs and arms were so sore from all the dancing we did. Mom put some pictures here on my site if you want to see them. I know she wanted to take more, but there are quite a few there.

I'll be taking driver's ed in June. They don't offer it as a class at school, but it is offered through the school district as a summer school class. I'm so psyched to get my license! Mom and Dad are talking about getting me my own car so their insurance rates don't go too high. I guess I'm a risk!

That's about it for this update.

June 2006 update

Recently, I had an illustration published in a book entitled Kids To Space. It's located toward the front of the book in the Astronauts chapter. It was pretty cool to see my name there on the page of a book.

I'll be going into 10th grade this fall. I'm excited I'll actually be in the high school building this year.

The first week of June I went to an IT camp put on by Microsoft here in Fargo (formerly Great Plains Software). It was a three-day conference and was pretty cool. I got quite a bit of free software and learned about computers, computer safety and things like that.

Mom and I went to Wisconsin the weekend of June 16 to visit a friend from Florida who was up for a family reunion in the St. Croix Falls area. Mom's friend has a son my age and we were all good friends when we lived in Florida so it was nice to see them again.

In August I'll be going for my fifth year of French camp through Concordia Language Villages. I wanted to go to the 4-week credit session but Mom says it's a bit too expensive. Maybe next summer. I've thought about seeing if they hire counselors-in-training, Mom says they did when she went to the Norwegian camp. It'd be a great summer job!