Era Attire

You settle down at your computer, and flex your fingers. It's time to become your character, to immerse yourself in the Old South, of the late 19th century. You get ready to write your email, and then it hits you, that question that has plagued the chic mind throughout the ages: What do I wear?

Fear not, my fellow Windies. The lovely and charming Emma, the resident history major and trivia goddess, is here to help you with all your Victorian fashion needs. For a friendly reminder, if you have a pressing question about clothing for the rp that isn't covered here, or you have a question in general about the period, I am always available via email.

I'm sure some of you historically aware people reading this are asking yourself, "Why did she say Victorian fashion? I thought that came later." Here's the answer: Queen Victoria took the throne in 1837, bringing an end to the Romantic period and beginning the Victorian era. What it boils down to is that most resources dealing with Victorian clothing will be useful to you in your quest for accurate rp fashion. However, beware the word Regency! Jane Austen and the Regency period both are far too early in the scheme of things to be useful to you. If it smaks of Regency, it does not apply!

Now on to the clothes. To make life easier, I've divided this page into two sections, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

Ladies. | Gentlemen.

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