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Tristan Jesse McKenna

Personal Information

Character Information

  • Character Name: Tristan Jesse McKenna
  • Hair/Eye Color: Brown / Light Brown-Hazel
  • Height/Weight: 6'1"
  • Age: 20
  • Brief Description: A dark hue to his skin is a hint to a bit of creole blood and a constant irritation to his mother. Whereas she is fair and pale, he is a reminder that her mother - his grandmother - was a poor, working Spanish girl. Has a visible scar on his chin, running to just below his lip. Though mostly left-handed, he is also ambidextrous.
  • Brief History: Outspoken, cunning, almost selfish but with a gentleman's manners. Self-sufficient, self-reliant, undoubtedly intelligent, educated, well-spoken, and extensively traveled, Tristan would appear to the world as a sheltered namby-pamby rich man's son, but hides a much thicker skin than anyone would guess.

    His boyishly innocent features and easy-on-the-eyes but youthful looks made him a perfect tool for his greedy mother's schemes. She capitalized on his youth and as he matured, she cultivated him into someone without much of a conscience and asset to her greed. They were a masterful team, often working under aliases. His manners, his handsome looks and nimble fingers provided a great profit.

    He could cheat, pick-pocket, gamble, measure up a mark, and con someone all by the age of ten without feeling a shred of remorse. He only looks out for himself and won't hesitate to save his own skin and hurt someone else in the process. By being under his mother's influence, he was often ostracized and learned to fight dirty by using any weapon or tactic that came to hand. In all those places his mother took him, including establishments not suitable for children, he picked up surprising but useful skills. As a toddler and a child, he had been sold to several unsuspecting and childless couples for the money, only to be taken again by Julia when she saw fit to reunite with her son - usually when she needed him for a front or a scheme. Julia had always seemed to act as if his presence was a burr in her life, noticing him only when she needed him; often for his skills or to appear as a family woman for her latest rich male conquest.

    It is not publically known which of his mother's many lovers and husbands is his father - he uses his mother's maiden name for a surname.

    Julia was sixteen when he came into her life and hadn't wanted him when he was born and made sure he knew it by expressing how much he had been a drag and a disappointment to her during those years of her blooming womanhood. He had been in several boarding schools since Julia had insisted that any son of hers, especially a Southern-born gentleman should be accomplished in hunting, riding, dance steps, conversation, behavior and manners. He should have a practical knowledge of law and military strategy; and above all should possess a knowledge and talent for the southern sports of fencing and dueling. Mainly though, the boarding schools had been a place for Julia to dump him off at when she no longer needed him.

    As a result he has an extremely volatile relationship with his mother.
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