Map of Atlanta

This map is brought to you by Barb P. aka Suellen O'Hara, India Wilkes and Olivia Butler. This map is not meant to be taken as fact as to what Atlanta, Georgia actually looked like at the time Gone With the Wind took place. This is merely a reference for those in the RPG so that things can visually fall into place. Any comments or suggestions regarding the below map can be directed to Barb by clicking on the hyperlink above or emailing the list owner.

Note:  Town sprawled itself around junction of the railroads in its center.
(5 muddy red roads that crossed near the depot)

    Methodist Church/
Boarding House (Women) Dr. Meade Mortuary Catholic Church/
Washington Street
(Residences past businesses on both ends)
Atlanta Gas Light Company School Baptist Church/
  Boarding House Atlanta Medical College  
Blacksmith Livery Telegraph/
Post Office
Land Office
Atlanta Hotel (High Quality) Newspaper
Atlanta Daily Intelligencer
Tailor's Dress Shop Bakery Jail
Peachtree Street
(Residences past businesses on both ends)
Firehouse Feed Store Gunsmith Mercantile Barber Bank Drugstore Marthasville Hotel (Lower quality) Nightclub Belle's Saloon


Train Depot


City Carriage House

Whitehall Street




Peachtree Trail (up on ridge)




Ivy Street



Western & Atlantic Railroad - 138-mile Georgia route from Atlanta to Chattanooga; the line was open to traffic by 1850.
The Georgia Railroad extends from Augusta, Georgia. The head of navigation on the Savannah River to the Western and Atlantic Railroad-which it joins--near Decatur. Length 165 miles. Length of W & A R.R. 130 miles-making the total distance from the navigable waters of the Atlantic to those of the Mississippi 295 miles

Atlanta Medical College - Chartered in 1854

Atlanta Gas Light Company - Streets of Atlanta were gas lit for the first time on December 25, 1855; company was officially incorporated in 1856.

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