Southern Census Entry
Ashley Wilkes

Personal Information

  • Real Name: Sarah
  • Email Address:
  • ICQ/AOL-AIM/Yahoo Messenger ID: N/A / N/A /
  • Homepage:

Character Information

  • Character Name: Ashley Wilkes
  • Hair/Eye Color: Sandy Blonde/Light Grey
  • Height/Weight: 6'1"/165#
  • Age: 21 (in 1861)
  • Brief Description: Ashley is highly educated and well versed in most any aspect of the arts and liteture. Ashley is the essence of a true gentleman.
  • Brief History: Ashley Wilkes is the oldest of the Wilkes' children. He had returned form his Grand Tour in Europe just a few months before Christmas. Has known Scarlett and the other county inhabitants since early childhood. Married to a beautiful and gentel woman named Melanie and they have a son. Ashley has been away to war and left Melanie in Scarlett's strong and capable hands. He has recently returned to the loving arms of his wife and child.
  • Occupation: Former Plantation Owner's Son
  • Residence: Twelve Oaks, now Tara

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