Hopefully you'll have fun in the RPG, and to make sure that everyone does, there are a few regulations that we would like you to abide by. Most of these are common sense rules that should make everyone's RPG experience more enjoyable.

  1. No unnecessary profanity please. Try to avoid it if at all possible. (The list is registered for 17 and over)
  2. Please try to avoid issues of sex as best you can if it ever comes up. This list is approved for those 17 and over, if you're under 17 please understand that there may be topics covered in the RPG that may not be suitable for you.
  3. ABSOLUTELY NO IMPERSONATING! You may never take over anyone's storyline without the permission of the person whose role you are taking. If you are caught doing this, you will be given one more chance, and should you try it again, you'll then be promptly removed from the list.
  4. Never kill/injure a character without their permission. In fact, if you're going to do anything bad (i.e.--badmouth, fight, etc.) to a character, get their permission for that as well. This has happened, and someone was really hurt.
  5. Please process personal messages (i.e. asking permission about things that affect the person's character, informing people of events in your life, etc.) through personal email. Please try to refrain from posting nonrelevant messages to the list. It only clogs up the list with unnecessary mail.
  6. Do NOT imitate Rhett and Scarlett. This role-play cannot be filled with love-sick brown haired, green eyed women and six foot, thin blockade runners. Don't rely on David Selznick and the casting director--use your own creativity.
  7. Do not place words or actions onto a character without their approval. Let the character respond to your actions or words with their own actions and words. That's the whole point of RP'ing. No mind reading. Just because a character thinks something or you read a post does not mean your characters knows what happened or knows what the other character is thinking.
  8. Please use your email program's spell checker. I know it may sound petty and trivial, but there are many people who aren't going to read through a post full of typos, run together words, run on sentences and typing in all caps are mixed upper and lower case letters. No, this isn't English class, but still we are attempting to creative write, so let's make our product readable so that people will want to respond.
  9. Please try and keep one-liners to a minimum to help keep bandwidth down and keep threads moving. Having problems coming up with more than one line of dialogue? Then add some descriptive narratives, what is your character feeling, thinking, doing. If they're nervous, have them find a loose thread on their cuff and toy with it or spin their parasol, or tug on the handkerchief. Describe things, you're creating a story with your posts, so write with that in mind.
  10. Keep signature files to a maximum of 4 lines.
  11. Along the line of keeping signature files to a minimum, as a courtesy when you're replying to posts, please cut/paste only the portion of the original email you are replying to. In other words, cut out the signatures, the footers from Yahoo Groups and anything else that is not what you're replying to. This helps eliminate long messages and makes the digest versions much easier to read.
  12. There is a minimum posting requirement of once per week. Please try and let the list know in advance if you will be gone for a period of time. This is to ensure the game flows continually. We don't want to have to wait for three weeks for Rhett's reply to Scarlett about dinner that evening.

If you feel that you can obey these few regulations, then please click here.

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