For those of you who love the story of Gone With the Wind like we "Windies" do, we have assembled a list of recommended books and movies. This is a collaboration from various people and sources who based on Gone With the Wind have recommended the following books and movies. Not all of them are going to be based on 1860s Georgia. Some may be based in that general era, some may just be based on the Victorian era as a whole, and some may be books that when we put it down said "Oh my goodness that was as good as "Gone With the Wind". If you have any titles to recommend, please Email Us and we will add them to this page. This list is by no means complete, but certainly is a good beginning point. Enjoy! Books obviously can be found at and You can find out about the movies at The Internet Movie Database.

Books & Movies To See


Band Of Angels
Beguiled, The
Birth Of A Nation, The
Blue & The Gray, The
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Dances With Wolves
Dr. Zhivago
Finian's Rainbow
Friendly Persuasion
Great Expectations
Heiress, The
Howard's End
Interview With the Vampire
Jane Eyre
King & I, The
Little Women
North & South I, II, III
Raintree Country
Thorn Birds, The
Wuthering Heights

All the King's Men
Anna Karenina
Brothers Karamazov
Crime and Punishment
Dances With Wolves
Dr. Zhivago
English Governess & Siamese Court
House of Mirth, The
Killer Angels
Les Miserables
Little Women
Madame Bovary
Madame Chrystanthemum
Phantom of the Opera, The
Uncle Tom's Cabin
War and Peace

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
George Elliot
Thomas Hardy
Rudyard Kipling
Robert Lewis Stephenson
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Mark Twain
Oscar Wilde

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